Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Obama Condemns Libya !


It's in the news.

Well, Hell I condemn Libya Too !

"President Obama broke four days of silence on Wednesday to “strongly condemn” the Libyan government's violent crackdown on protesters and said his administration was considering a range of responses to the ..."

OOoooh, 4 days of silence as Libyan military murdered many citizens.

4 days of silence ? Is this the new Acceptable for the Leader of the Free World ?

WTF??? People, if you can't get your head out, there are medical people out there who can help you.

And where's my Peace Prize ?!?!? I haven't done Shit Either !

Wait! it gets better! Or worse depending on your Viewpoint!

Obama is responding by Sending the Hilrod to Geneva !

What the FUCK has happened to this planet !!


  1. I sooo agre with you..what the fuck is it with people and the leaders.just for an example..on Fb people only likes smiles clovers naked woman food ectect..very few is publishing something day i said something about one said some thing..brain dead?Next day i published betty the lovely naked woman like dita.von know almost 50 persons liked those photoes..well i dont understand the world any more.i think there is sooooooo much disasters in the world that people only wants to see happy things..Ok..this was a long post..but I really like it..thanx:))

  2. o yea I think he may take away their dessert..its sick my friend!

  3. Anita, In my opinion, obama was voted in based on all the fantasy things he promised in his campaign, that his actions have been the direct opposite of. So, why does anyone still support the guy ?

    I think fantasy is the key word here. Your FB is a perfect example. Too many people interested in self-gratification and not interested in anything else. It will come back to bite them.
    And look at the rest of the obama administration. They are all grossly incompetent. Especially janet the head of DHS. Wowsa.

    Anyway, Glad you liked the rant and thank you. I try to keep it positive here but the pressure valve has to blow sometimes :)

  4. WTF happened? We let Liberals take over Universities, Colleges, the government, etc. Now we have a huge group of dumb fucks that know nothing!

  5. MFP, You're 100% correct. I've also said we've let the children be in charge. It's time for them to go back to the kiddie table. For a Loooooong time out :)

  6. Great!!I love all your post from is not a dream, away place...
    alot of kisses and happy weekend..xxxxxx

  7. our ed system has been sloooowly diminished -
    the Three Rs are no longer taught-so-our citizens are 'sheep' who cannot think-and we are on the brink--
    check out the test for 8th grade-1895!!!
    now according to the statistics- we have 2/3rds of the 8th graders in Wisconsin who cannot read...

  8. Anita, I will always keep it real ;-)

    Many xoxoxxox's back to you. :)

  9. Carol-CS. I've seen that test. The public school system sucks. In my opinion, many parents helped to make it that way too because they didn't want their little John and Mary's to be disciplined. Or suffer any consequences of their lack of effort such as being held back.

    It's all about self-esteem these days. My God, wait until these people have to deal with real life !
    Oh, they'll probably become Teachers ! ;-)

  10. Finally today daffy's bff said he had to go!

    That might just send the nutter over the edge. Crying that his great muslim friend has turned on him.

  11. A lot of lives could have been saved if he'd have pulled his head out about a week ago.

    Do you think if Reagan was in the WH, that this asshole would have been on the roof of 'his compound' spouting off about how he was going to kill them all ?

    obama and the dems are pathetic