Friday, February 4, 2011

Egypt and Fears of the Muslim Brotherhood Gaining Power

Now that I’ve digested a lot of this news, I have the opinion that it is insanity to accept a situation where a brutal dictator is supported for the sole purpose of holding back the ‘Islamic onslaught’.

It was done with Saddam Hussein in Iraq. I see it as counter-productive and that which actually supports evil more than simply letting, in this case, the Muslim brotherhood to come to power.

So, I’m saying the dictators must go first, then we can deal with the Islamics 2nd.  We’re going to have to deal with them anyway.  Personally, I’d rather have a direct confrontation opposed to the drip drip drip of creeping Sharia rotting your country away like they are doing in England and France and some places like Detroit in America.

Add the concept of ‘A time of our choosing.  Not theirs’.

I see it as similar to the situation with Russia.  When Ronald Reagan confronted them directly, while the liberals all sat around wringing their hands worried about what might happen, happily spending trillions on the arms race for eternity, President Reagan said Enough!

Well, let’s say Enough with Islam.  Go ahead and build your bombs Iran.  Grab all the weapons in Egypt and point them at Israel.  Let’s confront and see who wins. Though Israel may want to wait about 2 years, but in the final analysis, they knew what they were getting into in 1948 when they moved into the middle of an Islamic nest.  That they might have to defend themselves one day.

The Islamics are never going to stop.  It’s their ‘religion’.  They only get stronger as time goes on and, in our case, the Democrat communists weaken us further with no rolling back by the Repubs when they are intermittently in power.   Peace is not an option for those barbarians.


  1. Hey Kid - one of the ironies of this whole situation is the Billions that America dumps into Egypt. I have never believed or will I ever believe that Egypt has one ounce of care for the U.S., save our tax payers money. Good post and genuine insight. The flip side is I don't believe America gives a hoot about the oil (which we have here if Washington would take of the blinders)

  2. Thanks DeanO. Yea, I really believe that the "holding the beach ball underwater hoping the air will eventually run out" can be a viable plan with someone like Russia, or any 'Country' that conducts its conflicts in a conventional war like manner. Islam doesn't fit that scenario. They will NEVER stop.

    And I wasn't even concerned about the money so much when I wrote this but yea, how many trillions of dollars are the hand wringing liberals willing to flush in this situation? And to prop up Dictators beside ! And, the reality of it is many are making lots of money off of this. These are perfect situations to launder money.

    Well, I certainly expect disagreement here. I just wanted to put it out there, as this is afterall - a Diary.

  3. Hey Kid - amazing how politics just screw everybody and every situation!

  4. The only peace the islamists envision is an islamic utopia. And even that is brutal and unpeaceful if you are a woman or in any way considered inferior to those in charge.

  5. I could be wrong, but I think the potential of the Moslem Brotherhood gaining traction in Egypt is slim to none. Remember, these folks have Twitter, Face Book and YouTube. They see what the future holds for them in Iran if they embrace the Moslem Brotherhood.

    Don't think that's gonna come done, do you Kid? And you're right. If it does, it does. We'll deal with it then, like we will eventually deal with their mullah puppetmasters.

  6. Opus, yea, we'd be better off with the old USSR in charge than these REMF's

  7. Fredd, you could be right on the MB. I have no idea who wins this one. Just responding to what a lot of talking heads say is 'worst case'.

    As I don't agree that it is.

  8. Democracy in the middle east? that would change the islamic culture, undermine and moderate the traditions and institutions with rights and gender issues etc. The US democratic influence would be more effective if it was adopted as a genuine intention..instead of democracy its supposed to be democratic process...

  9. Atlanta, It's a long hard road and I don't pretend to have any idea how it's going to turn out.

    I think any good plan though starts with getting rid of the A-holes and dealing with what is left.