Thursday, February 3, 2011

And Hey, Hey, HEY !

Wake me up when some candidate and political party comes along pledging to Cancel these liberal programs and bureaucracies that are destroying this country.  That would be pretty much any federal agency or program outside of those dealing with national defense.

Not a one has laid a finger on any of them since LBJ started destroying the country in the early 1960’s by stealing the social security money and creating the welfare system.  At this point I have no doubt that LBJ was directed by the communists and that JFK was assassinated by the communists.

You want to talk to me about balancing the budget or reducing spending or rebuilding the military or any number of other things that doesn’t fit into the concept of the first paragraph, then …. yawn………… and BFD.

Because the Dems Will get into power again.  That’s assuming they are actually kicked out in 2012.

And the Dems will simply start up where they left off.  Creeping Communism.  They have all the time in the world.  They know their agenda hasn’t been damaged since the early 60’s, it’s only been delayed on occasion when the Republicans have been in majority (at best).  And like the islamic vermin, that doesn’t bother them.  If they succeed 20 years from now or 80 years from now or 150 years from now, they don’t care, as long as they succeed.

We need to start canceling some stuff.  If you cancel someone’s unemployment checks, they’ll find a way.

I’m not suggesting cold turkey.  I’m talking about turning the wheel on this 14 trillion ton freighter so that maybe 10 or 20 years from now, it’s pointed in the opposite direction -  the right direction.  It’s current course is an express elevator to hell.



  1. I kind of like the idea o doing it 'cold turkey' (-:
    the photo below is absolutely beautiful!!

  2. I really doubt anything will change with the near 50% parasite level in the voting public.

    We are riding a down bound train.

  3. Carol-CS, Well, deflation will be quite painful for a lot of people that don't really deserve it. It's going to take a long time and many more bubbles I think before anything makes sense again - if ever.

  4. Admiral, basically, I'd say you're right. We'll just keep doing the stupid dance until something biblical occurs. All out war with the vermin maybe.

  5. Well said Kid, the lst thing they should do is quit sending checks to planned parenthood, and all the other commie front organizations.

    I hope we can recover from all the destruction, I have a feeling we're already on the titanic, the vermin are causing it to sink.

  6. Thanks Bunni, I'm sure it is an agenda.