Monday, February 7, 2011

I’ll be Watching For This One !

I followed the Thrust SSC back in the late 90’s break the speed of sound on the ground.  It was also piloted by Andy Bean, the RAF pilot that you see in the next video.

Here is the Thrust SSC doing its thing.

Now this. 1,000 mph attempt on the ground.

It should be very cool.  Here’s an article with more info.

No doubt the progress and all aspects will be available in the net.  I’ll follow it and post some links when I see them.


  1. Hey Kid - 2 things. I know I couldn't fit inside that car and 1000 mph. I know that's why you're sharing this but what happens if there is a little the care hydroplanes? Amazing, I like driving at 75mph and that's about it.

  2. DeanO, did you catch the first vid? 763 mph.

    That was 1997. These guys know what they are doing. I think they'll be successful.

    I was pretty surprised to hear that the wheels are going to have to withstand 50,000 G of down-force. Wow.

    In the BBC article they talk about the American entry, which also competed in 97. An F-104 Starfighter fuselage and engine. The results were:
    The first run of the vehicle on October 28, 1996 in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada ended in a crash at around 675 mph (1,086 km/h). Returning in 1997 the vehicle badly damaged the engine on an early run and when the British ThrustSSC managed over 700 mph (1,100 km/h), the re-engined Spirit could do no better than 676 mph (1,088 km/h) From Here

  3. Opus, Arby, Yea, I love this stuff.

  4. AWESOME and-I'm so 'swiping ' this- probably as a direct link-

    read the linked article- is Richard Noble the same Noble who designed the Noble that I posted last Nov?...
    I wonder--
    I loved the design of the '90s car - almost 800 MPH for that one-
    Couldn't stop smiling after viewing the video...(-:
    Keep us apprised on the new one- est..1000 MPH!!

  5. Carol-CS, Be my guest. Also, Here's a Direct Link to the run only with no music so you can hear what he is saying.

    I believe it's the same Noble.

    I enjoy watching that vid too. I've seen it many times. I'm sure there is still a website for Thrust SSC with all the pics if you're really into it.

    Will do. I heard 2011 in one of the video news items. So, maybe this year.

  6. did watch the video w/ the pilot talking-thanks...
    controlled breathing too..just like one does when flying at speeds in the air-FUN!!!

  7. Carol-CS. Heck of a ride eh? :)

  8. Cool, Kid, that thing is very very fast!
    The wonders of modern science when left alone.

  9. Bunni, glad you liked it. And I'll bet there was zero government regulation too !