Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today's Raaaaaacist Post.

Because I'm in Solidarity with those Redneckin Arizona Raaaaacists.



  1. Blazing Saddles is the funniest movie. Mel Brooks got away with such funny gags....they'd be labeling him Racist and not allow it today!
    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Bunni, imo this is the funniest movie ever made.

    Glad you got a chuckle.

    #2 is Animal House.
    #3 is 'It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World'


  3. Hilarious! Thanks for the much needed laugh.

    Gotta put Caddyshack right up there on the top of the funniest list...

  4. Classic, I love seeing people hit with a shovel.

  5. We have lost a lot of our thick skin through the PC "movement" and it is a sad thing.

    They will not ever make a movie like that again.

    It is a great movie and I wonder if it bothered Clevon Little when he made it.

  6. Call me a wet blanket, a stick in the mud, a bucket of cold water: Mel Brookes and I don't see eye to eye when it comes to comedy.

    A bunch of cowboys sitting around a campfire farting just doesn't tickle the ol' funny bone, sorry.

    If I wanted to hear poop jokes (or a whole movie centered around poop jokes), I would just hang around my daughter's 2nd grade buddies all day.

    Now 'The Producers,' THAT was funny. Or 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,', anything with Zero Mostel.

    And I would wager that "Spring Time for Hitler" would play well on Broadway these days.

  7. Soloman, Caddyshack is great and is up there in the top section of the top ten.

    It would have been even better with someone besides Chevy Chase. Never found the dude to be funny or have the slightest imagination.

  8. Trestin, I love the sound it makes !

    I wonder what it would sound like bouncing off a democrat politician ? Not that I'd ever try it out.
    Cause I'm a peace lover.

  9. Admiral, as I remember it, racism regards blacks was about dead in the 1970's.

    Well, they will, but it won't be in our lifetime.

    As for Cleavon Little, I can't answer. He was great in it and came out on top at the end as far as the story line went, so I think there may have been some satisfaction in that.

  10. Fredd, Not a problem. This is why we don't all wear the same clothes and chase after the same woman.

    I'll go along on the farting scene, it was probably some of the weakest part of the movie. But I won't hold that against it.

    I like it mainly because it offends as many people and groups of people as possible in a single movie.

  11. They Say, the Lee Marvin's were good.

  12. I was talking about the movie as a whole-not about the actors. That movie was before Blazing Saddles.
    So funny, and so politically incorrect.