Saturday, May 8, 2010

Children in Charge


Just close your eyes and fade to grey, then Imagine children running the government and listen to them talk to themselves and each other....

If only WE were in power ! We'd make everything fair for everyone.
We'd get rid of all those nasty nuclear missiles. We don't need em anyway... The world just wants to get along and we make them afraid. THAT's why they do their violence.

We'll make everything like the Good Ship Lollipop !

And those rich people are taking everything for themselves and their friends.

Those rich people have too much power and they're taking All the money we need to accomplish all these great things. WE'LL take it and share it with everyone. We'll even take over some of their businesses. The Big Ones.

And what is with the Guns ?!? Kids running around shooting each other ! Just get rid of the Guns ! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. NO Shutup ! Just make em go !

And those people talking on TV and radio always poo pooing what we want to do are Ruining Everything!! We need to make a way for them to be quiet ! If we Have to follow Rules, then We'll just put our Own people to make the rules.

And look, we spend a Trillion dollars a year to give to greedy old doctors that are just keeping old people alive and in pain and suffering.

We'll take over that health care business and we'll make those old people comfortable and let them die in peace by keeping half the money and not give it to the doctors to do these things. That'll show em. Then we'll make those doctors and hospitals and everyone else in this greedy health care business do things the way WE want them done.

And the dirty oil people with their filthy dirty oil. Look they're ruining the ocean and the beaches and the birds and the fish again ! And the FilThy DiRty CoAl people, letting workers die digging it up for them ! Because they're so Greedy ! They won't spend any money on safety at all ! And NO Nuclear ! There's No Where To Put the FiLtHy dIrTy Waste that comes out of it!!
We need to take this over Right Away ! We'll Make those scientists make everything run like the Good Ship Lollipop Runs ! Only on Clean Things !

And after we've done that, and while we're doing that, why Shouldn't we enjoy the spoils of power, why Shouldn't we. Why Shouldn't we have the best of everything.

And then we'll change all these stupid rules and make it so We and Our Kind can be controlling everything from now on and not let those greedy angry nasty people be in charge again.

Ok, open your eyes.

Time to send them back to the kiddie table folks.


  1. Great post. I like the last picture as it seems to display the ideology the left has for America. Fantasy land, all smiles and everyone is safe and fed. Hm, now back to reality and the Obama administration. Houston - we have a problem

  2. Thanks Dean O. Yes, we have a big problem. :)

  3. Hi Kid, this is such a super post. and great pics.
    It's all true, of course. I'd rather have a class of pre-kindergardeners running the Country instead of the psycho's we have now.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Hi Bunni :) Thanks much.

    You too on the good weekend. bad weather here so far. Chilly, Grey and windy. Winter came back !! Arg!

  5. Great post!
    The left really do act like children. They seem to have no idea how the real world works.

  6. Trestin, Thanks. It all adds up in my opinion.

    Notice how they're always saying 'unintended consequences' It's because they can't think beyond step one for anything !


  7. Awww, man! Why'd you make me open my eyes? It's gruesome!

  8. PCC, It's got to be done Mien Comrade.

  9. Proof is in the pictures! Great post!!!

  10. Thank you Gene.

    The inspiration comes from time to time :)