Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is a Lot More than Socialism

When the Dems in Congress get up and give the rat bastard Mexican president a standing ovation for lecturing us on our resistance to take in all his trash free of charge, with the American people footing the entire bill, and many individual Americans the victims of heinous crimes as well as accusing us of being the problem with our insatiable appetite for drugs, there is much more going on than a socialist agenda.

What kind of shit for brains do you have to have to get up and cheer some asshole like this who tears at your own country and its tax paying citizens in very real negative ways. Maybe if the family members of these congressional toadstools were victim. Unreal, but then they've been exceeding themselves in anti-Americanism and anti-Intelligence since Jan 22, 2009. They are completely gone.

This is a lot more than socialism. This is the destruction of America in progress.

(Yes, of course there are many Mexicans who simply want to work and make a better life for themselves. Fine, go through the channels.)

Seriously, Let's just go pick them up on buses and take them directly to DC, New Jersey and all the other illegal friendly spots. Let's take them by the tens of thousands. I just saw on the 'news' Princeton and the area are giving them some sort of kangaroo ID card. Fine, let's haul thousands up there and make sure there are plenty of rapists, murders, kidnappers, muggers, and hard core drug dealers.


  1. It was like he was Mr. Burns and the Dems were Waylon Smithers. They almost soiled themselves for joy when he verbally attacked America.

  2. As far as I'm concerned the Dem Congresscriminals are not even American anymore; we should just boot their asses over the Mexican border along with all their illegal friends.

  3. Trestin, that's the perfect way to put it.

  4. Snarky, Works for me. Or Russia, or some slimhole somewhere

  5. It was treasonous. It was a low point even for Nancy Piglosi and the 111th congress.

  6. Truly unreal Admiral.

    How often have they spit int he face of those protecting America and Americans.