Friday, May 14, 2010

911 Truffers - Yeesh

Local talk radio host Mike McConnell recently had as a guest one of the nutjobs demanding 911 investigations. Mike let him speak a while, then asked him 'What is you’re a number 1 case for why 911 may not have occurred as described' or words to that effect. Mike took him down pretty good. Mike's final point as you probably won't liten that long if at all is - If this was a controlled demolition, the number of people involved would be in the thousands. Literally in the thousands. And for not one to come forward with the greatest story since Jesus Christ is impossible. A word I actually don't like to use, but it would be Impossible for that to be kept quiet.

Look for this for 5-13-2010 on this page - McConnell

The dude started yapping about how jet fuel cannot melt steel/iron. It's on podcast at the 700 WLW website for 5-13-2010 Mike's show.

Honestly, for as many times as this has been brought up, I can't believe no one has hit these people on the head with a shovel and said -

Steel made from cast iron through oxygenation: The Chinese, who had been producing cast iron from the late Spring and Autumn Period (722–481 BC), produced steel by the 2nd century BC through a process of decarburization, i.e. using bellows to pump large amounts of oxygen on to molten cast iron.[495] This was first described in the Han Dynasty (202 BC–220 AD) book Huainanzi, compiled by scholars under Prince Liu An (179–122 BC).[496] The Chinese called this technique "the hundred refinings method," since the process was repeated over and over to incrementally strengthen the steel.[496] The back of swords were often made of more elastic wrought iron while the cutting edge of the blade itself was made of strong steel.[496] For steel, they used both quenching (i.e. rapid cooling) and tempering (i.e. slow cooling) methods of heat treatment.[496] Much later, the American inventor William Kelly (1811–1888) brought four Chinese metallurgists to Eddyville, Kentucky in 1845, whose expertise in steelmaking influenced his ideas about air injection to reduce carbon content of iron; his invention anticipated the Bessemer process of Henry Bessemer (1813–1898).[497]

From here

First there wasn't only jet fuel burning. The things burning on the floors impacted by those jetliners were everything you would find in fine offices; hardwood furniture, paper, construction materials, and most of all, this was the 100th and above floor levels. You can see from the videos of the event, that the smoke coming out of those buildings was going sideways at a rapid enough rate of speed as to indicate the wind at that height was sufficient to challenge any operator of a BELLOWS, which has the sole purpose of applying fresh oxygen to the flame to get it hot enough to melt iron or even high carbon steel ! Arg! Enough Already with the Jet Fuel Doesn't burn hot enough. Whoever the dude was on Mike's show today - Your Brain Doesn't Burn Hot Enough. Go get a job at McDonalds and will you idiots STFU !

The building was never designed to survive the impact of a 757 at 500 mph. The man that designed the WTC freely admits this. In fact, the building was done on the cheap. The longer this podcast goes on, the more this guy sounds like a babbling idiot. He's talking about how "98% of the building is found outside the footprint of the building. This is in conflict with the idiot's main point of this being a demolition event. Typical for Libs. All of their points are in direct conflict with themselves.

And you don't kill 3,000 mostly American civilians just to bring some buildings down or for any other clandestine purpose. Get a fricken Life you morons !


  1. "Your Brain Doesn't Burn Hot Enough. Go get a job at McDonalds and will you idiots !" - I'm sorry I'll have to disagree with that wild comment as you haven't been to McDonalds in Calhoun, GA! Mercy

  2. Dean O. Is it a good one?

    Mine here on Rte 28 near Milford sure isn't ! One cashier and Many standing around. And the cashier has to make coffee !

    I did work at a McDonalds on the Ohio River Blvd near Pittsburgh when I was 15. We had a smoking operation, taking care of people at the speed of light. :)

  3. As a member of the industrial military complex, I can assure you 9/11 being an inside job is impossible.

    People think our government is this awesome Godlike force. It's really not even remotely competent, and it's getting worse. There is no way we could pull off such a complex operation let alone keep it hidden. We can't do simple things without a large number of mistakes.

  4. Trestin, Yea! Once again we find the internal conflict of thought only possible in the mind of a 2 year old. "Bush is an idiot." "Bush executed the most complex mass murder of 3000 people and to this day not a shred of evidence." "No wait, Bush is an idiot."

    Perfection in anything is impossible on this rock. With even one person, let alone the thousands who would have to have been involved. You just want to tie them to a chair and laugh like a hyena at them until they melt into nothingness or find a way to connect to reality.

    Surround the entire internal structure of the WTC buildings with Thermite. Get people onto unmanned aircraft at Logan Airport and others. Take off under the watchful eye of Air Traffic Control, fly into the WTC buildings, explode the thermite some number of minutes later with people and rescue teams still in the buildings. Starting on the floor that had the 2000+ degree fires burning, then with Ester Williams like precision, explode each successive charge as the upper floors impacted the lower floor. LOL !!

    I can't even imagine the mind that lets itself believe such nonsense.

  5. Trestin, PS - libs see the government as mommy and daddy. It's why they run to government any time they think Suzy got a bigger piece of pie.