Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Blue State Dilema

Or The Plight of the Liberal to Save The Planet

H/T Mustang


According to Nathan Newman, a leftist hack who teaches criminal justice and sociology at CUNY, America’s blue states have a good reason to secede from the Union.  Essentially, Mr. Newman’s justifications include:


  • The American political system tilts money and power to smaller and more conservative states, which undermines the interests of the majority of the population.
  • A minority of the nation’s population controlled the U.S. Senate for the past six years, and along with a minority-elected president, packed the Supreme Court with a supermajority of Republican justices.
  • Our constitution favors red states, denies human rights to people living in blue states, and undermines local policy innovations.
  • Donald Trump dismissed New York’s request for ventilators, giving preference to red states, such as Nebraska and Montana.
  • Trump and Republicans ignored the wildfires that raged up and down the left coast because California didn’t support the Trump candidacy in 2016.
  • Blue states send more taxes to the federal government than they receive back in public services.
  • Our political system converts right-wing bias in political power into economic transfers that undermine blue states.
  • White supremacy is embedded in US policy.
  • Six million “undocumented” aliens living in blue states exist in fear of that ICE knocking on their doors.


Newman notes that none of this is accidental; it’s built into the Constitutional fabric of our nation, proved he claims by the Electoral College rather than popular election of the president.  Worse, he argues, the U.S. Senate is an even greater affront to democracy because California has 68 times the population of Wyoming, and yet Wyoming is equal to California in senate voting power.  Not only that, but the senate’s filibuster power gives 41 senators, representing 11% of the population, power to prevent any bill from coming to a vote.


Newman reminds his readers that the first clamor for secession didn’t come from the southern states; it came from abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison, who burned a copy of the U.S. Constitution in 1854 and demanded the dissolution of the Union.


In any case, secession isn’t extreme — if one considers the “millions of undocumented families” fearing forcible separation by the federal government.  Newman thinks that secession would allow millions of communists, like him, to abandon their red states and move to blue states where finally, they could create a utopia that works for ... well, communists.  And, the blue states could keep their own money, not having to share it with the federal government.  Plus, the blue states could raise taxes through the roof to improve that Utopia, and no one would complain.  They could set up their own trade policies, create their own foreign policies, and eventually force the United States into a Soviet-style republic ... along democratic lines, of course.


I agree with Mr Newman's assertions.  Right Wing people are not only so dangerous that they will put an end to America, but to the entire planet if allowed any more power at all.

The only solution is for our liberal friends to concentrate their populations in states already friendly and working to practice the progressive mantras.  There simply isn't enough time to try to overcome the red states and somehow educate and transform these right wing knuckle dragging planet destroyers.

AOC, amazing genius and formidable a force that she is,  cannot save us by herself.  We must help.

Grab yourselves and your friends, your babies and their babies, and all their old ladies and secede as many states as you can into this planet saving effort before it's too late.

Don't stand by and allow Rachel Maddow to keep crying like this. Seeing this wonderful woman cry is like watching massive terrorist attacks over and over.  Without end.


  1. How to respond, when nearly ALL of that list is dead wrong...almost as wrong as Justice Sotomayor and her understanding of COVID stats! Almost as wrong as Biden always is. Almost as wrong as AOC demanding masks everywhere in NYC while she parties maskless in Miami..................need I go on?

    It's actually FUNNY...!!! People really do believe that.

    And, by the way, SHOULDN"T illegals be fearful of ICE knocking on their doors?

    1. Careful. Talk like that and you could end up in a camp with the January 6th internees....

    2. Z raises good questions. Where do all the border patrol officers go? Red or blue states? Also, do we have to keep the Congress?

    3. Mustang, we don't need no border control. No free money for able-bodied critters and that problem takes care of itself. Also, I'm sure since as Mr Newman asserts, that libtards love to pay high taxes, we will find ways to get them to funnel money to us which will run our government and reduce our taxes significantly.

  2. Some of that might not be true Z (wink), but what about Rachel? Shouldn't we show some compassion even if we are dealing with liberal homicidal morons with incurable mental illness? :-)

    Yea, talk about delusional. I'd say it comes from unhappy libtards who must blame someone for their unhappiness and it sure ain't going to them they blame.
    And ICE said during the time DJT was in office it would be well over a hundred years to deport the illegals and that's if they stopped coming in completely.
    But imagine if they isolate themselves in places like New Yoik, Massachewsits, and other states with large uncontrolled asylums... We can dream.

  3. Kid...that list IS in this idiot lib's book, right?

    Re Rachel Madcow? Compassion? No. Simply NO. None. I have ZERO compassion for her.

    And isn't that special? the illegals are over something like 400,000 MORE than during DJT, so it'll be the next century before they're deported but they won't need deporting because nobody really know they're here.
    "isolate themselves?" ya, living on OUR places BIDEN put them..hoping they'll become Leftwing voters; thank GOD, the Hispanics I know (yes, even in CA) are NOT knee-jerk libs. See my post tomorrow!

  4. BY the way..."we can dream?" I didn't know you even let yourself dream positive! :-)

    1. I dream a lot Z. I just don't take them seriously. :)

  5. Z, yea, that's the idiot lib's belief. Mental disease describes it all.

    Just kidding about Rachel.

    Well, illegals will Never be deported. Probably cost 500 trillion just to pay the lawyers they'd be assigned. The only way is turn off the free money and they will deport themselves.

    The libs do need to concentrate into specific areas and of course we should never send them any money. They'll probably all be dead from their policy decisions in a matter of months.

  6. I don't know if you've read People's Republic by Kurt Schlichter, but it's a hoot.

  7. One piece of good news is that the Liberals have decided not to reproduce in order to save the planet. Cut the newbies off from the dole and as you wish, have them deport themselves. E-verify? Where did I hear that before. No dole, no job = going home.

    1. Everify. Yea. Fairy tales to keep the masses sleeping at night. Like their Dreamers DACA program. Think anyone actually had to meet the written qualifications for that? Wowza. I got some stuff to sell those people.

      Well, according to a young server at a restaurant I frequent, "you wouldn't believe the number of young career baby makers". That's probably not good.

      And it's a product of demoralization (not just sexual, life in general for these girls), laziness, free money has a strong appeal and there are a Large number of men young and old who are fed up with women and long term relationships. (I hear some communists cheering).

      Tripped over a vid on utube, a woman expressing how women can't find men. I didn't watch the vid but I did note that the comment section was large and 100% full of guys saying why they're not interested. Gold Diggers, sluts, being taken advantage of by a legal system that gives everything to the woman and tosses the guy through a wood chipper.
      Imagine getting married, find your wife is screwing the neighbor, get a divorce, she gets the house, and you have to pay monthly into their fun expenses. For what.
      Jackie Mason had a quote 'You build up an estate of whatever means, get married and suddenly, the woman is an immediate 50% partner with no requirement to stick to the terms of the marriage contract.".

      Lot of that going on. I'm Happily married but I sure wouldn't want to be a young person today.

    2. We don't need border patrols or fences. Land mines work well.

  8. Nathan Newman isn't the only rat out there. They apparently run in packs.

    1. They definitely run in packs Mustang. Like sex offenders, sometimes very different but support each other's perversions.

  9. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Please go, Blue States.

    And take Austin with you.

  10. The express purpose of the constitution is to limit the power og government. If in fact a bias in favor of red states exists, I say “mission accomplished”

    1. CT, the post is tongue in cheek if not obvious. Well, good luck to America with abiding by the constitution. The federal government ignores it.

    2. PS, note that I moderate comments so your comment won't show up right away.