Sunday, January 3, 2021

Phoenix Aurora Over Iceland

Rising from the ashes, or the ice maybe.

This has to mean something. Right ?  It has to.  If you click the pic to read the description, you will note that the aurora appeared at 3:30 am (when mostly only drunks are staggering home from the pubs) over Iceland and lasted for a minute [60 seconds]).  How weird is that?  I mean if you're into numerology as I am, then just doing several calculations using those numbers is very elucidating and informative.  The conclusions cannot be denied.

Plus the river in the foreground, called Kalda is 30 kilometers S of Iceland's capital city that has an unpronounceable name.  Add that 30 into your equations and Like Triple WHOA.

Finally, I have a friend who is a pilot who knows a guy that works at a Best Buy, and they say this is absolute proof that the world will be saved and we will all live happily ever after.  How about That?

It's gonna be a good year. Just FYI.


  1. Sorry, I fell asleep during the calculations part. No amount of clicking tells us what the drunks saw, though. Anyway, unless that green "noxious" looking cloud settles over the the Biden household, I do not foresee a great year shaping up. I knew a pilot once ... but it was a long time ago.

    Happy New Year anyway, Kid ... thanks for all you do.

    1. Happy New Year to you and yours Mustang.

      Well, I've found it takes many years of study at a cow farm near Toulouse, France to be able to focus on these types of calculations. That is not a criticism for anyone choosing another path. It's just a 'what you're into' kind of thing.

  2. Looks like the cosmos is giving us the bird all right.

  3. Yes it must seem that way Ed, but remember it is always a scary looking bird on fire before the dawn. At least this is what Norwegian eskimos tell me after I've bought them a few rounds.

  4. This is interesting. Triple 3 is exactly half of the infamous Triple 6. I wasn't expecting the Beast to be half Icelandic. Huh.

    1. The Beast alway uses misdirection LSP. And the beast will begin to show itself on 1-6-21. that the two and the one. add em together that's 3/. Combine that with the other 3's and that's the 2nd 6. One more 6 to reveal itself. Tension mounts.

  5. I have found a formula for pick 3.
    It works but the number is not not staring us in the face.
    Would have to have a bankroll to buy 30 pick 3 numbers. $1 EXACT is the only way to rack up a few coins.
    The numbers are all there-but the 3 numbers are apparent after the draw; of course.
    Is why one needs a bankroll. $30 dollars a day is a steep hill to climb.

    Have this picture on my phone. But not all the diagrams, only the bird in green.
    Happy new year!

    Here is the formula:
    317 on top and the last - night or day or morning or evening - winning number.
    Put that draw of your choice under the 317, and draw a line under the 317.
    Say - the last winning number from the draw of your choice is 691.
    ------691 -------then add each column separate.
    ------691---then add the month to the day of the draw - 1 plus 4 = 5. If the day is say 12 then you would add 1 plus 2 = 3. If the month is 12 then add the last number 2 plus the last number of the day; 2 plus 4 = 6. Then find all the (in this example 1 plus 4 = 5) 5's, circle all the 5's.
    And the pick 3 numbers will be around the 5's. Most of the time; some times the numbers are "between" the circled number. If two circled are close to the top of the list and a circled number is down a ways in the list - is the "between" the circled numbers.
    The video is better to explain this. Can't remember the link.
    Just look for pick 3 lottery winning

    1. I knew you'd nail it TS ! Yes, 317 is the key to the vault. And of course this is all based on God's number represented by Pi (rounded at the 3rd digit to the right of course). So 3.14 + 3 = 317. This gives the location of the beast and it's no surprise it is all based on lottery money and winning to the point of being rich like Daffy Duck.

      As Daffy says "Concequences, schmoncequences, as long as I'm rich !"

      Of course if we eliminate beating around the bush, getting rid of the 1 (the beast) in the 317, this give us 37 - The Angel Number>

      Doing a general internet search based on the phrase "the number 37" would result in a treasure trove of results, but the Angel Number is the key to all. Peace, Love, Happiness, Fulfillment, all things Good. This is the year that kicks all that off for those in the know such as yourself and the rest of the commenters of this blog.

      Have a Great New Year everyone !

  6. Trump is still the president and will be until Jan 21st.
    Creepy, Gropin ..Joe is the resident crook...he will never be my president..

  7. Why Are There No Protests / Riots, and Looting Over the Police Shooting Killing An UNARMED Woman? Could it be that White Lives Doesn't Matter?

    1. The left are trying to start an armed rebellion. Be the easiest way for them to get rid of 2A quickly they figure.