Monday, January 18, 2021

America's "social credit score" System will be Much Worse than China

 Of Course

Read all about it.


  1. It's already started, Kid, with all the "cancelling" of people, lost jobs, being banned from social media and on and on. It's going to get really ugly. That's a great article.

    1. I agree of course Adrienne but I'll tell ya - if those communist pukes closed down my little blog no big deal. My shopping, banking, etc. life gets curtailed and that's a much bigger story.

      Some people (lots I think) are in for a real shock because I think we've got these nazi's for the duration now.
      1. enough people aren't going to vote republican anymore and even if they did, they're useless at best.
      2. how is anyone going to stop the steal?
      3. Who out of people like DJT that could do something American for America would even bother to run in this media/political/DOJ/pop culture environment. I wouldn't.

      Nope, imo divorce without alimony and/or revolution are the remaining options.

    2. PS - lost jobs. Yea, that's a big one. Just for being there? I can kinda see. the guy there with the company ID. You don't have free speech at work. But little Joe who is just there taking it in?

      Pretty stupid thing to go there anyway. Why. Protests have never accomplished Jack and it played right into their hands. Jan 20 will do so also with the number of idiots who will show up at capitols.

  2. 25,000 military are getting their "Social Credit Score" vetted as I write this... "They" are leery of the military. Look for the next purge. An excuse to rid the depolarbles from the ranks. Already they are chirping that it is "too white" and too many GOPers.
    Right now they don't know what to do... they can't trust their Praetorian guard they discovered. Now they federalized 2000 military as marshals. Strange times.

    1. Moving very fast now Bunk. Except I think they do kow what to do. This has been in planning for a long time.

      Going to be a purge if true - 2/3rds vote Trump from what I read. They'll have to start a draft.

  3. I'll echo Adrienne, great article.