Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Novella, Chapter 4

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As mentioned in the previous episode of the Saving America Novella and similar to the Global Seed Vault in Norway, hundreds of thousands of 1 milliliter capture stores of Donald J Trump Sperm had been carefully captured by a cast of Porn Stars and Playboy Models over the years and stored in secret underground sperm banks not far away from the Global Seed storage facility in Norway, and oddly unbeknownst to the Norwegians.  Don't tell em.   The sperm samples were stored in black plastic coffee stirrers just like ABS (American Breeder Services) use to store bull semen. (One had to be careful in their break rooms when getting a cup of coffee.  Lot of practical jokers there.

It was a total black ops mission conducted by an unknown SEAL team known in secret as SEAL Team 1313 Mockingbird Lane.  An unusual name to be sure but more secure to prying eyes and those not easily drawn to conspiracy theories.  They referred to their group as  ST1313ML.  You know how the military people are hopelessly addicted to acronyms - especially current and former Marines and Specialty Forces.

So, the sheep and goats were trained to identify and dispatch the enemy foreign and domestic, the goats actually acquired a taste for the blood of the enemy and mostly took care of the bodies, the A-team women were lining up to be inseminated and give birth to DJ Trump breeding stock babies who were actually born with little American Flags in their adorable little hands and things were running along smoothly to say the least.

Occasionally, some person, young or old would point, squeal and shout "Climate Change!" or "Cultural Appropriation!" or "Islamophobe!", or "Transgender Rights!" or "Racist!" or "Mysoginist!" or any number of other meaningless terms brought upon us by the population of the left, the progressives, the democrats, the communist sympathizers, now simply referred to as Tards.  (As a society, we shun multi-syllable terms, especially when describing 'Tards').  When such an individual declared their diseased mental condition by expressing these terms or acting stupidly in an activist manner they would receive a 2 hour review by a jury of their peers then be shot and dropped off somewhere in fly over country for the wildlife to consume.  Occasionally they'd be air-dropped into New York City, or San Francisco, or Portland as a gentle reminder to the Tards that there could be consequences for being a stupid dumbass.

Almost seemed too good to be true.

But there were still flies in the ointment.  Federal Judges were still pulling law out of their asses, and the Supreme Court was still needed to translate and rule on the Constitution in areas which should be obvious to even dead squirrels and clams embedded in wet sand and warm water.

A constitutional Convention was formed to resolve issues with the Constitution that were somehow confusing to a host of easily confused individuals with mixed agendas.

Some changes were made.

The 2nd Amendment was re-written to read:  Under no circumstance will any person living or dead be denied the right to own any type of firearm they so choose to protect their life, their home, or the life or home of any other person they decide to protect unless they have used a firearm while committing a violent crime.  (Really an unneeded clause since those people will suffer the death penalty within 30 days of conviction, but still) All non-violent felons will have the explicit right to carry a weapon openly or concealed and also will have the right to brandish any weapon in the face of any potential attackers. This amendment cannot be brought before the Supreme Court or any court, state or local for review.  It is clear and final.  Any governmental official enacting any process to interfere with this inalienable right will be stripped, put in stocks in town center and made available to the public at large for a righteous spanking with various spanking tools hanging on the stocks for use by interested parties for a period not less than 10 days and not more than 20 days.

Additionally, all children from preschool through university will be required to take and receive passing grades in the subject of Firearm Safety for every type of firearm available at the time of testing.  Rule 1 - If you find a firearm, go get an adult.

A new amendment was added:  The government, federal, state, and local will pass no legislation that affects the citizens but not themselves.  Also no legislation will be passed that affects them but not the citizen.

Other Constitutional laws which somehow found their way to the Supreme Court in various cases originating in the daily lives of Americans will similarly be clarified to the point that even a worm with a half brain cell can understand and translate effectively.

Judges ruling on cases that affect the entire populace of the USA will have their decisions referred to the Supreme Court before becoming effective.  The judges who have in excess of 30% of their decisions reversed by the SC will be summarily hung by gallows, executed by firing squad, or electrocuted according to their preference within 24 hours after the SC ruling.

There is lots more to do and deal with.  Tards were still unacceptably plentiful and this had to be corrected.

467,344 laws on the books were immediately identified for termination and would be eliminated and every new law made required that two current laws had to be shit canned. 

Most civil grievances would be heard in short order by thousands of AI robot versions of Judge Judy who would make a final determination without lawyers being involved.  Lawyers became as rare as American brick layers and landscapers.  This was a good thing.

Well, as stated, lots more to deal with.  I can't wait for Chapter 5 !


  1. Sense you are heading off in this direction: what's up with
    no knock warrants?
    And, how about those searches from probable cause--with out
    a Warrant?
    And, searches from "the well being clause" without a Warrant?
    Today the Officer can call a Judge with the info, and the Judge
    can fill out the Warrant - send via FAX/EMail right to the Officer's
    phone and be printed right there in the Patrol Car.
    Something just ain't right about these power hungry public servants.


    1. TSWS, As sated much more to be dealt with... Red Flag Laws are pure evil and will only affect law abiding citizens. Evil will always find a way. My opinion is that social media will be used as a conduit for identifying people. I will never post shit on social media. Ever. Outside of blogger.

  2. TSWS, in the case of the vermin, moslem or otherwise, I think police do need special power, but as indicated it seriously interferes with the rights of mostly law abiding citizens. This is where America's founders fucked up. Constitutional protections should have been strictly denied to people such as the moslems. Absolutely. They were known to the founders. The founders fucked that one up royally..

  3. It was the Supreme Court that approved (Ruled)
    on these short cut searches.


    1. Remember when Jeff Sessions approved of property seizure without even charges being filed?

  4. Oh well...
    We are in for some big surprises, while Trump is in Office;
    and especially after he is out of Office.

    1. Agree. I wonder who might run in 2024 ? Mike Pence is about as exciting as a garden hose in a thunderstorm.

    2. Now there is a depressing thought!!

    3. Bunk, Hopefully, someone will pop out of the woodwork to get the folks excited like DJT did. Ain't gonna be Pence.

  5. Someone who is feeling his oats--Senator Graham?
    Not my choice but...
    And I know - I know, we would be in the twilight zone.

    1. It's nice to have at least one voice TS/WS. Bothersome that so many R's are checking out. Will we be better for it? Hope so. Rubber is very close to the road.

  6. whoa... the plot is getting thick. I hope you're outlining to avoid George RR Martin's "The Meereenese Knot". I do like a good ending tho. I hope there will a dragon or two. Or at least a flying sheep? This is hilariously fantastic!

    1. No contortionists here Mr Blade unless they are female and extremely good looking.

      And thanks so much !

      Flying Sheep? Hmmm, maybe with a little technology.

  7. To HELL with DeMOCKracy!

    Disband both houses of congress, and send the greedy bastards home to till the fields, milk the cows, harvest the crop, repair the roads, obey their spouses, "train up their CHILDREN in the way that THEY should GO –– strict adherence to the basic Tenets of Faith, and Laws of Behavior governing human Interaction –– as found in in the CHRISTIAN Bible.

    We should be governed by BENEVOLENT D_I_C_T_A_T_O_R who will be ELECTED by PLEBISCITE for EGHT YEARS.
    _____ A. No one who s not LITERATE should be permitted to vote.
    _____ B. Neither should any person with "Left-Leaning" notions planted in his head by the hopelessly CORRUPT, DEPRAVED Educational Establishment of "FORMER" Times.
    _____ C. Further IMMIGRATION should be SHUT OFF, and all persons residing in the USA –– legally or illegally –– who are deemed UNDESIRABLE by the ELECTED DICTATOR should be EXPELLED and sent into EXILE.

    As to rhe DICTATOR, He, She or Shit would be subject to FORCIBLE REMOVAL from OFFICE for betrayng the sovereignty of the U{nited States and the best interests of her people. Such a Dictator, should know that He, She or Shit would be STRIPPED NAKED, STRUNG UP by His, Her or Shit's THUMBS over a VAT of BOILING OIL FEET FIRST, then FRENCH FRIED, Hacked to Pieces and .Fed to the Howling Mob his errant conduct had displeased.

    Now THAT would be TRUE Democracy at work –– as it OUGHT to be –– a Lovely Thing, is it not?


  8. Franco, yes illegals should be deported and legal undesirables (which surely would include a lot of federal and state employees) marooned on a very isolated island with no way to get off. Someone will periodically air drop food if necessary, but they gonna have to boil sea water to desalinate it. Gotta keep the undesirables busy as idle hands Are the devil's workshop.

    This way we can close most of the prisons, cut the staff and turn the real estate into golf courses where the rest of us play for free.

    As far as dealing with the children properly, simply punish the parents to the same degree as the criminal child.

    1. Hey, Kid!

      We booth forgot to mention that members of the ENEMEDIA –– and ,i>especially those who FUND them! –– should be sent to CONCNTRATION CAMPS –– NOT to be KILLED –– that would be much too easy for te likes of them –– but to be treated very VERY harshly for the rest of their natural lives –– the bastards!

    2. Franco, If it ever came to it (which it won't, I can't imagine Conservative or Libertarian people ever running shooting people non-defensively) my sights would be on media people, not politicians.

      I can't stand BullShit, and as G Carlin tells us, the Media is Bullshit Central. They're at the junction of all the other bullshit. Politics, advertising, social media, Marketing, and every other force out there that is Bull Shitting the public at large trying to get the public to send them money.

    3. Here's how I see it, Kid

      BECAUSE of the tremendous power Mass Communication has given fiends, villains, crooks, troublemaers and would-be dictators –– not possible before the 20th-Century –– the most violent and destructive period in all human history –– and because the vast majority of fellow huan beings are FOLLOWErS not LEADERS ––, those who control the organs of mass communication really ARE respnsible for the Way Thngs Are Today.

      But the Teachers, the Lawyers, the Judges, the International Bankers, the Publishers, the Entertainers, and High Mucky-Mucks in the I+nternational Industries who own and control the flow of Raw Materials, etc. are IN ON IT –– every damned one of them.

      Because of "THEM," the WORLD almost literallt ROTATES on an AXIS of BULL SHIT.

      We're all victims to one degree or another of a kind of Mass Hypnosis.

      If you don't believe me, study the tactics created and fomnted by a fellow named EDDIE BERNAYS known as the Father of Modern Advertising.

  9. I'm with ya Franco, and it should always be recognized that Lawyers are responsible for FUBAR-ing literally everything in our lives, from everything health care to the price of a bottle of aspirin.