Monday, September 9, 2019

Monday Night Satriani


Update: Well, the video link didn't make it into the post, so let's skip this one and move on.

Chapter 4 is coming....


  1. President Trump has demonstrated he's willing to talk to and negotiate
    with anyone, even enemies. He does it on his terms and he is not
    influenced by political critics, namely the media whores. He is really
    quite remarkable in his different approach compared with his predecessor
    like the Surrender Monkey.

    And Why wasn’t it reported, that the Philadelphia Gunman that Shot 6 Police Officers Is A Muslim?
    Why Doesn’t The Disgusting Leftist Liberal Media Ever Report this Sickness.

    The more these left wing fascist scream about Trump the stronger he gets. They just show themselves to be the bigoted ones

    1. Oswald, Agreed of course.

      I don't worry about voters in 2020, I worry about voter fraud.

      The media are scared to death of the moslems.

  2. I hummed the tune anyway... link be damned.