Saturday, September 7, 2019

Novella - Chapter 3

Baaabs, a trans-species (yea, that's a thing do a search) male or female enthusiast who identifies as half sheep and half goat has learned how to effectively communicate with the 54 billion sheep brought over for carnal pleasures by the Iranians.  

Baaabs has taught them how to subdue and kill the Iranians, Russian's and Chinese.  Two sheep hop onto the individual, knock them to the ground and sit on them while a 3rd sheep leans down and bites them on the neck until they are dead.  A 4th sheep takes any weapons the dead person had and delivers them to the American kids filling the apartment blocks by pushing the stuff through concealed ground level windows.

It wasn't long at all before the kids had many of the weapons and most of the invaders were now dead. Fortunately, the kids started enjoying firing the weapons and then enjoyed seeing hot lead bringing down the marxist leninest commie turds.

(Yes, if you're concerned about continuity... Well, The 18 billion sheep population had grown to 54 billion in the 3 years that passed after the Conservatives moved to and took over several pleasantly located countries, because sheep multiply like rabbits.)
Russians call their loved ones "My Bunny".  True.  
Anyway, the sheep focused on the Iranians first, the Russians next and then saved the Chinese for last.  Why?  The Chinese were much smaller so 1) they weren't as much of a threat, and 2) they were much smaller targets so more proficiency was required with the use of the firearms in order to effectively kill the suckers.
As far as dealing with the invaders, the Big Horn sheep simply head butted their targets out into the street in front of speeding semis and buses.  As a result, the female sheep were even more inspired to take care of business.

The humans were emboldened by the actions of the sheep.  They threw the free condoms away and started repopulating America like a herd of crazed rabbits.  Climate Change be Damned !   This was self-preservation after-all.

Now that a critical mass of firearms had been transferred from the invaders to the sheep lovers, firearm ownership and proficiency training became mandatory.  Any who refused were relegated to washing clothes and doing the dishes in pink underwear in plain view of the new revolutionaries - newly minted fighters who were former members of the 'Millennials' and 'Gen-Zer' generations.  Other regulations were put in place. For example, Cell Phone use was strictly prohibited in public establishments and moving vehicles. 
Restaurants were prohibited from offering free wifi.  Those who disobeyed were targeted for drone strikes.
Soyboys, gender confused males, females, and others were now focused on saving their country from an evil much worse than Conservative Nazis, DJ Trump the Nazi rapist xophobic billionaire, and mind bending voices such as Laura Ingrahm, Sean Hannity, and Good Lord - Prager University videos.

None of that shit mattered anymore.  The Me Generations now demanded that the commie marxist leninest basteerds had to Go.

Well, it wouldn't be that easy.

Help was on the way though.

Apparently, stores of Donald J Trump sperm located at secret donor facilities was used to inseminate many A-Team women in order to create as much quality breeding stock as possible going forward.  Things were looking up but would it be enough?

Maybe the next installment will offer a clue.


  1. I totally see this happening. Or did it happen already? LOL

    1. This will happen as soon as DJ Trump leaves the White House in January 2021, 2025, 2029, 2033, or 2037. I'm hoping for 2037.

      And remember in the days of 'you can be anything you want', Sheep are people too, maybe even moreso.

    2. People are sheep, maybe even moreso.

    3. I'll take the sheep over most people.

  2. No, Ed. People aren't more so. They are morons, particularly democraps.

  3. I'll put it as simply and directly as possible, though I doubt most would want to accept what I have to say:

    Basically, it's this:

    All our worldly woes started in The Garden of Eden when Eve and Adam made the fateful decision to allow themselves to be beguiled by the hissing, lisping, tragically misleading temptations of The Serpent, instead of obeying the Lord God.

    The lure of "Forbidden Fruit" has always been our downfall, yet few have the strangth of character, and sufficient faith to resist the hideously Seductive Power of Evil.

  4. Franco, I accept that as a metphor. Then again, I wasn't there ! Could have been exactly like that.