Saturday, August 3, 2019

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What the hell else Could you name This Tune ?

Here's Joe playing the tune at one of the puke radio places that never plays 'good' music,  103.5... Possibly In Cincinnati but could be anywhere since they are all controlled by the same communist marketing 'people'.

Honest to hell and as an aside, radio stations play the worst music.  I like Pink Floyd, but what are the tunes they play on the radio?  Money and The Wall, the 2 PF tunes I hate.
I like some Cream stuff, a lot of it actually, but what do the radio stations play of the Cream offerings?  White Room.  The only Cream tune I hate the most.
Do the radio listeners actually request the worst of the worst tunes, or is there some evil plot afoot.  No matter, Who cares, I can't stand radio anyway.



  1. Well said. Radio's become some kind of marketeer joke.

    Nice vid.

    1. Glad you found some value LSP. Mad has the radio on in the AM as I try to escape to the zombie controlled freeways in morning rush hour. At this point, and not to offend anyone, but I cannot understand who it is that finds value in talk/commercial radio.

    2. Then you can't understand me.
      Particularly as a guy who broadcasts :)
      Gotta be discerning in what you listen to, which you are, but it's AM or podcasts for me on the road.

    3. And my brother listens to Deep Tracks on Sirius. Named his boat that, too.
      All the tracks that we listened to on the LPs that didn't get airplay.
      I'm not paying for Sirius.

    4. No prob Ed, Gotta do what you find fun. I can't listen anymore at all. Though I do have the AccuRadio app on my phone and we listen to music over that when on the road. It's got a lot of categories of things to listen to - top 100 oldies, big band, whatever, probably very similar to XM but I'm not paying for it either.

      Hey, we just stopped at the Verizon store and they have deals for seniors. We got unlimited data for no extra charge, and in some cases, your total charge may go down when over 55. If you're on Verizon you might check it out but you gotta call or go in, they likely won't tell you about it otherwise.

    5. AccuRadio is a free app and free to listen to. A couple commercials will come across but No Where Near what is on broadcast am/fm radio.