Saturday, August 17, 2019

Just a Reminder

Earth Day !


  1. Perfect.... gets more perfect by the years.... :)

  2. I can't stand him, but I can't help lovin' him either.

    Very smart. Very wise. Very RIGHT.

    Very vulgar. Very grubby. Very FUNNY.

    I just can't help but wish he'd never worn that lousy, fuckin' greasy, stringy, goddam grungy ,filthy lookin' PONY TAIL. I always get the CrEEps when I see a man wearing PONY TAIL. YECH!

    And he always MOVES like he's ON some powerful illegal substance. Reminds me of a flea in a griddle. Make me nervous.

    Worse than that he looks seriously UNHEALtHY, and I could swear he must SMELL really really BAD.

    BUT, I cn't disagree with one thing he said –– especially in THIS great "vignette."

    The guy was BRILLIANT. AND, he always makes me laugh out loud in spite of myself.

  3. Franco, I'd have to describe George as a liberal who hates all politicians, or at least has no use for them. Yep, not a fan of the hippie look but I look past all that stuff pretty easily.

    His ideas are very well thought out, even if we may not agree with some. If I have anything negative to say about him, his routines usually involve complaining about various people or groups.

    1. PS - and as Bunk says, this one just gets better with age. I wonder what he'd have to say about our current popular culture.

  4. Liberalism is what caused our founding fathers to sue Great Britain for America’s independence. Today, however, the progressive (Democratic) party has perverted the concept of liberalism. What it means to me is preserving such notions as a land of laws, rather than of men. A land of equal opportunities, not of outcomes. A land of equality, not of privilege. In the mid-1800s, progressive thought involved such notions as educational opportunity for everyone so that we were no longer a nation of illiterate people ... noting that only an educated society can preserve democratic republicanism. This too has been perverted by Democrats, who at the same time did not think that blacks deserved any educational opportunities, or women. Today, Democrats have taken public education and transformed it into brain-washing centers, paid for by the taxpayer. The results of this should be, by now, self-evident. So, I do make a distinction between liberalism and progressivism. Democrats have simply highjacked the word for their own purposes. There is nothing liberal about Hillary Clinton or anyone else in the Democratic Party. And they have also taken the notion of progress and transformed it into a platform for Marxism.

    George Carlin, if he was anything at all, was a libertarian. In the traditional sense, he distrusted government motive, policy, and the kinds of people who strive to become (and remain) politicians —and I think, rightly so. I imagine that he was of about the same mindset as our earliest pioneers. Independent and not at all impressed with the political arena. As to his vulgarity, I could do without it and I think he could have been as relevant (and funny) without it ... but Americans at the grass roots have always been somewhat vulgar. Tell me that someone from Tennessee didn’t look over the wall of the Alamo on 6 March 1836 and say, “Oh fuck!”

    As to this piece, he was spot-on correct. I’m glad we are still discussing it today.

    1. I agree Mustang.

      I will add that I think today's Conservatives are the new Liberals. Open-minded, Tolerant to a point being the main qualities. Liberals and progressives today are hateful, uneducated, misinformed or uninformed and just not happy people.