Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Lousy Steenkin Lawyers..

Let's look at what the defecrats are beating their drums over.

Who cares?  Honestly, who cares that some person in Tennessee, or Georgia, or Montana, or California is one of these?  Who CARES?  How does this affect anyone's life?  Laws are on the books to protect people in any of these categories from discrimination in the workplace.
Honestly, if some gender confused person in Flint Michigan is upset because they believe someone they don't know in Utah is against them, a mental health professional (if there are any) is who they need to see, not a lawyer.

There are no doubt millions of people just in the USA who would not like me if they met me.  How much do I care.  Less than zero.

This is an emotional play by the defecrats to get people to vote emotionally over shit that is meaningless.  Because this is how libtards make decisions, using emotion only.

This is also brought upon us by lousy steenkin lawyers looking to pad their bank accounts every time some mental case gets triggered into thinking their minority hot button has been slighted.  They called me by the wrong gender pronoun !  Puke.  Some laywer(s) will ring the cash register over it.

So, what's left for the dem campaign.  Free Stuff and Tax the Rich !  
Oh, and Jill Biden saying "Look folks just re-swallow that little bit of stuff you just regurgitated when thinking of  voting for Joe - because we must defeat Trump".  Not quite as wordy as this but this would be more accurate.

Sure Joe is a complete incompetent moron who doesn't even know in what decade MLK and RFK were murdered in, and he might even start a war by mouthing off to world leaders to show how tough he is, but what the hey, at least he's not Trump.

Taxing the rich is largely taxing the middle class because taxing businesses that provide products and services to the middle class will only cause them to add the tax burden to the price you pay.  It's a Cost of Doing Business just like the electric bill or payroll.

This is a play by the defecrats to get people to vote out of stupidity or because they are Losers on the dole.

Conclusion:  The defecrats know they are on the losing end of the stick because they want: cons to vote, 16 yr olds to vote, (they'd have 6 year olds voting if they could get away with it) illegal aliens to vote, dead people and who ever else they can stuff the ballot box with to vote and no accountability in the voting process.

If they Win. Ever. Again.  America has committed suicide.

Simple as that.
But all this other stupid nonsense going on in our culture?  Lawyers padding their bank accounts.   Invented by lawyers, backed by Communist Russia and China.

Take the case of Masterpiece Bakery...
Did Masterpiece Bakery "win"?   No.
Did the homosexuals "win"? No.
Did the lousy steenkin lawyers "win"  Hell yea.


  1. A few points to consider. It was primarily idealists, socialists, and jurists who started the Russian Revolution and carried it forward to its disastrous conclusion in 1991. Fact: until you need one, lawyers are mainly useless. The law is difficult. Only really-good lawyers make it in the criminal justice field, but of course there is a wide range of specialties in law, and only the exceptional parasite makes it in tax, real estate, and injury law.

    Whenever a lawyer realizes that he or she doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the legal field, they run for public office —which, if they can pull it off, produces a grand opportunity for steady pay, perks, power, and corruption. It’s enough to make the piss-poor lawyer drool.

    Part of a politician’s job is creating problems that only they can solve. If successful (even if it is only perceived success, or complete and utter bullshit), fame, influence, and under-the-table cash starts rolling in. This is how the politician progresses from the House to the Senate, the cabinet, or the presidency.

    What kind of problems, you ask? The problems Kid mentioned in his post. It doesn’t matter who gets stepped on along the way; it doesn’t matter if the nation is harmed, either, because no matter how it turns out, the politicians win. And notice, too, that every politician has absolute plausible deniability. Hey, it’s all about “them.” Everything else is secondary.

    You do have to admit that these politician/lawyer critters are clever. All they must do is win a seat in the House is garner around 23% of the constituency. It gets tougher when running for the senate; they must bullshit about 25% of the voters. Why is that? Well, for starters, only around 41-43% of registered voters actually vote. Most of those vote “party” (minorities, ignorant liberals (socialists) for example, and Jews, who lean more toward communism than any other ethnic group). These morons do not concern themselves with specific issues, national interests, or gasp ... knowing about the person they’re voting for —that’s way too much trouble, dude.

    Nearly all voters are undereducated, so they don’t understand the issues, nor even why most liberal policies are disastrous for the nation (and for their own interests). Knowing all this, politicians do everything they can to keep the voting turnout at a minimum. Pandering to minority groups also helps. This is how you become a successful politician/failed lawyer. This is also how you destroy a nation ... from within. That’s what happened to Rome; that’s what is happening to us now. Will America ever change course away from this disaster-waiting-to-happen? No. It’s already to late.

    I apologize for this "too long" comment.

    1. I don't think it's possible for you to leave too long of a comment Mustang. I appreciate them all and usually continue my education with them.

      I read an article a couple years ago that made the case that early Americans were influenced to become lawyers if they wanted to control things in America. Can't find it now darn it. But I believe this is also evident as we observe the events in our country. Lawyers holding all sorts of people and companies hostage for their own benefit. Local and Regional Judges making rulings that cancel the decisions of people we ELECT to government. Sad state of affairs. They need to be throttled one and all.

  2. ONe of THE smartest sentences in blogdom: "This is an emotional play by the defecrats to get people to vote emotionally over shit that is meaningless"

    You put it so well.......Yes, all this "He doesn't like me because I'm...." is ALL an emotional play that means NOTHING, yet enough Americans get emotional and we're off to the races........nightmarish.

  3. I have only ONE wrd to say to your highly intelligent, straight-from-the-shoulder observatiins, Kid:


  4. What a dam goon squad. Good luck 2020.

    1. LSP, Voter fraud is the only thing to worry about imo.

      People are going to vote in majority for: Open borders, abortion after birth, single payer HC, free everything, having a moron in the White House, Disarming, and more. ???

      Hard to imagine.

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