Sunday, May 26, 2019

Memorial Day

Memorialize our fallen and injured by keeping America from becoming a Memory.

Nothing worse than dying in vain ?

And check out the last post, lots of smiles.


  1. "DYING IN VAIN?" You read the state of my mind when I wrote tomorrow's post on Saturday.
    The saddest Memorial Day post I've ever written.
    and yes, 'infrastructure' included THE GRID, as the writer mentions at the end; and now we're just calling names back and forth instead of going to work helping America. We're ripe for disaster and our enemies know it.

    1. Many are licking their lips Z. And laughing like Hyenas at what the democrats have done to the place.

  2. Correction - what the federal gubmint has done to the place.

  3. Surrounded by existential threats in democrat party and the media (same thing). God Bless all of our fallen heroes.

    1. May we somehow manage to restore America to the entity they protected DaBlade as it was such a noble cause.

  4. This post is a rebuttal to the PROGRESSIVE WITCH who is constantly sucking up to the Moocher as if she is some wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, and gracious First lady. . She is far from it, in fact she’s neither wonderful, beautiful, or gracious.
    Yes, she is on the cover of every magazine this year but so was Vladimir Putin, and so was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Tokyo Rose, so, so what!
    That's right I said it!
    Will somebody please tell her that she should stop telling me, and my Kids what to eat, drink, drive, read, watch, and what light bulb to use. I don’t remember her winning any election that gives her the right to tell me anything.

    Obama was leading our country into disaster, with dept, and with dishonor He was been caught in scandal and scandal, and now that he’s out of office he still is! . He ruined any chance of a future this country had. He was recording or phone data yeah even yours. Yet the PROGRESSIVE WITCH caled the First Lady the most wonderful things that was imaginable ? . Come on wake up she was, and is Not!

  5. I'll be seeing you
    ___ in all the old familiar places
    that this heart of mine embraces
    ___ all day through

    In a small cafe,
    ___ the park across the way
    The children's carousel,
    ___ the chestnut trees, the wishing well.

    I'll be seeing you
    ___ in every lovely summer's day
    In everything that's light and gay
    I'll always thnk of you that way.

    I'll find you in the morning sun
    And when the night is new
    I'll be looking at the moon,
    ___ but I'll be seeing you.

    ~ Irving Kahal (1938)

  6. ––––––– WHY MEMORIAL DAY?–––––––



Do you remember the parades? The high school marching bands, the Boy Scouts, the Cub Scouts, and the Brownies all neatly dressed in their uniforms and marching along, sometimes shyly, sometimes proudly, but more often just plain doggedly?


Do you remember the excitement getting ready for The Big Event? Everyone rushing around in the early A.M., mother making sure that everyone got breakfast –– you can’t march on an empty stomach, you know. Dad hanging out the flag on the front porch or from an upper storey window, slightly embarrassed, but privately grateful when Junior points out that it’s hung upside down. There’s just time to put it right before everyone has to be at the starting grounds for the big parade.


Little sister, too young to march, gets the best view, because she’s privileged to sit on Daddy’s shoulder. Later, she’ll shriek with wild delight to to the wry amusement of all the parade goers, when she spots her big brother, the Eagle Scout, bearing the standard in front of the whole troop. He’ll turn beet red with self-consciousness when he hears her, but pretend not to notice, and secretly be pleased.


The veterans of two World Wars will march too. They are the real reason for this exciting event. The ancient ones from the First World War, some hobbling on crutches or walking stiffly with canes, wouldn’t miss the chance to march no matter how much effort it might be for them. Uniforms, which no longer fit very well, some even partially eaten by moths, have been dragged out of attics and basements once again to have their brass buttons polished in honor of the day. And there’s always an octogenarian or two who is so proud that his uniform still fits as well as it did in 1916. He will march with his still-handsome head held high, and with an energy that will put all the younger ones to shame.


Most of the dads are from the World War Two vintage. They have grown comfortably into middle age, grateful to be here in this land-of-the-free. The horrors of the war they studiously avoid discussing, or even thinking much about, except when an occasional nightmare disturbs their rest, or during those rare, quiet get-togethers with foxhole buddies who actually went through the same experience. At the VFW meetings they pretty much try to concentrate on having good times, and doing good works for the community.


If they seem a little too hearty and laugh a little too loudly, don’t let it bother you. The gave more than those of us left safely at home could possibly imagine –– much more than most of them could possibly even tell you about.



–––––––– WHY MEMORIAL DAY? ––––––––

      PART TWO

And so, thy marched with pride, with gratitude, and with hope that future generations would not be called upon to make similar sacrifices, so that their families could continue to grow their gardens in peace, and march in future parades and enjoy picnicking with both gratitude and joy.


Later, after the parade, mothers, sisters and aunts would put on the most splendid outdoor feasts. Do you remember the huge bowls of luscious homemade potato salad redolent of onions, peppers, hard boiled eggs, Aunt Mary’s very special homemade mustard, and Hellmann’s Mayonnaise?
      Sometimes, they added bacon. Surely you must remember the hot dogs and hamburgers, or maybe some ribs and chicken all lovingly and exquisitely marinated with secret spices Dad used before cooking them over white hot charcoal? And all the things to fill it out like Aunt Vera’s carrot raisin slaw and Cousin Jane’s extra special good cucumber salad that even the kids loved to eat, and Mother’s homemade cheesebread –– to say nothing of all the cakes and pies and brownies and stuff.


One year Mother made a spectacular sheet cake that used blueberries and the brightest red strawberries strategically placed on her best white icing to represent the American Flag! The trouble was it didn’t taste near as good as it looked, so we never had it again.


As a famous song says, “These wonderful things are the things we remember all through our lives.”


No one talked about Uncle Bob, who died in a Japanese prison camp less than a month before the war was over, or Cousin Eddie, who walks with a painful limp, because there was no way the surgeons could get all the shrapnel out of his knee.


No one talked about these sacrifices as we put on our innocent and prideful displays, thrilled at the realization that summer vacation was now in sight, and romped and teased and loved each other, –– but we knew.


Somehow, we were aware that all this was not happening just for “fun.” In those long ago days we were taught to be grateful. We were made aware that everything we do has consequences, and that everything –– good and bad –– must be paid for. There were no “free rides,” and no “free lunches,” either. 

Sometimes, terrible things happen –– like Uncle Bob’s dying in that prison camp. [We found out later from two of his surviving buddies that they’d inserted slivers of bamboo under his fingernails and set them on fire –– among other things.]


But we didn’t dwell on stuff like that.


Uncle Bob had been a sweet-natured, happy-go-lucky man. He was the first to come pick you up and fetch the mercurochrome, if you fell off your bicycle, and he adored animals. He was always bringing home a little lost kitten or stray puppy much to Mother’s indulgent dismay.


Oh, we still miss Uncle Bob, even though he’s been gone for more than sixty years now, but we’ve always felt that he wanted us to be happy. That’s why he went over there and got himself tortured and killed. So we have been happy, but we’ve kept Uncle Bob alive in the love we store in our memories of him, and our gratitude for his courage and sacrifice, and for the swell guy he was whom we were so lucky ever to have known at all.


Should we do less for all those other “Uncle Bobs” who gave their lives so that we might continue to enjoy our picnics?


~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper - Spring, 1996

    2. Those were the days Franco, those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end...

  7. Great Posts FT, thank you for them.

  8. Hundreds of American patriots protest IIhan Omar at CAIR fundraiser in Bellvue, Washington

    1. Any moslem vermin inducted congress should be protested Helen, as there is no way they can swear to support the Constitution and islam at the same time. Lying to Congress at the very least. Thanks barry soetoro who brought 650,000 somolians to America where most were deposited in Minnesota. Whadid that cost?

  9. As for Barry Soetoro Kid....I think that Barrack " Barry Soetoro" Obama's legacy can be summed up very simply, as follows: History will remember him as the Racist President who took the side of criminals, terrorists, tyrants, foreign invaders, parasites, perverts, and all other manner of degenerates; against that of his own country and of decent, law-abiding American citizens. This is the legacy of Barrack Hussein Obama, and his Mooching wife.As for his Daughters, oh well, I'll give those two leeches a free pass for a few years

    1. Pretty good description Helen. I will add he did as much as possible to help the moslems with their worldwide caliphate. imo. I consider him American enemty # 1. I read a convincing piece that said the obama daughters are born by surrogate(s). This further advances the idea that Michelle is really Michael.

  10. Thank you Franco, Free Thinke, for your subtle, and clever way of calling a spade, a spade! Yes this time you nailed it.
    Yes, Franco, Free Thinke, the Libtards are out of control, and renning scared..
    I guess that I expected to much, but a leopard can't change its spots, and a liberal can never have a civil discussion, it’s in their character. The Progressive Nut Jobs have shown that they're willing to destroy the country before they would let a policy that is UN-wanted and has shown to be wrong for America be over-turned, because it has Obama’s name on it. Just like they'd never let a effective and successful Republican become the President of the United States. But this time President Trump has called their bluff, and showed them how a REAL President works, and how it was possible to turn the country around to the Great country it was pre Obama.
    They would rather support a shut down and have Americans shut out of their own Countries treasures. This is what is in the heart of every one of these Left-wing, racist, mental cases.
    Just Yesterday, I had the misfortune of attempting to debate a Douchebag, aka Progressive..
    What a crock of crap these people use to defend their Racist Clown, otherwise know as their Messiah! Obama who was the worst president that this country has ever has the misfortune of having.
    There are a number of conservatives here on the blogisphere whom I have a GOOD relationship with some Liberals, but these Progressives are another Animal.
    This idiot was one of them. .
    I got news for you dummies who blame Republicans for no matter what your ideological differences are beyond reasoning
    And in my eyes their opinion is nothing more than diarrhea, bubonic plague, and impotence.
    My advise to these Imbeciles is to grab their teddy bears and say goodby to the USA, and get the hell out of this country before they run it into the ground and turn it into the Shit - Hole that they always do.!

    You can disagree with my politics, but don't get nasty and start with the stupid and childish name calling. Or is that just your way and style for getting you way in a debate!
    I find the Liberal/Progressive blogs as a whole to be hypocritical, arrogant, self-righteous, and, worst of all, destructive of those around them. It seems as if they are willing to dictate to everyone else, but laws, rules and regulations, do not apply to them

    Thank you FT for showing us what disgusting creeps they are. Obummer should have been be thrown out of office years ago.. He's showed himself to be someone willing to hurt America if he gots his way. But thank the Good Loard he’s now History! And so is his dumb-assed Wife.
    I think that you have been very charitable and restrained with your stab at the Progressives and their Aisne blogs..
    The difference between the old-style (Your Father’s) Liberal or Democrats and the Modern Liberal’s is simply explained with one word. Progressivism. The Progressive Socialist tyrants who have conservative terrorists in their cross hairs for several years now, are relentless and ruthless radicals and will never give it up. In their sick minds
    It's a philosophy, if you can call it that, which appeals to the stupid and the lazy, which the country has unfortunately become filled with, because of the entitlements and the give always of the Liberal party. Obamacare is blatantly unconstitutional, and must be stopped. And hopefully President will put an end to it once and for all.

    1. It's always nice to get praise, but NOT when it is showered on something I neither stated nor implied anywhere on THIS thread.

      I sense the taint of disingenousness in your remarks. If I am wrong, please forgive me, but my BS Barometer is rarely inaccurate.

      Frankly, fulsome praise is worse than outright insolence.

  11. All of these participants in the Progressive's coup are beginning to accuse each other.
    Comey’s out there smearing Rosenstein.
    Rosenstein is smearing back at Comey.
    Brennan and Comey are going at it over who first put the unverified dossier into the intelligence briefing. and thus to the FISA court..
    And nobody know where the Old Hag Hillary has been hiding out these days!
    The Rats are blaming each other

    1. RT, Oh, I do believe all of these rats were 100% certain that the hildebeast would be elected in 2016. I'm enjoying the show at the moment and expecting to be enjoying it a lot more over the next couple years.

  12. The Fraud and corruption go hand in hand with Obamacare, as usual.
    The costs for medical insurance is going completely out of control and will spiral up faster than the inflation rate.
    Some people may have called him a “Community Organizer” but to me, he was a Community Destroyer. He has destroyed State against State , Party against Party, Citizen against Citizen, and the Races against Races. . America as we knew is, no longer exists. He told one lie and follows his lies with another lie . The hatred that I had for him, and I still do still exists. And just to think that he was the Commander in Chief It was a travesty to call him Commander in Chief. I could have thought of many other names for him rather than that! .
    Obama was America’s first ́snottý president America had ever produced.

    He not only locked our Veterans out of THEIR OWN memorials but he denied death benefits to the families of our fallen soldiers. What kind of low life does that?

    And what kind of LIBERAL FREAKS would support someone like that? I was heartbroken for my country. I he turned me against ALL liberals, because of their support for him. I no long speak to some of my friends and relatives because of their support for him. This is what this man has done to Americans. And progressive liberals are just too stupid to understand.
    We have some very intelligent conservative posters on this board who understand politics extremely well.
    Understand that I am not insulting ALL Liberal Americans, what and who I am insulting is ignorance. And unfortunately, the kind of people who post the "socialism = liberal", Progressive cliches we see in on these here blogs alone are here in far greater numbers on the left.
    I truly hope that liberals/Progressives come by here and read what they really don’t know or understand the depths of government control and medicare defrauding the American people - to read these posts and learn what they should be knowing.
    Certainly not anybody with an above-room-temperature IQ..
    Get into a conversation with a liberal about drug-dealers, gangstarappers, street thugs, cop killers, terrorists, radical Islamists or dictators, black panthers, or any other people that, hate America, and liberals will take their side and sympathize with them
    The same liberal who'll laugh at a stupid joke about Sarah Palin or attack Michele Bachmann and their families, will then turn around and have a Hissy Fit if you say ANYTHING negative about Michelle Obama, or Hillary Clinton.
    And those are MY reason to dislike Liberalism, and Progressives.

    Poor Ms. Kenawe and her two or three followers who are blind to the world and
    the poor Ms. Kenawe, as it’s clear as day that she has seen her best days, and that those days have long past.
    I don't give praise easily, but I do admire you Franco, Free Thinke for your constant rebuttal to those Progressive Idiots and their stupid lying blogs.

    1. Lady Vet. To your valid points.

      obama is America's enemy #1. Democrats since LBJ (and earlier) have tried best they could to destroy "America" defined as a liberty, freedom nation meant to be of the people and for the people. The democrat party is the communist party, most certainly since they killed JFK. LBJ kicked the communism into high gear, Carter delivered the destruction of Education in America, Clinton sent all the MFG jobs (jobs for low education people) out of the country which put them on the streets creating America's gangbanger ghettos like Chicago, Balimore, Detroit, LA and other places we hear about every day.

      obama sent race relations back to pre-1960.

      Total anti-American, total anti-Military, decimated the military, which clinton also did. Vets in the know will tell us during clinton's years, we couldn't get 24 helicopters in the air at the same time due to no money for maintenance or training programs.

      obama kept all that going, demonized the police based on the evil actions of a small minority, spent 18 Trillion dollars (10 of it in new debt, doubling the debt) on NOTHING for America. Unreal he still has people who love him. I pegged him as a flim flam empty stuit man 15 minutes after he started his campaign in 2006 and have not watched, listened to, or read anything about him since except by accident. I believe the vast majority of his actions were to aid the moslem vermin in their worldwide caliphate. Total Evil, elected twice. You could write a novel on the anti-American, treasonous, criminal, corrupt activities of obama and his goon squad...

      Liberals: I'm willing to call someone still young enough and mind corrupted enough by the education and especially college educated as liberal. Mind pollution for disinterested parents, liberal/communist teachers and media. What chance did they have. At some point I no longer call them liberal or even progressive but communist because that is what their minds have accepted as they engage the outside world and have no chance of obtaining an open mind. I engaged with "liberals" on the internet starting around 1990 and continued for 10 years and I am testifying that I have never seen one of them change. I literally had them admitting they were completely wrong 'yesterday' and 'today' they were right back to the same BS. I stopped bothering with them. If they come here and post, I unemotionally delete their comment and move on. No profit in reading what they have to say as soon as the anti-American, or TDS shows itself. Engaging with liberals is beating your head against a wall and I have better things to do. :)

      The communists are beyond Maximum Hypocrisy. Personally, I think "3 year old, violent, spoiled brats" describes them perfectly. Nothing else need be said about todays American communist.

      Blame the voters first and the [non]education system 2nd and the media 3rd.

    2. Yes to both of you, of course, BUT I wish we on the Right wo STOP calling those on the Left "LIBERALS."

      They re anythng but "LIBERAL," if we understnad the proper meaning of the term.

      I think the best word to use when identifying anyone opposed to Freedom, Humsn Dignity, the USA as Founded, the Constitution, Christianity, Cspitalism, –– and every single one of the beloved institutins and traditions that helped define us as AMERICANS –– would be LEFTIST.

      Not all Leftists formally identify with Marxism per se, but all of them identify with it in SPIRIT, which is every bit as bad –– or worse.

      My generation was probably the last to be systematically educated to Loathe, Despise and Fear Communism. Since I graduated from SIXTH GRADE in 1953 it's been downhill all the way...

      With mounting horor and dismay I've watched us slowly-but-surely succumb to the ubiquitous Leftist Propaganda that took over Education, Entertainment, Publishing, and Public Commnication with increasing power and an unmistakable aura of MENACE all my conscious life.

      That most today want think I'm nuts –– and rudely dismiss me as "one of those kooky consiracy theorists" –– is proof enough –– at least to me –– that my long held suspicions and growing knowledge have been correct.

      Unfortunately, most people never learn anything by precept. Instead, they have to learn it for themselves the Hard Way through Bitter Experience with much Pain and Suffering.

  13. All, well maybe I shouldn’t say “ALL” but I’ll say most Liberals are Liars and cheats. That really is just the plain and ugly truth. As for the identity of George Whatshisname, who really gives a damn? I really actually thought that it was all done for fun. And to be honest, I still think that. But regardless if is is or not, who cares? Why is this such an issue? There are such really important issues that we should be discussing about the future of America. And instead Ms. Shaw comes here with this Bull-Shit? It’s really hard to believe that so much time is wasted in this crap.
    Obama is NOW says Obamacare is the law of the land . What has happen to all his other rhetoric like race relations, Gun Controls, Slavery, Abortion, , women's rights, Gay marriage, George Zimmerman, and all those other things that Obama put on the front burner to avoid speaking about BENGHAZI, and to keep BENGHAZI out of the headlines! . So ,do you libs want to go back and make Obamacare the law of the land? in history. I surely don’t.
    Just for kicks, I clicked on a Progressive's blog this morning to view her history of posts. My oh My, she must have swallowed a whole case of Kool-Aid, and then ate all the packets in the box as well.

    1. Sharon, my advice is to completely ignore them. Complete. Waste. of. time. Like trying to discuss complex adult life with a 3 year old.

    2. Or trying to reason with a RHINOCEROS ready to charge at you, or a COBRA poised to STRIKE.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. AOA, We don't talk about those people here. Please refrain from doing so.