Thursday, May 23, 2019

Critters !


  1. that cat at 18:33 has RHYTHM! Very cute stuff. But you have to see MY BLuES :-) haa!!

  2. ____ CONCERNING CATS ____

    I've never met a one I didn't like
    Most impossible not to adore
    No two I've ever known are just alike
    Some content, some always wanting more.

    Affectionate? Aloof? It doesn't matter.
    'Tis their indpendence makes them most appealing
    Even if they only mean to flatter
    And engage in shameless double dealing.

    A Frenchamn asked, "Do I play with my cat ––
Or is it that the creature plays with me?"
    I feel most think the latter. Don't doubt that.
    It's obvious to all with eyes to see.

    I'll make right now an honest revelation
    I never mind a cat's manipulation!.
    Most are quite astonishingly agile
    Few if any think that they are fragile

    And yet, because they make me feel I'm needed,
    This guarantees their getting what they want
    No matter what they've done, they have succeeded.
    In always getting me to bear the brunt!

  3. ___________ DOMESTIC TERRORISTS ___________

    The day we had mice - one brown - one grey - both tiny,
    my mother screamed, then stood on the kitchen table.
    I thought they were cute and wanted to play with them.
    Certainly they were unique to me at three.

    Father dashed in (it was Saturday),
    and then rushed at them brandishing the broom.
    I was glad they both got away,
    scurrying toward the basement storage room.

    But father soon went out, and took the lead,
    and set traps baited with bits of cheddar cheese.
    Afterward we found the creatures dead ––
    necks crushed. I felt ill at ease.

    Poor little things! All they knew was hunger.
    Should hunger be a capital offense?

    ~ FreeThinke

    1. We use traps that keep them alive.

    2. Good man, Kid! My dad was not so enlightened ss you, but we should remember the inncident described took place 74 years ago. Things were a lot different then.

      I had a cousin Alice who went back to lived with her motherand father after getting a divorce The mother would set traps for the mice, and every nght Alice would sprng the traps, so the mice could eat the cheese without getting hurt. Alice was a nice, [retty, tender-hearted lady. Everybody in the family laughed wen they found out what wa going on, but I was o Alice's side. She thought mice were cute, and so did I, and I've always hated the idea of killing animals –– except for insects.

      I've been told mice CAN make good pets if you treat 'em right.

      I imagine your cats keep the mice under control, though, don't they?.