Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A'aight, We're Getting Backed Up on Steller Stuff...

I Love Steller Nurseries.  Heck I love All Nurseries.  Plus this is Oodles of Light Years and Oodles of trillions of miles.. I Love trillions.

Also, Click the pics or suffer the consequences.

The Gosh Darn Carine Nebula spanning over 300 light years.... That's 300 times 5.8 Trillion miles.
Damn long wait for a new iPhone or pizza.....

Southern Cross to the Carina Nebula.  Gotta Love it. 

The Sombrero Galaxy - btw Much smaller than our Milky Way Galaxy

Zoom in on a Star Cluster, AKA Adrienne's Jewel Box

Alfred Hitchcock in Space ?


  1. A few questions for you. (1) How many miles in an Oodle, or conversely, how many oodles in a mile? (2) Why do none of your space pictures show the existence of aliens from outer space? (3) Should we start a GOFUNDME for saving space from the ravages of earthmen?

  2. Mustang, an Oodle is 5.8 trillion miles. There are no measurable oodles in a mile. Like trying to calculate the cost of a special K flake.

    There are no aliens. I have this on the authority of aliens. Too early for a gofundme unless you think we can get away widdit and get a big score.

    As an aside, why do you think people find fault with DJT's occasional language, but have no expressed problem with obama importing 650,000 somalian moslem savage vermin into Minnesotastan ?

    1. If that's for me, I have to ask why people can't find fault with Donald's language AND be ticked as HELL as Obama's importing Muslim-voting vermin? :-)

      That sombrero thing is GORGEOUS...Ole!!

    2. Z, I've heard more than one lady lament DJT's speaking, so it's just a general comment. Looking at the news, you see all the things people are bitching about and none of them as important as MANY things I can think of that no one is bitching about. That's been getting to me.