Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday Diversions

Cool Spider

Smartypants Raccoons

Smartypants Grandma

Now that's a Fish

Hey, is this restaurant open yet ?!
I hope they're getting all those cats fixed.

Hey, let's go down the the ice cream shop !


  1. It hurt to watch how hungry all those cats were!

    1. Yes, but it felt so good to see them fed ! :-)


    2. Not to disaree, but very one of them looked EXCEPTIONALLY well-fed –– even LOVED. Cats are far more selt-suffient than many of us ailurophiles like to give them credit for.

      I think every kitty in that video is BEAUTIFUL, and I wish I had the resources to adopt every one of them.

    3. The animals in Let's Go to the Ice Cream Store, looked strange to me.

      WERE they CATS –– or somethng else?

      Their ears looks strange and their snouts too pointy to be the kind of cats I've known and loved so well all my life. What's the story there, or are my old, legally blind eyes just playing tricks on me?

  2. Cats... there's a rooster that breaks free from my neighbors from time to time and hangs out with another neighbor's cats. They're friends, the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen, I'll try and get some pics and post.

    1. Cool Stuff LSP. I've seen youtubes of cats and birds (crow/owl) being friends.

      Would like to see the pics if it's easy enough.

  3. I suppose that tarantula should be considered beautiful, because of its gorgeous color, but being the inveterate aracnophobe I am, I'd MUCH rather see it reproduced in enameled copper, silver or gold as an eccentric piece of jewelry for a woman with exotic, dark good looks, than to see it crawlng all over a human HAND.


  4. I've always loved raccoons, but I understand they're not as friendly and cuddly as they look to most people.

    I know someione who adopted one as a baby. She loved it, but it could never be housebroken, and tended to be destructive of rugs upholstery and wooden furniture, so ultimately she had to return it to the wild. BUT, apparently, it never bit her.

    I hope the creature fared well in its natural habitat. We'll never know.

  5. The way that GRANDMA acted with the small boy looked more like CHILD ABUSE to me than anythng the least bit "smart."

    If you want to explain why I am wrong, please go ahead, but Ifound the video a bit disturbing.

  6. That swordfish really was magnificent, but I wouldn't want to be caught swimming anywhere near it, would you?

    Anyway, I hope no one ever catches it, and has some taxidermist stuff and mount it to put on the wall of some seafood restaurant.

  7. Some good ones there! Enough for a chuckle or two and thats a good thing.....

    1. We need the chuckles these days especially Bunk. Thanks.

  8. Franco, I'll join you as no fan of having a spider like that crawling on me. Yep, raccoons are wild animals whether you raise them or not. The Grandma kept the kid from hitting the cement by using her body as a shield is how I took it. Very impressive fish!

  9. Nancy Pelosi - Stupidity At Its Finest
    Good ole Nancy Pelosi, I still can remember the time she said we have to pass the ACA bill aka Obanacare, to Find out What’s in It!

    Again, no, Nancy, we pay you and your fellow politicians a lot of money to read the friggin’ bills before they’re passed. So Do Your Job.

    Nancy Pelosi, the Gift That Keeps on Giving.
    Giving us a load of crap for decades

    1. Democrats are only interested in their own pleasures and are fine with thousands if not millions of Americans dying in the process. Long as they're not democrat voters.

    2. Worse even thn the, Kid. DEFECTS are professional KILLJOYS.

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      Sadly,too manys-self-identified "Conservatives" arenow echoing and imitating the rotten negativity of the Left, which only MIRRORS bad behavior.

      Merely trading insults gets us nowhere fast.

      I know I'm preaching to the choir, Kid, because it's obvious you know that from the way you run your blog, but.the "missionary" in me feels the idea of positivity needs desperately to be reinforced in every corner.

    3. Hate is a drug for many Franco.


    As you proceed you need to heed
    This ancient adage droll:
    Conservatives see the doughnut
    While Leftists see only the hole!

    ~ Anne Ominous

    1. Franco, I don't think leftists see Anything. So sorry.

    2. Well, Kid, THAT was the POINT.

      If you're given a DOUGHNUT, and all you can see is the HOLE, you ain't seein' NOTHIN.'


      That's been a saying in my family as long as I can remember.

      Hey, KID ti's New Year's Day.


      Keep your eye n the DOUGHNUT, and NOT on the HOLE.

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