Friday, December 7, 2018

A Tribute to Impertinent

And a chance for those of you who appreciated Impertinent in the blogosphere to express their appreciation, feelings, or whatever they'd like his family and friends to know.

I will give it a little time, then forward the link to the family when I think everyone have commented.

My comment is that he was one in many millions and my life is much richer for knowing him.

h/t Franco


  1. Jack was a good friend, and one whom I admired a great deal. Kid spoke to me a few days back, indicating that Jack wasn’t doing very well. I’ve kept Jack in my prayers for a few years now … since I met him for breakfast one morning in 2011. His has been a long fight and through it all, he also suffered the loss of his sister a couple of years ago. I will miss Jack … but I am glad that he is now at peace. I will keep Jack’s lady and daughter in my prayers.
    Here are a few words from a poem that I think Jack would appreciate reading:
    If we could not do him honor while he was here to hear the praise
    Then at least let’s give him homage at the ending of his days,
    Perhaps a simple headline in the paper that might say,
    Our country is in mourning, for a Veteran died today.



  2. Jack and I were good friends since the old FrontPageMagazine days of commenting...what absolute FUN , late into the night...all our opinions, etc...such good times. Jack was a huge part of that, an integral part. We'd begun emailing, then texting....he sent me a couple of books, then ask "Did you read it?" within a week! :-) (no!) He was fun, smart, patriotic, passionate, loyal, and so many other good things. I can't imagine our blogs without Jack, he must have convinced me to stay open five times "What would I do without your blog?" OK. geeez. I will never forget him EVER, and I'm grateful for the faith which had grown in him and has carried him to Heaven. Rest in peace, good buddy.

  3. My heartfelt condolences. Though I didn't know Imp as well as others my sadness at his passing transcends familiarity

  4. I hate it when our blogger buddies leave us. I've witnessed the passing of way too many. Prayers for Imp and his family.

  5. Well, I for one, did not know Jack and Imp were the same.
    I always liked Imp's take on things and his occasional stories of piloting.

    1. He actually asked me when he changed to JACK to keep it silent that they were one and the same, but yes, Imp was Jack.......His take on things was unique a lot of the time, and always important and true.

  6. I'll miss Imp/Jack and his comments.

    Losing a family member during any holiday season is particularly painful. I'll pray for peace for his family as they mourn his passing.

    May Imp/Jack rest in peace. His rest is certainly deserved.

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  8. I didn't know Imp well, but well enough to miss his comments mostly over at Z's. Prayers to his family.

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    1. Comment From Franco

      I never knew him as Jack. –– only as Impertinent whom we lovingly called Imp. I never got to know Imp as well as I would have liked, but I was pretty well acquainted with him in the blogosphere for the past twenty years.

      Imp was a very private person for reasons of his own, which I respected and never questioned. We met first at David Horowitz's old FrontPageMag back when it was a wide open, rootin' tootin,' rough and tumble place where comments were never moderated, and where extreme unruliness regrettably became the norm.

      I got kicked off FPM once for posting under more than one name. There was no stated rule against that, and Imp, bless his heart, went to bat for me directly with Horowitz without being asked, and got me quickly reinstated. I've never forgotten that, and will always be grateful to him.

      He was kind enough to pay me very nice compliments at sporadic intervals over the years –– most recently at the commemorative sonnet i wrote on the death of Barbara Bush, which Imp told me he'd shared with "my friend Jeb, who liked it, and said it belonged in the Bush presidental library." WOW!

      Imp didn't address me often on the blogs, but he always let me know he held my opinions in high esteem. Better than that no one has any right to expect. I was honored to know him.

      Imp could be gruff at times, and seemed to have little or no interest in "small talk," but I always thought of him as a true friend –– rock solid, and at root one of the kindest most generous –– most truthful –– people I've ever run across in the cutthroat culture of Blogistan. He had no patience at all with bullshit.

      My condolences go out to his wife, who I'm sure will miss him dreadfully. I had no idea he was ill so this sad news came as complete shock to me. I had always cherished the notion that someday we might meet in person, but ... Such is life!

      GOOD NIGHT and HAPPY LANDINGS, IMP, wherever you are!

    2. Franco, I removed your comment and re-entered without actual names.

    3. Thanks, Kid. you dd a good job of editing. I thought it would be all rght to use thire rght names since Imp has left us. The person who gave me more informatiin about his passing before i posted here used the names, so I thought it would be okay if I did too. Thanks again for the good "repair job."

      Stay well!

    4. Good morning, Kid.

      I wanted to add this to the tribute we're paying to Imp. It's short anthem written for the Anglican church by British composer Vaughan Williams. II've always found the words very touching, especially the part highlighted in boldface type which might have been written especially for Imp.


      Let us now praise famous men
      and our fathers that begat us
      such as did bear rule
      in their kingdoms
      men renowned for their power
      leaders of the people
      by their counsel
      and by their knowledge
      such as found out
      musical tunes and
      recited verses in writing
      All these were honoured
      in their generation
      and for the glory of our times
      but some there be
      which have no memorial
      who have perished as though
      they have never been
      Their bodies are
      buried in peace
      but their name liveth
      for evermore.

      ~ Ralph Vaughan Williams

    5. Franco, Imp will be missed by many I'm sure. I know I'll think of him often as I go on.