Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Special Won Hung Lo Update While Dear Leader Still Partying in Singapore

We Find Hung Lo at home with his wife Sweet Cherryot.  Sweet is helping Hung Lo prep for next meeting with Dear Leader..

This is picture from yesterday when Hung Lo very worried about new job and Sweet almost vomit from nerves.  Also worried about damaging new Macbook Pro given to Hung Lo by Dear Leader.
Sweet tell Hung "Keep that cat off this thing!"  Also don't want to be kicked out of new luxury apartment generously provided as part of Hung's new Dear Leader Kiss Up job.

Today, here is Hung Lo and Sweet making their last will and signing life insurance papers just in case Dear Leader's personal toilet in limo break down or who know what might set Kim Jong Un off..

Sweet Cherryot begin quizing Hung Lo..

SC: When leave house tomorrow what you take with you?
HL: First thing DLTN (dear leader thoughts notebook), second thing spare DLTN, third thing brand new pens.
SC: Correct.

SC shows Hung picture of proper posture for holding and writing in DLTN.

SC: How will you compliment Dearest Leader when he return.
HL: I tell him Whole Why Whirl (Dennis Rodman teach me to say it like that) say he fantastic deal maker. Probably better than Great Tweeter. Everybody want to hug him now.  I tell him I put him in for Nobel Peace Prize.  I also tell him he very shrewd to spot special pen with DJ Trump signature imprinted on it they try to get him to use to sign agreement and demand new very special DPRK Authorized pen.

SC: Goods what else?
HL: I tell him he look very thin and handsome and Great Tweeter make stupid fat joke at special summit and he Great Leader for not canceling Great Summit on the spot.  Shows he is man of the world not to be toppled by dumb Tweeter joke.

SC: Goods what else?
HL: Ahhhhhh, I tell him I have order in for many cases Klipsey Klemes as soon as Klipsey Kleme sanction lifted and meanwhile I try to get from black market but all I find so far is 200 lb block of 10 year aged cheddar cheese and chocolate moon pies.  I have in fridge and guarded by Pleasure Squad Team 6.

SC: Very good Hung Lo now take me to bed right now you big stud or lose me forevers !


  1. >>>Once again, seclet tlansmissions plovide me bleaking news. Thank you velly nice Mistah Kid!! I didn't know about the pen-gate scandal until I read this. I don't blame Dear Leader for not wanting to use Trump's pen. For all he knew, Trump had dipped it in Flint water first.

    >>>As for the 'fat joke', Trump included himself which makes it a little self-deprecating.

    >>>Speaking of self-defecating, I hope Kim's personal portable toilet is under 24-hour guard. In breaking news, "determined sewer-divers" have found insights into Trump’s stools. They have reportedly found the complete set of 10 Snoopy Happy World McDonalds Happy Meals Toys.

    1. DaBlade, much thank you. It don't take much to set off a Jong don't ya know. Or Bong a Jong? I almost wrote Bang instead of Bong, boy am I relieved.

      Wow, Trump could get 40.59 for those toys if he got them cleaned up.

  2. Hung Lo needs to keep very good eye on kitteh...Dear leader likes good kitteh stew,,,

    1. Bunk, Kitteh is Heap Big Secret. Mum's the word.