Wednesday, June 13, 2018

General Won Hung Lo Greets Dear Leader Now Back From Singapore

Kim Jong Un: Paging General Hung Lo! Come to Office Observation Deck on Southeast Wing of Palace !

General Hung Lo arrives almost out of breath from sprinting across promenade level of North West Wing of Palace.

KJ: We have much to talk about Hung.  You will make lots of Dear Leader Thoughts Notes today.

GH: I have my DLTN right here Greatest One !

KJ: Looking out window at beach property.  General Hung, come look through window.  We gonna build Trump hotels on beach right there in middle and get rid of noisy guns.  Also several comfort women's forces resorts (CWFR's). Here, here, over here, and there and many tourist resorts for women with big American breasts to lay out and sun.

Be sure to have many telescopes installed here on observation deck.

GH: It is wonderful Idea Deares...

KJ: No talk Hung, just write.

GH: Nods acceptance of Dearest Leader command.

KJ: Over here we have combination stock market exchange and casino, hard to tell difference anyways. Contact world stock exchanges about investing in new DPRK economic boom time. Wait, not Boom time, Expansion time. Almost make first mistake of life there.  

Great Tweeter tell me how to become billionaire. Easy when own stock exchange and casinos !

Tweeter tells me I get 30% of take and Tweeter secretly remove Klipsey Kleme sanctions right away.  I skim even more while Tweeter not looking of course.

Next go pet store get cute kittens.  Propaganda minister sister gonna make videos of Great Leader playing with cute kittens and post on instraglam, stupid facebook, snapchats and all rest of creepy social blobs.  Evlybody love me and want to hug me after that.

We build huge amusement park next to closed nuclear test site.  I sure land is safe.

Soon world will be sending us food, money, anything we want.  My annihilation plan work perfectly.  Even Great Tweeter thinks His idea.  Oh Ho Ho Hos !

Also guess whats !

Tweeter show me his beast limo.  He has toilet too, but he say just in case.  I berieve him.

Get on horn to Iran and make deal to sell them all nuclear components we have. Get good price.  Ayotoilets guys big plicks but not good hagglers when chance to get ready made WMD's,  If no good price, contact Chechens.  They also stupid bastards.
Almost forget, best chef from Singapore summit hotel in trunk of limo.  Release and take him to palace kitchen.  I hungry again. Damn Chinese Food.

That is all for now General Hung Lo.  I am very stressed and tired from great summit. 

GH: But I have many compriments for you Greatest Leader !

KJ: I already hear all compriments from seclet transmission from Hung Lo apartment posted on right wing cat kid blog

Take special Great Reader kiss up medal from shelf and sing Happy Days Here Again on way out, not Moon River, I tired of that one.

GH: Happy days are here again, la laa dee da deee da dee da..

.. Transmission ends ..


  1. No, no kittens, not for HIM! :-) Love this...good job! And isn't it weird Kim brings his own toilet? Of course, they say that, then they say he never goes anywhere, so......!??
    In Thailand cars used to have toilets in them before they built a 'ring' for traffic around the city. I couldn't help but consider what a first date looked like when you were peeing next to the new friend!? UGH! And I think it's Moon Liver :-)

    1. Thanks Muchly Z !

      Yes it is Moon Liver. I understand Kim doesn't want anyone to work up a biological profile on him which is why all the private stuff. Don't know how he handled silverware, glasses etc at dinner. Maybe had his guys take the stuff away afterwards.

      I know he's been to China to meet with Xi Jinplinkpin recently but otherwise no, stays in NK. I believe he did go to school out of country, someone mentioned where but I forget. I believe he speaks Engrish too. I know you can see him react to Trump before interpreters would have translated.

    2. PS - You might like the post before this one if you hadn't seen it.

  2. It would appear that Phat Kim is a very quick study. I wonder if he intends to establish a Phat Kim Humanitarian Foundation ...

    1. Mustang, Great Tweeter also school Kim on benefits of charitable foundation.

  3. I thought for sure that KJU would slide into the back seat of the Beast and start jumping up and down on the seat. He didn't do that. This is why he is wildly unpredictable.

    1. DaBlade, with all the comfort women President Trump had in the back of that limo there was no room for KJ.

  4. I had to chuckle at your understanding of the oriental language and their missing consonants.
    Reminded me of the old joke, WWII Marines using the password 'yellow lollipop': "Halt and give the password?" "Herro Maline, password is yerro rorripop." "Aw, close enough". Or perhaps the older joke at a Chinese restaurant- "Would you like the flied lice?" "No, that
    is fried rice" "I said flied lice diddle I, plick?"

    1. BB-Idaho, Thank you. I also heard the N Koreans had trouble with the password Abraham Lincoln. :)

    2. Worked at a place once where the engineering executive was Chinese. There was union talk, he gave a rousing speech concerning the upcoming vote. "Lemember now,
      this is huge erection!" Left the audience dazed and fairness, they probably think We talk funny, no?

    3. BB, They must think we talk funny. I think we talk funny and I live here.