Wednesday, June 27, 2018

In Review - If the Hildebeast Had Been Elected Instead of DJ Trump

Neil Gorsuch would not be on the Supreme Court.  Some POS like eric holder would be there and Ruth Buzzi would be replaced by now with a much younger Ruth Buzzi.
The stock market would be flailing, 401K's would be going nowhere.
Consumer confidence would not be at an all-time high.
Jobs would still be stagnating because of Obama’s regulations.
Mortgage applications for new homes would be stagnating
Unemployment rate would be high and mis-reported.
Obama era regulations would still have their jackboot on the necks of American companies.  Wage growth would be stagnating, people still paying too much tax.
The war on coal would still be going on, Energy prices would be rising.
Dodd-Frank regulations would still be in place.
American jobs would still be headed out of country
Investments from major businesses such as Foxconn, Ford ,Toyota, Intel amd others will build here now would be non-existent
Illegal immigration would be skyrocketing and we'd be importing moslem vermin like popcorn.
Border wall? Pfffffft
Sanctuary cities would not be a concept because we'd be a sanctuary country.
Comey would still be FBI director. 
Major crime at the federal level would still be hidden.
ISIS would still be abusing the world
F-35 fighter jets would be incredibly expensive, even more so than today.
Lobbyists would still be on a feeding frenzy in the federal government.
We'd still be paying Iran to terrorize the world
No tax Reform.  Tax Increases.
NAFTA would still be putting the hurt on America
TPP would still be putting the hurt on America
Ditto the Paris Accord for the climate scam.
MS-13 would be invited into the US
Religious Freedom would be out the window.   lgbt people would be encouraged to put Christian bakers and florists out of business,
Education would probably be in such a state that kids would be required to pledge allegiance to that fuck allah.
The VA would still be abusing the shit out of our Veterans
No pipelines
Food Stamp use would be growing exponentially.
We'd be sending Billions if not trillions to shithole countries dictators.
We'd be paying for abortion for aliens on other planets.
 We'd be sending shitloads of aid dollars to every moslem vermin savage paradise country known to man.
Apple and many other companies would still be shielding massive amounts of money overseas.
Gitmo would be closed and the terrorist pukes released back into the wild.
We'd still be paying N Korea massive amounts of extortion money for them to fund their weapons programs.
People that do not belong to a union would still be required to give them money that would used to fund democrat puke campaigns.

Think about That. :-)

Most important of all, that note about the Supreme Court makeup on line 1.  America would be fucked with no hope of recovery. None. Nada. Nyet.

On the slightly positive side, we would not be hearing from such pukes as maxine waters, jim carrey, bob deniro, pete fonda, etc because the pukes would all be as happy as pigs in shit with the beast in the white house.  Yea, Not worth the trade-off.

Maybe you folks could add some more.


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  2. The left and swamp critters are going bonkers, retirement of Kennedy is throwing them into a tissy, they will have to act fast. Oct. will be the next session for a retry for some other law to make us behave to their liking.
    You can post the previous comment if you want.

    1. Ts/WS Oh man, what will happen if Ruth Buzzard goes away now. We'll have a 6-3 court for effectively the rest of our lives. Democrats will be vomiting in the streets, selling their cars for gas money, screaming at the sky, frantically scribbling in coloring books, God Knows What !

      I am loving this.

    2. TS/WS, I don't have you first comment since Blogger no longer sends me email notices on comments. I have to go to the 'design' page and look for recent comments, which if they're removed don't show there any more than they show here.

    3. LOOKING AT THESE 3 PIGS IN BLACK BLANKETS....should be a crystal clear message and enough of a warning of the real tragic consequences of AA, the destruction of this country's male dominated fighting strengths and realize that it's the laws and rules of nature through evolution that mandates males are the natural hunters....women the bakers, homemakers, teachers nurterers of children and not be in positions to be evelated by PC to command male of warriors. Women are dominated by feelings...that's fine with's a balance between our strenghts and weaknesses. This why we're constantly bombarded with the "its about the children" bullshit 24/7. Yea...the children who eventually grow up to join MS13, pick up a gun and on and on. Of course I'm leave me alone. Point is they don't belong in the cockpits of fighters, bombers, in combat what so ever because they don't understand the consequences. Put a Niki Haley on The supremes and I mnight reconsider... but two lessies anda buned out commie yenta bolshevik is what we've got now. We're all so tired of the first this and the first's all such wasted obscene bullshit.

    4. Couldn't say it any better IMP. 'Exceptionalism" as become a dirty word. We're not allowed to Not Like someone.

      Fuck em all.

      Hey, my wife could be a good judge except when she's "in one of those moods".

  3. Scary list. I would add that we would all be radioactive and speaking broken Farsi from behind cage bars. Winning feels much better.

    1. I think it would even be worse than this DaBlade.

  4. We are self-employed and we're having to turn down work because we can't hire enough people that can do the job. Door work isn't easy.

    1. Best of luck on the business Cube ! Don't know what kind of doors you're talking about but no matter, I've done a few different kinds and they're not easy to do well and I've been working with my hands all my life.

    2. Must be the kind of doors we really those that say EXIT....OVER HERE YOU STUPID TOSTATOS...AND EXIT ONLY FOREVER?

    3. IMP, Man we need that wall. I saw today some asswipe 'republican' wants to do immigration laws in small pieces. Guess what he's starting with..... Yep DACA.

      I left a comment. The first thing is the Wall, No visa lottery, no chain migration, no legal immigration of anyone who cannot prove their worth to America and has a bona fide sponsor here, No anchor babies, and then we'll talk about the rest of this nonsense.

    4. Impertinent, I like your take on doors, but our business deals with installing the kind of door you see in a business or school setting and all of the associated hardware such as panic bars, closers, knobs, etc.. A good part of our business is fixing the mistakes the other "expert" door companies made. It's not easy getting skilled workers. Doors are easy to get wrong.

      Kid, I'm with you on the Wall. It's unbelievable that some Americans, mostly leftists, but some globalists want to load up our country with semi-literate immigrants until it becomes as big a $***hole as the countries they're fleeing. What's the end game for that thinking?

  5. How did I miss this, Kid? Sometimes Feedly doesn't work all that well (or, more likely, it's operator error.)

    I shudder to think what it would be like if she was elected. Gosh darn, but we dodged a bullet - didn't we?

    1. Adrienne, we dodged a barrage of ICBM's.

      Blogger no longer sends me email notices on comments. I have to go to the 'design' page and look for recent comments. Probably blogger not handing something off imo.

    2. Ya, and we'd have NO BULLETS if she'd been elected, too, right? :-)

    3. Z, We'd have nothing American. Hey, I just saw a headline today where the beast is comparing herself to Winston Churchill !!!! Holy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Puke. She wants to run again, bet on it.

  6. Great post, Kid! You really got great things on your list....I LOVE the
    "... required to pledge allegiance to that fuck allah." made me laugh!
    "We'd still be paying Iran to terrorize the world" Ditto.

    By the way, Sessions just announced 601 arrests in a huge opioide scandal...nurses, doctors, incredible arrests.....HUGE crackdown. It's nowhere on the news.

    Now if Trump could REALLY fix our media so they'd actually tell the truth once in a while....I think he's working on that, huh!?

    1. Thanks Much Z !

      Now if Sessions would start dealing with high crimes in the federal government ! :)

      Media? Lost cause imo. People will listen to whatever media tells them what they want to hear. I think it all goes back to that one line Reagan used to defeat Carter the first time "Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?" (before Carter) That got enough people's attention. Man, Carter was SO bad. Literally FUBAR'd everything.

  7. Good post.
    The civil war would be over and we would have lost.

    1. Thanks Much Ed ! Not only that the beast got elected but that by hook or crook, America elected that piece of human waste. End of America. No peaceful resolution at that point if you ask me other than a bunch of states secede and don't give the liberal bastards a dime. Let them self-destruct.

      @Sam, Yea could still happen.

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  10. For sure I wouldn't be reading this... we would be sitting in some Gulag by now...if they hadn't dispensed with us first off.

    1. Bunk, If we weren't in the gulag, it would only because we were waiting our turn, or there was more $ to be sheared form us first.

    2. What makes you think we are not in a gulag? We have been ever since Woodrow Wilson got us involved in the first global war, started the Incom,e Tas and stuck us with the Federal Reserve. . Progressivism is really a form of Marxism, isn't it? And didn't FDR's New Deal turn us into a socialist country without anybody ever really acknowledging it?

  11. Outstanding post, Kid!

    I guess that I missed this post because Warren is in town. We're on a sight-seeing rampage!