Saturday, April 28, 2018

Nana Pelosi and the Defecrats Roll Out Latest Plan

It is called A Better Deal.

In short it is "We are putting power back into the hands of people, creating millions of good-paying jobs, full-time jobs and to raise wages,” Mrs. Pelosi said."

Maybe she has been watching Fox and Friends and noticing that people are geeked up over "being employed" and "getting raises".  It's all a con Nana. It is fake news from Donald J Trump.  The numbers are all fake. 

Don't Fall For It Nana !  This is Not what America Wants !

What about transgenders ? America wants to be sure the special needs of transgenders are taken care of ! Surgeries, Hormone treatments, life long psychological care. Who is going to pay for that? Them? America wants a plan whereby a group of 100 White Christian people are picked by lottery and required to pay for all these expensive medical items as a group for each transsexual in America. We Want this ! We have to have this ! Those rich bastards can afford it too !

What about making Middle Class White Americans and Christians slaves to every minority and freak out there ?  Tattoos ain't cheap. Neither are body modifications !
Who is gonna pay to help this man with expenses !?

What happened to free contraception and abortions !

What happened to that Democrat plank America fell in Love with ? That shit got obama voted in Twice and you're going to abandon it for something you saw on Fox and Friends or CNBC's Stuart Varney show ? What the hell is wrong with you? You must be dumber than I thought.

What about throwing the borders open and getting rid of ICE !? This is why we vote for democrats !!

What about taxing the White Racist, Bigoted, Phobic, Toxic Deplorable middle class back to the stone age ?! 
What about them Nana !?
What about having your social media tools - facebook, google and others censoring ALL Conservative Voices ?!?!   Don't tell me you're going to side with the evil Conservatives and make us listen to their fantasy busting anti-unicorn factual information !! And what about Transgender Unicorns !?  I weep for them all day long !

America wants Free sex changes ! Even for Animals who are Gender Confused !

Tell North Korea we'll give them whatever they want - just don't do a peace agreement with the South !  Oh the horror!

And send All of our Nasty Uranium to Russia !  Destroy all of our nuclear weapons so we can't hurt anyone anymore !
Apologize to ISIS and help them regroup !
We need to accelerate Mass Migration from those tortured people in the Middle East to America.  Build them houses and give them everything they need.  We owe them this much ! 

Finally, we want the Constitution sent through the shredder and all decisions must be approved by the UN !
Climate Change !  Freakin Climate Change !
This is what America wants from the Democrat Party !
Jobs??? Wage Increases ???  What the hell !?


  1. When I see all of this on paper, I don't wonder why Donald Trump was elected. The Democrat platform is just plain bat shit nuts. And as I read through the sarcasm here, all of this stuff is actually what these lunatics want.

    Imagine our country if all of this idiocy is enacted?

    We'd be eating each other in 6 months.

    1. You're right, Fredd. It's impossible to satirize the Left, because everything they want to do sounds like a SICK JOKE to begin with. It's always been hard for me to believe the bastards could possibly be serious –– but theyare –– and that's what should frighten the hell ot of all sane people.

    2. I'm not going to bite on that last line Fredd.

      Yea, the problem is obama watered and fed these idiots after midnight for 8 years.
      They're out of the box and I doubt they can be put back in. It's gonna be a fight to the finish.

    3. FT,
      These insane Leftists really are serious about all these "social reforms."

      It's depressing that people with above average IQ's are so damn stupid.

    4. We should all read INTELLECTUAL MORONS by Daniel J. Flynn. He eloquently describes and explains the phenomenon in considerable detail.

  2. I know you mean this to be sarcastic, but like what Fredd said, it's exactly what they really want. I look at my commie/libtard (ex) brother's posts on Facebook and everything you joke about is what he wants. I'm glad my parents are gone and don't have to witness what he has become.

    1. Adrienne, I'm glad my Dad who walked Italy, France, and Germany in WWII didn't have to witness this.

      Here's a thought. Anytime you ex-brother throws any crap your way tell him you are ecstatically happy you torture his brain so much. I imagine you've already hit him with everything in the tackle box already though.

  3. Adrienne is right, they're not joking, this is real. The progs want this. They really do. My dad died in May 2017, but my mom is still alive. She's witnessing the world go crazy.

    1. Cube, I'm convinced many young people, meaning up to around 35 would rather have their head chopped off than for someone to call them racist or a phobe, etc. Literally.


    What a fabulous name that would be for Rock Band!

    1. I like it FT.

      Let's see what their first album track titles might be.

      Empower the people by doubling the size of government
      Throwing shit on the wall means I love you
      Laundering money
      Soulful simmering sexual assult makes me happy
      Wait, maybe they aren't crumbs
      How freaking stupid are you people anyway
      Republican chain chain chain
      Shooting at Republicans is protected by Bill of Rights
      How I long to screw you again
      Thank You [you stupid dumbasses]
      Alzheimer's can free your mind

      This is fun.

    2. Yes, it sounds like a great band name, but I hope their music sounds better.

  5. BTW, until the dems are back in power and while wannabe transgendereds are waiting for the White Christian lottery. the state of California has a barely operable helicopter ready to transport them to a waiting team of doctors ready to remove their genitals "pro bono"

    1. DaBlade, I will believe anything about California. Feel free to get creative. I heard they attached a coconut tree and a couple coconuts to somebody, but don't know if it was male or female.