Tuesday, April 17, 2018

EMERGENCY MEETING DPRK HQ, PingPong, North Korea Hacked by Kid's Unnamed Sources !!

Kim Jong Un: General Wang, General Dong, General Ping, General Pang, General Kong !  Come Qrick !

Generals in Unison: We here Greatest Leader ! How can we be of service !?

KJ: I'm guess you notice Greatest Tweeter Trump has shot over 100 missiles into Syria just like he said after giving warning to Greatest Judo Black Belt President Putin of Russia.  Judo man say he will shoot down missiles.  Judo man say there would be many consequences for missile strike.

Nothing happen.  Judo man now say he plan to ask UK Prime Rib Minister Theresa Maybe "embarrasing questions" at next G7 meeting!  What Hell With That ?!  I'm thinks Judo man really afraid of Great Tweeter now.  I'm thinks Great Tweeter more powerful than anybody know.

When meet Great Tweeter, we need plan to make sure Tweeter not get mad at DPRK.

Generals in Unison: Greatest Leader, first we must offer Great Tweeter very best DPRK Comfort Women.  Here Picture.

KJ: Yes they vely beautiful. I notice small hands too, that good, but 3 not going to be enough for Great Tweeter.  Do you not read news?  Tweeter spend only 30 minutes with porn girls and Playboy Bunny girls and already not satisfied and need more !

Generals in Unison: We suggest to bring in Pleasure Squad 1 and 2 Great Leader !  Here Pictures !

 KJ: Yes, Vely Goods.  But I still think we need more.  He will be here two days !

Generals in Unison: Dearest Leader, should we also send in Pleasure Squad Team 6 ?  Here top secret Pictures from last deployment to Hot Landing Zone !

KJ: I'm afraids so..  We cannot take a chance of cluster snafu screw up.  This first time we meet with American President since Korean War !  And it has to be Great Tweeter, Studly Man who can pleasure 200 women in single day.

We should have done this meeting when Balack Oblama in White House.  All we would have need would have been Bathhouse Team 3....

KJ: Ok, How we entertain on 2nd day ?

Generals in Unison:  We have Good News Dearest Leader !  Just Yesterday we Hack into Greatest Blog in Western Hemisphere 'Kid Pussycat Diary' and steal dinner menu written by greatest chef in Western Hemisphere 'FreeThinke'.  We feed Great Tweeter until he pass out in Food Coma !
Here is Menu.

KJ: Vely Good. Each take new Supreme Accomplish Medal (w/Pussycat Device) from top shelf.

Generals in Unison: Thanks You Greatest Leader ! Purrrow !

KJ: Now for Meeting Details.  I suggest we end wartime with S Korea, make peace treaty, start eating like Bosses again and get back to good old days of food, fun, and sex.  Xi Jiningping tell me he send us many more comfort squads and reopen supply lines.  I really want that Play Station 4 and a Starbucks outside Palace.  Maybe I'll even be able to wear comfortable underwear, get new suits in different colors, soft shoes, decent barber, get my teeth straightened, get regular mani-pedi's, get that new Camaro....

Generals in Unison:  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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    1. It is certainly possible if China has pulled its support for NK if NK keep their nuclear ambitions. No China - No chance.

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  3. ______ Barbara Bush (1925-2018) ______

    Beloved source of character and strength.
    An asset to her family and our nation
    Refreshing for her lack of agitation.
    Barbara lived a good life of great length.
    A life patrician, gracious, down-to-earth
    Regal, yet a quintessential mother
    A fount of strong opinion like no other,
    But muted, disciplined, and tinged with mirth.
    Unusually poised in public life
    She had a kind of beauty very rare
    Happy to have prematurely aged
    Resplendent in her crown of snow white hair
    In no way mean, her mind always engaged
    Proud, yet humble, and always the ideal wife.


    1. I have to admit to not knowing much about Mrs Bush.

    2. Gosh, Kid. You must be a lot younger than I thought. She made frequent appearances on TV when the senior George Bush was president, and was seen quite a bit when "Dubya" held the office.

      I ddn't care much for either of the Georges as president, but I always found Barbara every likable –– even when I disagreed with her.

      It's hard to forgive the Bushes for backing Hllary, though any way you slice it. but that was because The Donald made mincemeat out of Low-Energy Jeb –– just the way he made mincemeat out of everyone ELSE in that race..

    3. FT, Nope, I was just fortunate to keep myself as far away from politics as I could for as long as I could.

      Now that we have retarded babies in adult bodies taking up firing positions on the opposing front line, I have finally taken my place locked and loaded and ready to do my part to locate and destroy.

    4. PS, Jeb did himself in when he said "We need to embrace the Syrian Refugees". Evidence - Immigration is the #1 issue for conservatives. Come to think of it, maybe that's why Sessions can't seem to focus on anything else.

    5. FT...that sir, was lovely. Thanks so much for posting this. I've copied it and sent it along to my friend,Jeb Bush. I know he'll appreciate it as we've been in touch since her passing.

    6. THANK YOU, Imp! Very kind of you to say that.

      I liked Jeb as governor very much, but as a presidential candidate he just wasn't forceful enough for these very trying times we're living through right now,

      Being a gentleman doesn't cut much ice or generate much respect anymore. That may be tood bad but it is the way it is,

  4. Hey! Thank you for the Food Plug. ;-)

    1. Thank you for the menu. I'll see if I can get Kim to cough up a little finder's fee money for ya.

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    1. He would have enjoyed that woulnd't he Mr Blade !

  6. Now that was a hoot and much needed... :) :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed Bunkerville ! Gotta have the break ! I'll try to keep it coming.