Sunday, April 29, 2018

How Far Out Will Humanity Explore?

This video portrays people enjoying the environments of various places around the solar system.  I don't believe people will be spending much time in these places unless there is a profit to be made.  Still it is a nice momentary escape fantasy.

Watch Here.


  1. Watching Lost in Space on Netflix.

  2. I honestly believe I'll be doing that, but not in this body, but another one, better prepared for the journey.

    1. Ed, this is one of the things that I can imagine could occupy my attention for eternity. 10 trillion galaxies. Though I also think those in Heaven will be tasked also. Like fostering orphan kittens but on an unimaginable scale.

  3. Base jumping off a cliff on one of Neptune' moons or fostering a litter of Tribbles. AND no safe spaces for the democrats!

  4. Yaaaa ! No Safe Spaces !!!! And only 8 colors in the Crayola box !!! And the coloring books only have drawings of Trump !

  5. POSTED in HONOR ot TODAY, the FIRST of MAY:

    _________ Maytime Flowers _________

    Merry, mild and sweet the month of May
    Attests that faith and hope are justified
    Yearnings for a time that's bright with play
    trap us in a sense of trust belied
    In April, which we long to leave behind.
    May fulfills the hopes of early spring
    Embracing life anew, the weather kind
    Frees us. Soon, we feel that everything
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    Enraptured, crazed we kiss in leafy bowers.
    Refreshed, yet daft, we love again to live.
    Springtime is the best that God can give.

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. The same urge that prompted the Romans to expand their empire all the way to the British Isles, that caused the Vikings to plunder and colonize distant places, that caused Marco Polo to search for "Cathay" across the Himlayan Mountains, that caused Columbus and the other great Explorers to set out in search of New Worlds to conquer now prompts the desire to conquer and one day colonize habitable planets in Outer Space.

    Of course none of it will do us much good in;ess and until we learn to conquer the greatest challenge of them ALL –– our own deeply flawed HUMAN NATURE.

    Much Madness is divinest Sense ––
    To a discerning Eye ––
    Much Sense ––- the starkest Madness ––
    ’Tis the Majority
    In this, as all, prevail ––
    Assent –– and you are sane ––
    Demur –– you’re straightway dangerous ––
    And handled with a Chain ––

    ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

    1. FT, We're not going anywhere. This is it. This is where we make our stand. There is no where in the solar system where we can grow food, let alone breathe. Ain't nobody gonna be colonizing Mars. And other star systems? Geeezus, we're not even sure people can survive a 500 day trip to Mars let along a hundreds years trip to some other star system !

      I wish these bastards would just STOP with the fantasies. Tell people to fix the things here because there is no where to escape to.