Monday, November 13, 2017

Most Galaxies Don't Have Any Rings -- Why Does This Galaxy Have Two?

Click the picture to go to the APOD site and scroll down to read the description.  Once there click the image a couple times to get the huge version to explore.

My personal theory about this galaxy is that it is female.  It has two rings and maybe more hidden away, and it is impossible to understand or describe with any certainty - A Female galaxy.


  1. Replies
    1. Ed, Heh. Do women take baths anymore? Calgon, take me away.

  2. CALGON!! THere's a flash from the past!

    This looks like a BIG GOD EYE! I love it. I'm a bit afraid why you think two rings must mean female...can I ask??

    1. Z, Women like rings. Almost all women have rings?

  3. It looks as though it is ringed by swirling droplets of water. Quite beautiful.