Tuesday, April 25, 2017

With All the Pathetic Sniveling Bullshit Excuses Being Bandied About for Why the Hildebeast Lost the Election

I thought I'd put the Real Story Out.

Trump Won Because:
  • He was not a politician
  • MAGA
  • Didn't insult us with agenda items like 'job creation' and 'tweak the tax code'
  • He promised to put a Conservative on the SC - Check
  • He promised big changes to immigration - Check and more to come
  • He talked about things people who have a F* brain care about
  • He got people off their couch who haven't voted for president in decades.


  1. Hillary lost because she was an awful candidate. Just because you feel "it's your turn" doesn't make you entitled to win a presidential election (re: McCain). Hillary's CV may list many titles, but no real accomplishments. An empty pant suit... much like obama and one obama was more than enough.

    1. Cube after a twice obama, I was very nervous. Dems will vote for a dead squirrel.

      And those idiotic slogans Stronger Together and Forward. wtf does that crap even mean?

      to get behind that you'd have to be someone idiotic enough to donate all your wedding presents, which included 6 grand cash to the Cincinnati streetcar project to help with globals warmings. Yes, they did.

  2. Cube..... I don't think her pantsuit was empty at all. I think she was totally full of sheit from the very beginning.... more than 25 years ago?
    And the woman was completely unlikable due to her flagrant lies and inability to speak the truth even if it sounded better.
    Millions of us were siding with Trump when the rally chant became "lock her up" and vagsin Trump calling her s liar st the debates and the "you'd be in jail" if I were running things. Millions were outraged because of comey's outrageous misuse of the law.she was guilty as hell in violating her security clearances as well as her staff. I pray that Sessions is incorruptible and lays out a case for her indictment before a "blind" grand jury.

    1. Imp,
      I pray that Sessions is incorruptible and lays out a case for her indictment before a "blind" grand jury.

      An politician who is not corrupt is rarer than _________________________ [fill in the blank]. Sessions may be such a man -- a veritable elected public servant. We shall see.

    2. There are people who thought he meant it when he got crowds yelling LOCK HER UP....I don't believe he thought anybody could do that (and they cannot) but it SURE did add to the hate toward her...rightfully so!! Na...she isn't going to jail.
      But I hear that'd be better than the stuff that's just come out in a book about her...ShATTERED:


    3. IMP, no that's no empty pantsuit. Imagine being the male or female prostitute down on that guy's island (epstein?) having to service that thing.

    4. Z, I hold hope yet new information comes out about the beast that defies her remaining unindibted.

  3. He turned union voters (ala Reagan), showing them where there real interests had a home.

  4. Impertinent: You have a point there. I should re-phrase my statement. Hill's pantsuits are empty of anything good.

  5. One of Trump's major platforms was the building of the wall, the sealing of our southern border. But the Congress critters and the courts are blocking him at every turn.

    1. AOW, We just need to ram all this stuff down their throats like obammy did while telling them you have to pass the bill out find out what's in it.

  6. Replies
    1. Kid,
      It would indeed be suicidal.

      Does the GOP have any sense?

    2. Looks like Ryan is getting ready to use the short sword.
      Not that the wall was ever going to be built anyway.

      I've requested to stand kaishakunin.

    3. The wall is going to get done and mexicans are going to pay for it.

    4. AOW, No the GOP still doesn't have any sense. They thinik they can draw libtards over to their side by being kind to the POS democrats. They can't. They won't draw a single one.
      They need to do what the dems did and ram everything though. That's today's version of checks and balances.

    5. Kid,
      They need to do what the dems did and ram everything though.

      Will they? I don't believe that they will. No cojones.

      Plus, and even more important, the fact that the establishment GOPers are globalists. And they're putting on a show that has been called Failure Theater:

      Rather Than Dare the Democrats to Shut Down the Government Over Spending on a Program They Didn't Want, Republicans Cave and Propose Budget with No Funding for Border Wall

      So here's how this works: Republicans can't shut down the government to stop Obamafunding because if you shut down the government you'll be blamed and lose seats. So Republicans must cave.

      Democrats can shut down the government with no negative consequences to them, and therefore Republicans must cave when Democrats are going to shut down the government.

      Rush Limbaugh was complaining about this dynamic yesterday, saying he had hoped Trump would be the guy who would stand up to the dominant paradigm and say the old rules no longer apply. But apparently not.

      This isn't just Trump's fault -- a lot of Republicans are against the wall and don't want to have to take a vote on it either way.

      So it's once again Failure Theater -- darn it, those Democrats are stopping us from doing the things we claim we want to do but in fact would always refuse to do!

      We've lost our government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    6. AOW, No they won't. Main reason imo - lobbyists followed by no testicles.

      How about HC, they don't even mention Tort Reform. The lawyers won that one.

      But some good things are getting done. Devos is now working to dismantle federal controls over education. Our military ROE is much friendlier to US (imo as there is no direct statement nor should there be)
      Regulations, We'll see on taxes, progress on Immigration, Gorsuch, more. I'm not going to belly ache too much, it is early in the game and we might just be able to wake some of the rinos up in 2018.

    7. Kid,
      Regulations, We'll see on taxes, progress on Immigration, Gorsuch, more.

      Agreed. Trump cannot wave a magic wand.

      we might just be able to wake some of the rinos up in 2018

      But if the Congress becomes a Dem majority when GOPers are voted out in the midterm elections, what then? I am alarmed that the border agents are so pissed off about no wall being built right now that they're now withdrawing their support of Trump!

      I'm not soured on Trump, but I am disappointed that he hasn't designated discretionary funds to start building the wall.

    8. AOW, The wall should be funded right no in this bill. That is dissappointing. I read today Trump said there was enough money to begin the planning and builder(s) selection process, so we wait.

      I wasn't suggesting replacing rinos with dems, rather tea party people who would run against them. Anyone with a bead on what is going on has to now this is a perfect opportunity to run against a mccain or graham or others as a Conservative.

  7. I look forward to seeing the wall built. In fact, I'm laughing because Governor Baldy Moonbeam is throwing a huge temper tantrum over seeing it built. President Trump is about to derail Moonbeam's KooKoo Gravy Train, and Baldy The Dumb Ape Moonbeam is getting crushed underneath it.

    1. Welcome mystere. Oh yes, part of the fun is watching the libtad brains squirm like worms on hot cement without a blade of grass in sight. Like vampires being drug out into the sunlight. After the last 8 years I am going to So enjoy that.

    2. AOW, Thanks, glad you enjoy. You gotta find ways to enjoy.

      It's worth saying again - It's going to be fun watching them squirm.

  8. How Bill Clinton never tells Hillary what a fool she's making of herself in all these interviews?
    Or is he afraid of her throwing s lamp at him again?

    1. LOME - Welcome - Naw, they're both maximum evil and support each other as such.