Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Time to Remove "Racism" and "Racial Profiling" From The Dictionaries

They are non-concepts.  Why?

Because murders in the USA only happen in 5 % of the counties.  Guess Which Ones !



  1. $hitcago comes to mind. I do hate articles like this one, though, where they throw percentages at you. In one paragraph they throw 5% at you, then half the murder in 2% of the counties. My personal pet peeve is this one: "About 70 percent of the counties, accounting for 20 percent of the U.S. population, had no more than one murder in 2014, with 54 percent of counties experiencing zero murders, the report found." I love math, but this is hard reading. I do get your point, but I should've skipped the article

    1. Democrat-run cities don't fare well.

    2. Cube, Cube.... the accepted name for what once was Chicago ... has been renamed as:
      Chi-Congo! Gangs, slugs and tribal warfare now rule this once important city. Demrats know how to start wars all over the plsnet but haven't a clue as to stopping this tribal war for fear of being labeled "racisssss". Their solution so far is to restrict the second amendment to the breaking point.... even though the Supremes ruled their conduct illegal. But do demrats care for the law?

    3. Cube, agree. those kinds of percentages all tossed into a jar are not worth a lot. The main one the 5% is worthwhile.

    4. IMP, Yep Rahmmy is working on more gun control.

    5. Has anyone noticed or explain why it seems that Jews are always opposed to gun ownership ? Shiff , Schumer, Feinstein , Bloomberg, Rahman , Goldberg , Mayers and on and on? I mean you'd think they would be the last ones to stand in the way of self defenses after having 6 million pushed onto boxcars and not one shot back.

    6. IMP, they're only opposed to gun ownership for Us. They'll always be protected. They don't care about us and I don't think they care about the 6 million either. Too bad, so sad, make me rich, Ok bye. That's who I think they are.