Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Trouble With Trump

Imo, here is the problem with Trump.

Cruz and Gowdy are focused on making things better for America/Doing the right thing.
The rest of them (Congress) unless someone makes a case for some repub congress person - have been bought by whomever and they are nothing more than self-serving sacks of shit.  McCain and his butt buddy Graham stand out.

Trump was elected because he is Not a politician. People who haven't voted in years or decades came out and voted for one last chance for an America that Congress hasn't sold down the river for their own enrichment.  This is it folks.  From a political and media and culture standpoint, 90+ % of it is anti-Trump.  And they're workin it.

Imagine being Trump and going against that.  These sacks are now fighting for their comfort zones, their lives in many cases.  Picture evil creatures fighting for their last breath flopping around like vampires with the tip of the wooden stake just a millimeter from their hearts.  This is what we have here.  And it's not just Congress.  It's the media.  It is the gaggle of "scientists" who have been sucking off the 2.4 billion (last I heard) climate change government funded teat to verbalize this nonsensical construct.  It is everyone in pop culture outside of a tiny minority of conservatives like James Woods - John Voight....  It's socialism around the world doing everything they can to either keep their straw stuck in America's side or trying to stick their straw in so they can live another day without having to have a viable economic system.

If you are for a Patriotic America, if you are for an environment where most are the solution rather than the problem, where government works For The People, You're in such a minority, it is insane to even believe 'we' still exist.  How can that be that we still exist? We are so outnumbered it's insane.  We have no one working for us - not the media - no where near even a minority in Government.  I'm amazed we are still alive.

We are on the brink.  We need to stay focused on the game.

Update: Image from IMP.  Somewhat encouraging.


  1. Oh man... I feel like this so often these days.

    1. DaBlade, I may have over-reacted based on the media, but maybe not. Out of the people I know, let's say 200, I think maybe 5 of us get it.

  2. Good morning, Kid,

    I'm glad they let still us read the Bible in school when I was a child. I didn't understand what most of the words meant, or how could apply to "real life," but the phraseology stuck with me, and I remembered a lot of it later on when I felt I needed help –– and there it was!

    That early exposure to The Word caused me to study the Bible as an adult and to make a habit of daily prayer and meditation of some kind, even if i was just driving to work, or taking a walk –– or conjuring up a blog post.;-). Psalm 46 has been a lifelong source of inspiration, and has often help me find courage when things got rough. I think the bible answers many of the questions that trouble us abut current events, because the Bible speaks to us from the perspective of Eternity. That means it could never go out of date no matter what the sneering cynics who place all their faith in Science and Materiality say.

    God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

    Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;

    Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Selah.

    There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.

    God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early.

    The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved: he uttered his voice, the earth melted.

    The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.

    Come, behold the works of the Lord, what desolations he hath made in the earth.

    He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; he burneth the chariot in the fire.

    Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

    The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.

    ~ Psalm 46 - King James Version of the Bible

    1. FT, Whatever works for you :-)

      I do believe in a God concept but my thoughts about it are too big for a blog comment.

  3. I don't get the title of your post. It isn't the problem with Trump, but the problem with the other politicians.

    BTW I call Graham McCain's butt boy, but butt buddy works too ;)

    1. Cube, I should have put the word Trouble in quotes.

      Yea, Trump is not the problem.

    2. Gotcha. Thanks for clearing up that issue for me.

  4. Trump has the right people around him; I like the idea that DHS and Defense are keeping quiet. They are not grand-standers in the way Flynn was. So if we assume that Trump has picked the right cabinet, he ought to stop making asinine comments that act as ammo for his distractors. I expect a man of his age to behave in a dignified fashion. I haven't see that yet, but I've not given up on him. We shall see. Meanwhile, there is a rich and wonderful life outside the world of American politics.

    1. Hey, Mustang! Good to see you out and about. Long time no see.

      I disagree about the president's frequent off-the-cuff remarks often made in the form of tweets.

      Yes, his style is completely different from anything we've ever seen before in the stagnant, pretentious, malodorous, hypocritical world of politics, but from where I've been sitting for the past eighteen months THAT is one of THE primary reasons he was successful in winning the nomination and then the election against what-everyone-said-were insuperable odds.

      The president's brash, freewheeling, vulgar, plain-spoken, often-accusatory style is what has attracted HUGE NUMBERS of rank-and-file Americans to cross party lines and VOTE for him.

      He has what Kipling called "The Common Touch" –– a great asset when you are trying to win over the rank and file.

      The oddities that bother you –– and a great many others –– I see as an uncanny kind of GENIUS. Trump has managed to beat the enemedia by CIRCUMVENTING them, and speaking DIRECTLY to dozens of millions of ordinary, everyday Americans.


      He's also managed –– in one short tempestuous season –– to ECLIPSE both the BUSH and CLINTON "dynasties" –– hopefully forever, because both the Bushes and the Clintons STINK to HIGH HEAVEN. They are GLOBALIStS in league with the Davos Men, etc. Obama too is a member of that same team.

      Like you I am very pleased with his cabinet choices. That ALONE ought to prove to thoughtful people that Mr. Trump has very sound, sober judgment.

      The only serious mistake he MAY have made was to keep James Comey in place as Director of the FBI. Comey appears to me o be more than a bit of a LOOSE CANNON, but then again Comey may be "crazy like a fox" and may yet prove to be an ideal helpmate to President Trump. As it sands, however, Comey appears always to play all sides aga[nst the middl
      e for reasons he aline must understand. I'd be interested to learn why YOU think of Comey Mustang.

      Hope we see more of you from now on, Mustang. You have been missed.

    2. Hi Mustang- thought all of us were going to get together when you came to LA area!!
      hope all is well w/ you--


    3. Mustang, Hope it's all good. Yes. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about or reading the trash. I pay little attention except when events are about to occur like the new HC thing, booting illegals out. I think Trump's mostly Ok with the tweets, but he does go off the rails on occasion.

    4. Mustang, PS - yes, these guys aren't insecure like j Kerry for example. Rex, DHS, DOD, DeVos, Sessions and others all going about executing their plan and not giving the media a single morsel to attack. I think there is a lot of deportation going on as well as many not coming across. I read many (mostly the moslems) are frantically heading to Canadia - Great.

      Much will be transparent to people like me but I think the country is going to be a lot healthier in many departments in 4 years.

      Also read there seems to be significant interest in exploring the crimes of the prior administration. Hold me back...


    What Do YOU Think of
    Paul Ryan's Three-Stage Plan to
    Replace Obamacare?

    The GOP Freedom Caucus ain't much for it.

    Do you have any BETTER ideas?
    If so, let's hear 'em.

    1. FT, I haven't thought much about it. I'm going to wait until they pass something, then I'll take a look. Thus far though I can say I'm disappointed there is no mention of Tort reform that I've seen and I'm sure Trump talked about that. Out the window now?

      I think that is going to be the biggest element to getting costs down.

    2. It takes an element of faith that the next two phases work.
      I'm in.

    3. Kid,
      I'm going to wait until they pass something, then I'll take a look.

      I with you on that.

      Sure, I have taken a few peeks at what's going on with the AHCA (or whatever it's called), but I have little personal interest in the details. I'm out of the health insurance market now; any choices I once had are now DOA. Medicare for me arrived on February 1 -- probably both a blessing and a curse. I still have a monthly premium of nearly $300/month (Medicare premium, Medigap premium, Medicare Part D Prescription Plan).

      Even though I shouldn't be working at all, I still am. Push that pain aside, and go to work no matter what! Gotta pay those Medicare insurance bills and all the other household bills as well. Ain't life grand?

  6. thought you all would be interested in this


  7. No, Kid. "We" are not out numbered. Not yet. There are still more Americans that are not parasitic, blood sucking sacks of shit than there are of the leftists and their worthless constituents.

    Witness the red/blue map. It's just that the media and the mobs are louder than most, and of course get great coverage by George Step On All Of Us and Red David Muir.

    But you are right, they are like flopping vampires, with those pointy stakes inching towards their black hearts. This is time for all pinkos on deck. And we are seeing this now.

    1. Fredd, Yea, we've got the counties but they have a respectful number of votes in the high traffic areas. Let's see what happens next time.

      Someone had a post or comment today point out how violent the left are and wondered if we might be headed to a civil war. Hmmm. I wrote that I think the democrat party may destroy itself over the next 4-8 years. If that happens, the left will lose their political party and all they will have left is the ultra-violence and maybe a chance to secede and create their socialist paradise which will last abut a month, then the only option will again be violence. Bring it on if you ask me.
      We could use some more survival of the fittest, in this case mentally more than physically.

    2. Hope you can see this or post it in response and a rejoinder to Fredd's reply...??

      Here goes...

      Nah...I'll email it to ya....it's wonderful.

      Nah..I'l email it to ya Kid...l

    3. IMP, Yes always lots of red across the nation, it's the whackjobs in New England and the oversupply in California that keep the elections close

    4. That's why I say we should cut them loose...especially the original signers of the Constitution that have now become fascist, bill of rights denying dens of hell for honest Americans.

    5. I'm all for that. Let them secede then try to pay for it themselves.

    6. Puy that pic up I sent for our enlightenment and happiness?

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