Thursday, March 9, 2017

For You Water Color Enthusiasts

Worthy of painting and hanging on a wall in your abode?

Click the picture.


  1. There must be a 'black hole' somewhere in that image. Been years since I last saw one. That was in the summer of '59. I was the iceman, and had a route in rural southwest Mississippi. In those days, the grown ups would be in the fields picking cotton and would leave that younger daughter to meet the iceman---ME! Always carried a case or RC Cola's as a reward for good behavior. No I wasn't a dirty old man, but a horny high school kid hooked on Rock & Roll - Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Shirley & Lee and last but certainly not last "Professor Longhair" out of New Orleans. I loved all his work---here is just one Bald Head Woman.

    1. :-) Ron, there are two black holes in this pic.

      My most early memories of rock and roll include Van Morrison - G.L.O.R.I.A. and Spencer Davis - I'm a Man, and The Beatles - I Want to Hold Your Hand.

  2. Art and Poetry meet Science in this brief description of the heavenly images you shared today, Kid. Great stuff!

    "In this beautiful celestial still life composed with a cosmic brush, dusty nebula NGC 2170 shines at the upper left. Reflecting the light of nearby hot stars, NGC 2170 is joined by other bluish reflection nebulae, a compact red emission region, and streamers of obscuring dust against a backdrop of stars. Like the common household items still life painters often choose for their subjects, the clouds of gas, dust, and hot stars pictured here are also commonly found in this setting - a massive, star-forming molecular cloud in the constellation of the Unicorn (Monoceros). The giant molecular cloud, Mon R2, is impressively close, estimated to be only 2,400 light-years or so away. At that distance, this canvas would be about 15 light-years across."

    1. Yeah! I really do, Kid. Thanks again for showing these things to us so often.

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  4. For all its toil and torment, broken dreams and betrayed ideals life is always worth living –– even at the worst of times. Let us try not to waste our precious time in fruitless argumentation over trivial details, bitter denunciation, mockery, too much idle speculation, or wanton dissipation.

    Shelley here reminds of what we all just face sooner or later –– and of the heartbreak felt by those left behind when all opportunity to love and make amends becomes forever lost. Thins the Other End of those Glories of the Night Sky Kid is so fond of showing us. I suppose it must mean that somehow each on of us counts too in the vastness of the Great Scheme.

    __ The Cold Earth Slept Below __

    The cold earth slept below;
    ____ Above the cold sky shone;
    ______ And all around,
    ______ With a chilling sound,
    From caves of ice and fields of snow
    The breath of night like death did flow
    ______ Beneath the sinking moon.

    The wintry hedge was black;
    ____ The green grass was not seen;
    ______ The birds did rest
    ______ On the bare thorn’s breast,
    Whose roots, beside the pathway track,
    Had bound their folds o’er many a crack
    ______ Which the frost had made between.

    Thine eyes glow’d in the glare
    ____ Of the moon’s dying light;
    ______ As a fen-fire’s beam
    ______ On a sluggish stream
    Gleams dimly—so the moon shone there,
    And it yellow’d the strings of thy tangled hair,
    ______ That shook in the wind of night.

    The moon made thy lips pale, beloved;
    ____ The wind made thy bosom chill;
    ______ The night did shed
    ______ On thy dear head
    Its frozen dew, and thou didst lie
    Where the bitter breath of the naked sky
    ______ Might visit thee at will.

    ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)

    1. I hope everyone recognizes in this poem by Shelley the image of a grief-stricken man is meditating over the grave of someone he loved? I see it as a reminder that we need to be more mindful that life is so precious –– and so fleeting –– we shouldn't waste a moment of it in fruitless, destructive occupations.

      The man in Shelley's verse can no longer visit his beloved "at will." Only "the bitter breath of the naked sky" can do that now that she has moved away from him to the mysterious, beckoning world Beyond.

    2. Life is fleeting. Geeez, I was 35 yesterday..

  5. Awesome "painting". I love the Creator's use of white space and dark matter. It's like a Nebula Awards show, what with all the "hot stars" gathering to show off to the rest of us.

  6. great thought and will do!! amazing how the Creator - God- can CREATE!!!
    C-Christian Soldier

  7. It's a wonderful universe. I'm so glad we have the tools to see it.

    1. Cube, yea at least we're getting something for the NASA money we spent. ha.