Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pickin His Way


  1. Sounds like at least three or four guitars playing together in perfect ensemble.

    If this swingin' arrangement of Lover Come Back to Me is really a SOLO, the man was a virtuoso second to none.

    At any rate it sure is INVIGORATING to listen to!

    1. FT, There is only a bass and some light drums in here. All else is Chet.

      You might Enjoy - And surely you'd like to know how to play it.

      More tunes/lessons on the right sidebar.

      Just another one. First tune is Blue Angel, 3rd tune is Cascade. And I don't know what the 2nd is.

      Worthwhile exploring youtube for Chet. Gobs of stuff there. Check out Ava Maria. 10 fingers, 6 strings, 1 guitar

      Chet was 2nd to none. Tommy can play some stuff Chet couldn't but it's hard to beat Chet's body of work. I'll rank them both as #1

    2. FT, Bad link in the 'you might enjoy' above.

      Good Link

    3. FT, Well move the slider back to the beginning on that last link.