Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I Agree With Donald Trump. Let's Phase Ourselves Out of NATO

This is a peace through strength issue and the other guys have to hold up their end of the log.

I read today that the Royal Navy won't be able to replace its missiles on their ships after the missiles expire in 2018 and will be forced to fight with deck guns.  Laughable.

England once ruled most of the world through its Imperialist activities, and now they can barely hang on to their own country because ......... SOCIALISM.  The NHS (National Health Service) was once regarded as the pinnacle system of the world (Not sure it ever was) and now it is breathing hard like a 70 year old man on a 20 mile marathon.  Doctors are ill-paid, hospital beds are not available for months (except emergencies) and there are a host of other problems.  Google will fill your screen with examples if you feel like looking about for NHS problems.

So, now that they spend all their money on socialist activities, and believe me they have no opportunity to raise taxes, they are between a rock and a hard place.  Ditto all the rest of them.  Spain, Ireland, Scotland, France, the EU, All of them are all breathing very hard.

Their defense capabilities are jokes.  They have play Armies, play Navies, play Air Forces.  They couldn't defend themselves from any serious threat.  And they sit around fat and happy that in that event, We will come save them.  You and I will pay for all that while the French sit around drinking wine and being completely irresponsible.

And you can bet we're pumping money into all these countries right now because the economic systems have pushed them to the point of total system shutdown back in 86? when they created the EU in the first place, and now again in 2016 as the EU begins its death march.

Time for tough love.  They must all change their economic system or suffer the consequences like any 16 year old with a maximum number of credit cards, all at maximum amount.

Otherwise the entire 'civilized' world falls.


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    1. No sure your point Ed. So, I'll say I'd continue to support if they hold their end of the log. Problem is, none of them will be able to do that unless they adopt capitalism, small government, low taxes. No time soon ! :)

  2. I'd continue to support them if they held up their end, too.
    Was it Obama who finally paid off the large UN debt we owed? Many were against that, too. I'd have made them wait, too :-)

  3. The Donald says that NATO should pony up their fair share of defense costs. This alone will probably break their backs, and all the dominoes will fall. Don't know if they will take us with them, I kind of doubt it. A little economic realignment every now and then is a good thing. Those French weenies sitting at their cafes on the Champs de Elysees sipping their espresso and munching their cheese, all the while bitching about everybody who isn't French, will finally have to go out and get jobs. The Horror!

    1. Fredd, I agree your prediction. I see some real shake-ups going on over there.

      btw - a new IPO on Monday - IIPR is a pure play on medical and otherwise marijuana. They're setup as a REIT and will be leasing large commercial buildings setup specifically to grow the reefer. I've read some good things about this from some people on wall street that I respect. Supposed to be selling 9.something million shares at $20. No doubt it will be selling a lot higher than that on Monday.

      Great management team, great idea. I plan to phase into it, and hope to pick up a smallish position on Monday. MJ is going to be huge in the USA.

    2. PS, They are planning their first building in New York.

  4. George Washington's warning to the new Republic- 'Stay out of the affairs of Europe!'

    I say- get us in the US out of NATO--
    let the Europeans work longer hours - less vacation time for them !! (what is the norm --2 months-3 months)

    I'll add Canada to that--when they instilled socialized medicine--the Canadians were streaming into the US for their med care-- years ago--

    Now- we in the US allowed the socialists free rein --obama care--stupid !!

    1. C-CS, Yes never attach yourself to a sinking ship. Last I heard and it was ages ago that starting vacation time is 6 weeks in France.

      Agree, Canada had business that did nothing but negotiate costs and appointments for canadians to get treated in the US. Hell, even one of their PMs? MPs? came to California for a breast cancer problem. The article was full of BS about how she could have done it up there, except for bla bla bla friggin bla. Please.

      Well, none of the repubs voted for it and only 30% of the sheep were for it. Talk about being raped.

      And let's exit the UN too.

    2. Love your take to my comment "-)

    3. C-CS, Thanks so much. Socialism as a cancer upon the Earth has had my attention for a while.