Wednesday, September 7, 2016

To All You obama (Athletic) Supporters

Yea, he's done a Great Frickin Job hasn't he.

You know what the ISIL people have been up to don't you?  Crucifying 12 year old girls on crosses.  Nailing their hands and feet to a cross and propping them up until they die.  Putting 5 year old boys into cages, dousing them with gasoline and lighting them on fire.

Yea, obama is one serious POS.  You freaking moron obama supporters.
I'm starting to think you can have this F* country.  Once you elect the floating human garbage clinton beast that will seal the deal.


  1. Freudian slip or just floppy lips. Seems like a leader who is usually so precise with his words could avoid this. Why in the hell does he continue to refer to ISIS as ISIL and have everyone in his administration down to the lowliest intern parrot him on this. Sheepe, nothing but sheepe!

    1. Ron, I believe, based on the idea that he referred to the "57 states" of islam whole campaigning pre-2008, that he knew exactly who ISIL was/is. WHAT a POS.

      As I understand it, ISIS is islamic state or Iraq and Syria, while ISIL is islamic state of Iraq and the Levant, and the Levant includes many more territories than Syria.

    2. ..while campaigning...

      isis - ISLAMIC STATE of IRAQ.

      Need an edit button!

    3. The enemy has been known by IS, ISIS, ISIL and Da'ish/Daesh. The Intelligence Community, and by extension, policy makers can't use disparate terms...there has to be a standard ontology. In this case [terrorism] it's adjudicated by DNI {Director of National Intelligence], the office that prepares and briefs the PDBs. Obama uses what the IC uses.

      It's not poll test, nor politically correct. It's SOP.

    4. CI, Ok. My point was that regardless what acronym is used, obama obviously supported helping the most evil murderous savages on the face of the Earth. On Purpose. obama is a radical moslem.

      In addition it occurs to me that obama was smiling when he 'ended' the war in Iraq in July 2010, knowing that IS/ISIS/ISIL would easily take control of all the advanced weaponry that we left there for the chicken shit Iraqi Army to use to defend themselves with.

    5. obama obviously supported helping the most evil murderous savages on the face of the Earth. On Purpose. obama is a radical moslem.

      No. Having just returned from Baghdad, I can state unequivocally that this Administration is not purposefully aiding ISIL.

      And having been involve in Iraq since 2007, I can state likewise, that the previous Administration brokered a deal with the Iranian backed Maliki regime in 2008. Bush ended the war in Iraq, not Obama. One cannot with all honesty state that Obama took any action in DECEMBER 2011 [the end date of the withdrawal], when Iraq was relatively stable and ISIL had not begun it's meteoric rise [in Syria], with some foreknowledge of said rise of ISIS two years later, without levying the same inaccurate charges against the Bush Administration - and addition ally be aligned with the trump rhetoric. The timelines don't jive.

    6. CI, Well Ok, Bush and Maliki came to an agreement to remove all combat troops as of June 2010 and that was in 2008. But, that had to be contingent on certain factors. I'm saying that obama ignored all new information and pulled America out of Iraq in a reckless fashion. Could I be wrong? Sure. but it's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

      There is too much other easy to recognize activity of obama that clearly puts him at odds with Christians, Americans, and White people, and very much in favor of moslems of all colors.

      fwiw, I don't support the invasion of Iraq in hindsight. All we did was go into a house, stomp some cockroaches and leave. Those cockroaches were of no value to the moelems nor of strategic value to America - they are martyrs actually and easily replaced. Not worth the lives and limbs lost and suffering of family and friends of the deployed in any way imaginable. Total loss.

      I personally believe obama meets with CAIR almost daily and is in contact with the radical moslems frequently as well. I believe a large part of the financing for obama's fake education and campaign for Senator and then president came from the moslems. Your mileage may vary and you are of course free to your opinions.

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    8. The last US forces left in December of 2011 per the agreement. I was there. But I agree about the reasoning to invade in the first place; as well as in the future. The Shi'a and Sunni should fight it out amongst themselves. The fact remains that the Maliki regime did not grant immunity to US forces in the negotiations during the Obama Administration, primarily because Iranian influence and the stated aims of the Shi'a militia groups would have initiated violence once agains, were US force to stay.

      As I have seen no information with regards to Obama meeting with CAIR or other Muslims on foreign policy decisions, nor the effect thereof [such as aiding or abetting ISIL], I'd have to disagree or ask for solid sourcing to alter my assessment.

    9. CI, Well, I can only say that there are many things that cannot be found in a filing cabinet somewhere. Not to insult your intelligence. I have my conclusions and if they are mine alone, so be it.

      You say you agree to invade? I think it is a waste of time, lives, limbs and spousal suffereing if we are not going to purge all of the ME of the cancer that is islam.

      If Maliki didn't give us carte blanc, maybe we should have taken Maliki out. I still think we should have taken Sadr out. I knew he was trouble from the word go. This is one of those situations where the focal point is "What are you prepared to do?" Half measure are worse than useless imo. They don't value human life there which is there advantage. Very similar to the Kamikaze of Japan. It took Nukes to get their mind right and we know there were many who were intent on fighting on even after the nukes. The moslems are Japan WWII to the 10th power.

    10. You say you agree to invade?

      No, that was worded poorly. I do not think we should have invaded Iraq in 2003. I likewise believe that we should have departed Afghanistan soon after deposing the Taliban regime.

    11. If Maliki didn't give us carte blanc, maybe we should have taken Maliki out.

      That would have been toppling the allied leader of a sovereign nation. Probably not a smart move, and for what, a continuance of the war, ala 2005-2008? Removing he or Sadr would not have stopped the Shi'a and their Iranian enablers from killing our forces.

    12. Yes, in hindsight, we got nothing by invading Iraq beside heartache for the deployed and their families.

      I see I argued with myself over Maliki. Yes, we should incite as much as possible situations where sunni's, shia's, and wahabbis kill each other with wild abandon.

  2. Not to mention how the POS has humilated our country in the eyes of the world. Can you imagine that chooming asshat calling us "lazy"?

    1. Cube, I love how Trump keeps insulting him. Must drive that moslem POS up a wall.

  3. Take a VERY close and careful look at this before trying to evaluate it. It might surprise you –– and then again it might not. ;-)

    _________ DIAGNOSIS _________

    Stopping Racism today is now believed
    No harm, but only good could ever do ––
    Of Paramount Importance. –– We’ve deceived
    Innumerable millions, brought them to
    The point where kicking over all the traces
    A counterfeit Altruism now prevails:
    Zig zags must be viewed as straight, so races
    Ill-informed may proudly fill their sails ––
    Reject all hope of Mental Elevation ––
    Enjoy, instead, White Perquisites unearned ––
    Given –– by “The Rich,” whose education,
    Goading them to see all Privilege spurned,
    Informed them they should not be what they are.
    Now, Prehistoric Depths loom not so far.

    ~ FreeThinke

    1. FT, I'm not that smart you know. I'll say that there are fewer and fewer people willing to put in any effort for America/Fellow Americans, and that is when it all comes crashing down, which it it doing now.

      Outside of that, I took the first letter of each capitalized word and came up with -
      SRNOPIAAZIRMEEWPGTRGPINPD, but I can't translate it.