Thursday, September 29, 2016

A'Right Favorite Top 2 Movies


Willie Wonka
Groundhog Day


  1. Groundhog Day and Willie Wonka are great but my two favorites are:
    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    1. Mr Hecht. LOT of great movies out there and no reason to argue about one's choices. The two I listed still touch my human spirit and actually still bring dust to the eyes.
      In other categories, Good God yes, so many good movies. In the comedy category I would list Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

      I love the Clint movies.

    2. Mad Mad Mad Mad World.
      Under da big Dubbayew,

    3. Ed, That airplane section with Buddy Hackett has to be one of the best movie scenes of all time.

    4. Some people try to estimate how many times Bill Murray heard I got you babe.

    5. Ed, Yea, I've heard that some think Phil was stuck for 10,000 years, and the "accepted" time frame was ten years. I'll go with 10 years because Phil would not have had a working human brain after 10,000 years imo.

    6. PS - I wish that airplane scene was on youtube but nada as far as I can tell.

    7. I remember them flying through the billboard with a drunk "Mr. Thurston Howell" passed out.
      I saw it at the theaters and fell in the aisle laughing. I might have been 10.

    8. Ed, My parents took us to see that movie and we were about 10 - at a drive in. Were were in hysterics he entire time. I never laughed so hard in my life before or after.

  2. Replies
    1. Well, tied for 2nd: The Sons of Katie Elder.

    2. Righteous Picks AOW. Guess it boils don to what kind of mood we're in. No Doubt LOTS of really great movies to choose from.

    3. I accidentally discovered Awakenings. What a wonderful and uplifting story!

      The book is much sadder than the film in that Leonard was not much of a sweetheart but rather as oversexed as a satyr. He had an ugly side to his personality as well.

      I developed an interest in sleepy sickness because I think that my father's sister died of it: aftereffect of the 1918-1919 flu pandemic.

      Psycho is in a film category of its own. The story is loosely based on that of Ed Gein.

      The Sons of Katie Elder has one of the best film scores ever, IMO.

    4. A few years ago, I taught a course called Western Civilization through Filmography. None of the kids had ever seen a Western! I showed them The Sons of Katie Elder, and they loved it. Their consensus was: "No wonder people loved Westerns! They are great!"

    5. AOW, I've not seen those movies so I will have to delay expressing myself about them

    6. AOW, have you seen "Hitchcock?. all about the filming of Psycho. Great movie.

    7. Katie Elder is good. Open Range is maybe the best western ever as much as I like Silverado and Tombstone.

    8. Ed, Tombstone was pretty true to life. And I've had a drink in the Crystal Saloon.
      I've also seen some real life quick draw fellas there, and I'm glad I will never have to go up against them.

    9. Kid,
      I haven't seen Hitchcock. Maybe Netflix has it.

    10. Ed,
      I like Open Range, but the sound track (music) isn't as good as that of The Sons of Katie Elder.

      For me, the music matters!

    11. How the West Was Won had music.

    12. Ed,
      How the West Was Won has good music, but I prefer the film score to The Sons of Katie Elder. Elmer Bernstein! Check out the list. Quite something!

  3. MMMW was certainly one of the great comedies. I cannot turn away from two Tom Hanks movies when flipping through the channels. Castaway and Forrest Gump have that effect.

    1. Mr Hecht - Castaway didn't do a lot for me. Helen Hunt doesn't inspire either.

      Forrest Gump though was great and could potentially replace one of my favorite two one day.

    2. Kid,
      I almost put Forrest Gump on my list of two. Love the film!

  4. 1. Mad Max II: The Road Warrior - great action flick, with a younger pre-scandal Mel Gibson
    2. Robocop: 'Dead or alive, you're coming with me.'

    1. Fredd. For action I'm going to go with Team America: World Police.
      Robocop will be a real thing in our lifetime.

    2. Hi Fredd. Responded to your discussion on... yesterday. Today - for me, Sweety, it is Groundhog Day. Bill Murray going nuts is classic. And the most modern, Star Trek director JJ Abrams, has all form and function needed for an +eight course.

    3. Kristy, Thanks for the vote on Groundhog Day :-)

  5. Suzuki --- Branded to Kill -- what no talent Tarantino wanted to be
    Godard --- Band of Outsiders -- "The Children of Marx and Coca-Cola"

    1. Duck, I have not seen either one.

    2. You'd enjoy Suzuki. He's available on some download services.

      Band of Outsiders is a terrific deconstruction of popular culture.

    3. Yeah, masterpieces.

      I always take the "favorite" question as which you find most entertaining not so much most intellectually stimulating.

    4. Duck, Favorite. Yes of course. Bottom line, you can't but art for other people. But it does invite discussion.

  6. Gone with the Wind and The Godfather (I & II)

    1. Adrienne, I'd substitute "The Outlaw Josey Wales" for Gone With The Wind.

      No substitute for The Godfather however.

    2. Adrienne,
      The costumes used in GWTW are, well, something else.

      As long as I live, I'll never forget that footage of the dead and dying at the Atlanta rail stop. The horrors of war!

  7. Black Beauty
    Die Hard (s - plural)
    and any - where the good guy goes after and kills the bad guy--

    My Bad! ? !


    1. C-CS No Bad at All ! Yes, I like when the good guy wins :-)
      The Die Hard's were good. Especially given it is hard to make a good sequel.

  8. Replies
    1. C-CS, I really did like Band of Brothers. Have it on the shelf. And in that category - I will submit Midway for your edification.

    2. The Longest Day hooks me every time.
      Battleground. Many scenes from Band of Brothers are present in that movie from 1948.
      Guys took their families to see it, because although they couldn't talk about the war, it spoke for them. Watched it as a child with my dad. He commented throughout. He was there.

    3. Ed, Yes, my Dad walked Italy, France and Germany as Infantry in WWII. He only had three humorous stories that he would tell us. II was I guess 'better' than I, but damn what evil, torture, and useless torment for the military and for those waiting at home. What a planet we have.

  9. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Blade Runner

  10. My favorite sound track (music) = Patton. I actually have the vinyl.

    1. how could I forget Patton!-the sound track is wonderful--thank you-
      West Point has a fabulous sculpture of Patton -
      Duty - Honor Country--
      and- he always thought 'out side the box'

    2. AOW, CS. I loved Patton.

  11. Well, I see I have reached the stage of becoming a Living Antique. I can[t say I have two favorites that surpass all the rest, and my preferences are for movies made before most of you were born.

    The Corn is Green
    The Bishop's Wife
    Now, Voyager
    The Winslow Boy,
    The Maltese Falcon
    The Big Sleep
    Dark Passage
    Mildred Pierce
    Flamingo Road
    The Secret Fury
    State of the Union
    Royal Wedding
    Annie Get Your Gun
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    The Enchanted Cottage
    Pride and Prejudice
    David Copperfield
    Jane Eyre
    Sundays and Cybele
    Tiger Bay
    The Chiildren's Hour
    Another Part of the Forest
    The Unsuspected
    The Woman in White
    Since You Went Away
    The Best Years of Our Lives
    The Magnificent Ambersons
    Citizen Kane
    Victor Victoria
    Bunny Lake is Missing
    Forest Gump
    Steel Magnolias
    Driving Miss Daisy
    Fred Green Tomatoes
    Dolores Claiborne

    That's only a partial list of movies I thoroughly enjoyed when they were new, and many times since. They made an indelible impression on me, and have made my life much brighter than it would have been if I had not experienced them.

    I stopped gong to movies a long time ago, because audiences became increasingly noisy and inconsiderate, most of the sound is MUCH TOO LOUD, and I don't enjoy films filled with vulgarity, a depressing out,took on life, and a cynical point of view.

    Sorry, Ducky, but I CAN'T STAND FOREIGN FILMS, unless they're BRITISH.

    1. WHOOPS! I forgot to mentiin

      The African Queen
      Woman of the Year
      Pat and Mike
      Keeper of the Flame
      Good News!
      The Nun's Story

    2. Man oh man, Free: your list of must see movies is a complete bust with me, other than Forrest Gump. And maybe Driving Miss Daisy. Nowhere on your list are the 'good' flicks: Predator, Network, The Martian, Ex Machina, or Electra Glide in Blue.

    3. Can't understand your dislike for foreign films, FreeThinke although it isn't unique to yourself.

      Rules of the Game
      Tokyo Story
      The Apu Trilogy
      La Dolce Vita
      Spirit of the Beehive
      The Seventh Seal
      The Human Condition
      Andrei Rublev
      ... I guess it's the heavy dose of humanism that bothers you.

    4. Dare jess aun' no 'countin fer tayste izz dare?

    5. No there isn't but I have one question.

      You don't like foreign films but the one you have mentioned more than once is Sundays and Cybèle (the only foreign film you've ever mentioned).

      It's on odd choice. It was a minor hit on the art house circuit but on a limited release, the director never made another popular film and is virtually unknown, it has until rather recently been unavailable in America on DVD.
      To be familiar with the film (and it is a very good film) and still profess a dislike for foreign cinema is odd.

    6. I never pretended to be otherwise, Ducky. I march only to the beat of my own Inner Drummer –– no one else's. Never have.. Never will. The extreme poignancy of Cybele emanates from a universal understanding of possibly the most tragic flaw in human nature –– our damnable eagerness always to look on the dark side, to find fault, to be suspicious, to be resentful, to give way to envy, to seek vengeance, and always to try to find reasons to condemn and frankly DESTROY others without bothering even to try to understand them.

      Most of us are pathetically shallow, and cling to Old Wives Tales, and the like for guidance, instead of trusting our own instincts. Why do you think I am a passionate libertarian who abhors GroupThink, Mob Psychology and concentrated Centralized Power of any kind?

      In my New York days –– now far far away, Alas! –– The Thalia –– a cinema in the Upper West Side –– ran movies of the kind and quality of Cybele. I dutifully watched many of them. Most of the French and Italian films left me feeling depressed, dejected, exhausted and close to despair.

      I realized way back then that there was a destructive, political AGENDA behind most of these productions. They were for the most part trying to persuade audiences to believe that Life is NOT Worth Living, because the cards have always been and will always be stacked against us, and there is NO ESCAPE from the inevitable DOOM that sooner or later must befall all of us.

      Cybele, however, despite it's tragic ending, was I felt ENLIGHTENING. It gave me hope that, perhaps, Art CAN teach at least a few to look at life with a more benevolent, hopeful, tolerant and understanding approach, even if it did so by negative example.

      I only like things that either touch me deeply, provide great sources of mirth, or entertain so engrossingly that I forget myself, get lost in an imaginary world of romance, intrigue and adventure.

      I hate DIDACTIC or PROPAGANDISTIC movies, books, plays that purport to be entertaining and leave you with your bowels in an uproar, or a migraine headache –– sometimes both. If YOU like 'em, FINE go right ahed, bu please don't try o make ME feel guilty or ignorant for not sharing your passion.

      Look. I'm absolutely mad about German Lieder and French Art Songs, but I have enough sense to realize that these things are unlikely ever to please died-in-the-wool fans of Madonna or Bruce Springsteen }}}}}}}}}SHUDDER{{{{{{{{{

      Sorry, Kid. Did' mean to write The Great American Novel, but I've wanted to clear up that issue with our Feathered friend for a long time. Like every leftist I've ever encountered he simply cannot understand why everyone doesn't accept HIS worldview as SUPREME. };^)>

    7. FT, Ok, if we're going to put down a list... :)

      The Professional
      Star Trek Kahn.
      Any movie with Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson(ie Hard times), Paul Newman(ie Hombre) or Buddy Hackett or Gene Wilder, or Mel Brooks or Cleavon Little, or Cary Grant, or Steve McQueen, or Wesley Snipes, or Denzel Washington (catch Remember The Titans) and many many others. African Queen was Fabulous. So many great movies. I especially enjoy those that display actual events in history or people's lives In the category of total fiction, Matrix was good and I could list several others. Aliens, Blade w/ Wesley Snipes (all three) come easily to mind.

      Yea, so many great movies.

    8. You go to extremes (as usual), FT. I simply found it curious that someone who has professed no interest whatsoever in foreign cinema should praise a rather obscure French art film.

      Now, may I recommend Mr. Hulot's Holiday by the great Jacques Tati as a way to help you lighten up.

    9. FT,
      I have enough sense to realize that these things are unlikely ever to please died-in-the-wool fans of Madonna or Bruce Springsteen.

      I don't like Madonna, but am a Springsteen fan. Still, I love classical music, too.

      I'm an eclectic. Works for me!

    10. Wellgood for you, but that's not what I meant.

      I'm surprised you did' realize that.

    11. Bye the way, FT, Cybele had nothing to do with groupthink.

      The towns people accepted the relationship without much comment.

      What generate the tragedy was the jealousy of the of his girlfriend's protege.

  12. Did anybody yet mention Laura or Wait Until Dark?

  13. Easy one for me----Exodus and El Cid. Love to see Arabs get their butts kicked!

  14. Fantasia
    Dial M for Murder
    Kiss Me, Kate
    The Wizard of Oz
    All the Kings Men
    Born Yesterday
    I Remember Mama
    The Mudlark
    The Awful Truth
    A Streetcar Named Desire
    To Kill A Mockingbird
    Auntie Mame

    1. The List of Adrian Messenger
      The Greatest Show on Earth
      The Chalk Garden
      Suddenly Last Summer
      It Should Happen to You
      You Can't Take It With You
      Splendor in the Grass
      The Young Lions

      Impossible to name one or two favorites. In general don't like "epics," "war pictures," "westerns," or "socially significant" polemics.

      I DETEST anything by ELIA KAZAN.

    2. Gentleman's Agreement
      Panic in the Streets
      A Streetcar Named Desire
      On the Waterfront
      Baby Doll
      Wild River
      Pretty strong grouping there, FT.

      I would think that Kazan naming names before HUAC would make you at least a mild fan.

  15. The Night of the Iguana
    From Here to Eternity
    It Happened One Night
    The Hucksters
    Dark Victory
    The Bandwagon
    The Buttercup Chain
    A Severed Head
    The Fountainhead
    Grand Hotel

    And on and on it goes ...

    I guess you could say I loved the movies. Not so much anymore.

  16. Great Expectations
    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
    The More the Merrier
    Kings Row
    The Man Who Came to Dinner
    Meet John Doe
    Rear Window
    The Thin Man
    The Women
    The Spiral Staircase
    Kind Lady
    Saratoga Trunk
    Night Must Fall
    My Sister Eileen
    Witness for the Prosecution
    The Big Clock
    Murder, She Said
    Murder at the Gallop
    Murder Ahoy
    Murder Most Foul

  17. Not many votes for noir, surprising.

    1. There are ever so many things you only THINK you know, Canardo. In truth your consciousness is and always has been shrouded in DARKNESS.