Tuesday, August 23, 2016

So, Here It Is

Governments federal, state, and local are on a feeding frenzy stealing money from You the hard working dipstick of a taxpayer of which I are one.

Seriously. The national debt in the USA is 10 trillion from its inception in 1776 through 2008 and obama the moslem piece of shit number one enemy of the USA has managed to double that in 8 years.


- A million seconds is 12 Days
- A billion seconds is 31.7 Years
- a Trillion seconds is 31,709.8 years.

Are you hearing the words coming out of my mouth?  10 Trillion Dollars spent in 8 Years

What was it spent on?  It wasn't spent on wars. obama shut down the iraq war in July 2010. The rest of the engagements where obama offers up American Soldiers as moving targets to the moslem Vermin in middle east countries, (and who's death counts are no longer reported by the democrat propaganda media)  is by comparison to major wars - minimal,  Still.

None of this money was spent on the country's infrastructure.  Example:  The Brent Spence bridge across the Ohio River on I-75, which is The major trucking route between Canada and the southern United States sits in dis-repair since before obama graced the white house with his racist, anti-American, moslem vermin promoting ass.  Nada damn thing has been done in or for America with the 10 Trillion dollars.

That's the USA.

If you are unfortunate enough to live in one of the European Countries where serious Pieces of Shit like the political head of Germany - angela merkel are importing massive numbers of moslem pieces of moslem-sexual assaulting-demanding their culture on you-islam street gang Pieces of Shit, then you have it even worse than in the USA.

Folks.  Turn off ESPN.  Screw the Olympics and that entire clown show.  Do I care about the swimmer that lied. HELL No.  It's all meaningless.

Recognise (bad key on keyboard! yea that one!)  that islam and the moslem pieces of shit are turning the entire world into a shithole while the media focuses on what some asshole said about some other asshole - and usually the asshole is some sports asshole.

If I offended anyone with this rant, then it is the hildebeast's fault since colin powell never talked to that lump of human garbage about private servers.


  1. I wonder why Powell didn't speak up back when Hillary blamed HIM! It's been quite a while and that makes me curious.
    Love your rant! I am SO GRATEFUL I lived in two European countries before this S*** hit the EUropean fan :-) It was HEAVENLY BLISS, believe me. NOT TODAY

    1. Thank you Z. How many will have heard Colin versus the beast, and of those who did hear Colin, how many will care?

  2. Have Americans lost sight of what the priorities are? It seems so!

    Bread and circuses -- or something very like that.

    1. AOW, Good God Yes. Most don't even know there is an issue or a priority.

    2. It's a sorry condition that America is in.

  3. I'm hardly offended my BF soul brother. Matter of fact I think you ought to take over Trumps twitter feed. Or write his press releases.

    1. Thank you so much IMP. I do think I should take over Trump's entire campaign actually. We could Win ! :)

  4. Why do you try to sugar-coat things. Be more like a true progressive who complicates the obvious while trivializing the momentous. Serious however, I was not in the least offended by your rant. I have those moments sometime when posting and my fingers cannot keep up with anger flowing from my mind.

    1. Ron, Thank you so much. Well, I try to keep the Wolfman at bay most times. I notice how ignant the libtard fascists can be and try to counter that with unbearable lightness while attempting to get my point across.

      There is much anger here too Ron. However, I believe those on both sides totally discount anger and miss the message. fwiw.

  5. OFFENDED? How could I be offended, Kid? All you did was say in plain gutter English what every decent, right-thinking, God-fearing individual feels. Frankly, you had me chortling and grinning from ear-to-ear throughout most of your piece.

    After this, however, I dare to make a polite request of you:

    Will you please let me call HRC a CUNT when the spirit moves me, because that is exactly what she IS?

    No other word describes that vile bitch more accurately or acutely. The admittedly odious term could never apply to any decent woman, so I fail to see how its use in the case of Klintona the Kackling Krook could possibly offend anyone other than her supporters for whom I have no word that could possibly characterize THEM adequately.

    I refer to AOW's featured motto –– The Truth Is Not Hate Speech. –– to give myself permission to call The Creature from the Black Septic Tank what she is.

    1. FT, I will acquiesce on hrc. Just don't put the creature's initials in caps. :)

  6. Let's see what kind of October Surprise our ol' buddy Julian Assange springs on the old crone right before the election. Or maybe the Russians and Edward Snowdon have a little something-something of interest? Something juicy? Juicy enough that even the brain dead undecided voters cringe at her corruption?

    We'll see.

    1. Fredd,

      But how many voters pay attention to the real news? Hmmmmm?

    2. AOW: better question would be 'how many voters think that ABC, CBS, NBC, et all IS the real news?

      The only real news out there is on Fox, the Drudge Report and a few others. The rest is not news, it's just Democrat-sponsored bilge.

    3. Fredd, I dream of such an event as the #2 option. Option A is a dead hildebeast. Wooden stake in the heart and all.

    4. Fredd, and most people don't even watch the propaganda outlets. They confine themselves to ESPN, because "people playing with a ball" is about all they can get their head around.

    5. "Most people" don't know Shit from Shinola and couldn't care less.

      If they either knew or cared, the candidacy of a creature such as Klintona the Kackling Krook would have died aborning.

      It is OUR FAULT as a people that we permitted ourselves to submit to the blandishments of Cultural Marxists to the point where we've become so divorced from serious involvement with the affairs of state many of us can't even give the right name to the man on our One Dollar Bill. And that's a FACT.

  7. To A Muthah We Know Too Well

    Hating you for many’s now a hobby ––
    Incisive, bossy, proud iconoclast.
    Lusting after power, you may lobby
    Loudly for the the Poor –– the lowest caste ––
    Amassed applauding at the Polling Gate.
    Railing at the Rich, you GRAB their gold.
    You would have us be Slaves of the State
    Cheering as our lives become controlled ––
    Lost –– in endless snarls of Red Tape.
    Inventiveness you think should harnessed be
    Not to bring Fulfillment, but to rape
    The Profit from Creative Energy.
    O, Self-Appointed Goddess of the Ill,
    No one can afford to pay your Bill!

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper - Autumn, 1996

    PROPHETIC, wasn't it? };^)>

  8. You've stated IT ALL -= I need not add- Thank you Kid-