Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler from Dire Straights

A little goofiddy from Chet at around 4;57..

They also did a record together called Neck and Neck.  Some good tunes there.


  1. much needed relief from the 'stuff' thank you



    This was very sad news, but I was not surprised. The McLaughlin Group has been a ritual that defined Sunday morning for me for the past twenty-two years –– ever since I stopped attending church. Can't imagine what life will be like without John McLaughlin, but he'd been looking peeked most of the past year, seemed low on energy, lacked his usual brisk, acerbic tone, and slouched in his host's chair as though exhausted during many of the recent episodes.

    Last Sunday –– just three days ago ––, I tuned in with my usual cut of coffee to watch the fur fly, and was genuinely shocked to see the announcement preceding the program telling us in Mclaughlin's own words that he would be absent for the first time in 34 years –– ever since the program began.

    Even so, he still managed to announce each change of topic in a series of recorded messages, but his voice sounded weak, his speech slurred, and I sort of knew he wouldn't be with us much longer, though naturally I hoped he'd be able to return for another round or two, and at least see us through the election. Alas! It was not meant to be.

    Luis Rukeyser's untimely death several years ago, left a big hole in PBS's programming. Losing McLaughlin may very well sound the death knell for the organization as we've known and loved it. The quality of programing has been going steadily downhill for several decades Downton Abbey notwithstanding.

    To lose Antonin Scalia, Downton Abbey and John McLaughlin all in one year –– especially THIS dreadful election year –– is depressing and discouraging.

    I think it may be safe to assume he suffered a stroke, but what difference does it take what finished him? He was a doughty old guy –– a lovable curmudgeon, an American Original, who had become an institution.

    He will be sorely missed, and we are unlikely to see his equal again in our lifetime.

    Bye Bye, John. We loved you.

  3. That's really nice stuff, Kid..thanks....

    And yes, the loss of McLaughlin is very sad...he truly was an institution. What will Eleanor Clift DO?!!