Monday, August 8, 2016

A Thought

Any of us who have studied or are just even aware of the History of mankind (and thankfully Womankind as well) know that our Civilized species has had to fight its way through dictators, slave masters, genocidal mass murdering maniacs, country and continent conquering bastards, torturers, castle dwelling draw and quartering sadistic pricks, harem obsessed peckerwoods, Father rapers, Mother rapers, goat rapers, country destroyers and self-obsessed satan worshipers such as hilrod clinton.

But most or a great many of us made it to polite civilized society.  We respect and nuture nature and all of its inhabitants.  We treat each other with respect until evidence presents itself that this was an unwise choice.  We allow others freedom of choice until their actions repulse us as civilized humans so much that we must focus out attention on restraining the fucks.

And now here we are, after all of this, after all of the lives lost and sacrificed of civilized warriors and citizens willing to lay down their lives to protect this polite civilized society find ourselves about to Lose to the most ignorant, mentally diseased libtarded fucks on the face of the planet?

It can't be.  It simply can't be.


  1. It makes no sense, does it. You explain it's positively sickening....

    I was just going to make dinner but I think I've lost my appetite!!

    1. Dang it Z. I'm so sorry I posted this before your dinner time. I should be punished.
      Up to you.

  2. There's just so much wrong, so much rancor, so much dissatisfaction, so much anger...mostly hate coming from those that love everyone, on the left. Except for white,s cops, soldiers, southerners, Christians, American Flags, Don't Tread on me Hats and flags, Conservatives Republicans ( that I can understand lately with one look at McPain, McConnell or lyin' Ryan ). I think if we could carve out about half of the planet and throw it one would lose one nights sleep over Iran, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the 57 shit holes...including the majority of Africa.

    But...the media needs to be trashed first....the lyin' disingenuous in the bag sons and daughters of bitches all.

    1. IMP, great stuff.
      - At least half the planet needs to be carved off and tossed in the trash. As you pointed out elsewhere, there isn't a single country on the entire continent of Afria that is worth a SHIT.
      - I've been saying a while that if it came down to civil war, I'm going after the media elites. Fuck the puppet politicians.
      - I was behind a minivan coming home today that had a sticker in the back window that said "Conservatives are NOT people". Yea. I don't believe there is a non-violent solution to this.

  3. It ain't over, Kid. Yes, it looks bad, but it ain't over 'till it's over. And it ain't. Not yet.

    1. Fredd,
      Not yet -- but very close to it.

    2. Fredd, We'll find out mid November.

    3. Yup, we'll see if they outnumber us. If they do, then it's time to rig the system.

  4. Replies
    1. AOW, I read about this a few years ago, and there were 1400 girls involved over a decade or more. This is created La Cosa Nostra in Sicily. I guess most people don't give a shit anymore.

    2. When a society stops protecting its daughters, that society will descend into hedonistic barbarism.

    3. AOW, I was really surprised this would happen in England. Such a polite society when I was there for a year in 1990, and men who seemed like they wouldn't put up with this kind of thing. Then again, England was disarmed. Not so much any more as I read knife and gun crime is way up. But how can you be a parent and not know where your young daughter is??

      Yea, evil thrives when left to its devices.



    To dream the impossible dream
    To fight the unbeatable foe
    To bear with unbearable sorrow
    To run where the brave dare not go
    To right the unrightable wrong
    To love pure and chaste from afar
    To try when your arms are too weary
    To reach the unreachable star

    This is my quest
    To follow that star
    No matter how hopeless
    No matter how far

    To fight for the right
    Without question or pause
    To be willing to march into Hell
    For a heavenly cause

    And I know if I'll only be true
    To this glorious quest
    That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
    When I'm laid to my rest

    And the world will be better for this
    That one man, scorned and covered with scars
    Still strove with his last ounce of courage
    To reach the unreachable star.

    ~ Joe Darion (librettist for Man of La Mancha)

    Perfect unity with God, the Father, Jesus Christ, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the animating force behind Life, itself, is "The Impossible Dream" –– "The Unreachable Star."

    It is the constant STRIVING TOWARDS unattainable Perfection that blesses, and sanctifies our lives as individuals. Whether we ever REACH that goal is NOT important.

    Our strength –– and our Salvation –– comes from the stress and strain of Ceaseless Striving –– no matter what.

    This world is not OURS to perfect. Instead, it is a PROVING GROUND where we, as individuals, are given the opportunity to prove ourselves worthy of "Salvation" by NOT succumbing to the temptation to give way to Rancor, Cynicism, Doubt and Fear for ourselves.

    1. FT, Ok. It ain't workin lately on the whole.

    2. Kid,

      What we have hoped for, dreamt of, and strived towards never has been –– and never will be –– attainable.

      That does not mean, however, that we should give up yearning, searching and striving for a better world, and better lives for ourselves and our loved ones. I have become convinced that Life is MEANT to be a constant battle, and that it is our DUTY as God-fearing citizens to keep "Fighting the Good Fight" as long as we are conscious, and have breath in our bodies.

      We NEVER can get to a place where we may just rest comfortably on our laurels. There is always MORE to learn. MORE to achieve, something BETTER to work towards. Failure to reach the goal doesn't matter. Our never giving up TRYING is the thing that counts.

      I hope this doesn't sound sanctimonious? Though I get accused of "hypocrisy" all the time by trolls and leftists, I do my best to be sincere and not to be guilty of hypocrisy.

      Have a good one!

      That doesn't mean that I think I am always right. Even at age seventy-five I am still very much "a work in progress." :-)

    3. FT, I absolutely see our existence as a struggle between good and evil - regardless whether someone is religious or has a concept of God or not. Since the beginning of time, and yes we should always fight evil or at least resist.

      I was born with certain rights. We all were.

      Well, I had 5 or 6 good decades, and thinking back to past generations I don't think many can say that, so I not crying over it. I' hate to be a kid today though.

    4. Well, Kid, the way I see it, God IS Good just as the Devil IS Bad. So, if you are working for what-you-believe-to-be a good purpose, you ARE working with and FOR God, whether you choose to call Him that or not. ;-)

      Naturally, the opposite is equally true. Why so many seem to want to work for the Devil today is a mystery to me. BUT we must remember Satan is the greatest master of portraying horrible, destructive things as "good," and making them seem very attractive.

      Our having Free Will is a problem because it forces us to make choices all the time. Often we don't really understand what we are doing or why. It seems cruel, doesn't it, but obeying God (good) would have no meaning if we were programmed to do int automatically.

      Good (God) wants us to CHOOSE Him. Love, Devotion and Obedience could not exist if we were not free to make wrong choices. A paradox, I know, but from what I've learned that's exactly what life is –– a paradox.

      By the way, I see pussycats as little angels who come to bring comfort, cheer, tender-heartedness and good HUMOR into our lives. I feel sorry for people who do not like or cannot respond to cats –– OR dogs either for that matter. ;-)