Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Well Boy Howdy, Here You Go...

With the help of Astronomy Picture Of The Day, I have finally found where democrat politicians, libtard progressives and all other assholes are hatched.

Without Further Ado.. Click the picture to go to the APOD site and read all about it. You may also click the picture there to get increasingly larger versions to explore.

We might want to shoot some nukes in the direction of this abomination in space....


  1. I suffer from nebulaphobia, a fear of libtard forming constellations. This haunts me, sir!

    1. DeBlade, well I have given you the coordinates sir. Use that Boomer Sub we have and let fly !

    2. DeBlade I see you're All Over This already

      I will not misunderestimate you again sir,

    3. I was under a self-imposed info blackout on this launch or I would have given you the nod. BTW, keep your head down today at 06:18:34.3 (±1.3 seconds) UTC.
      WTF 911 backwards?

    4. DaBlade, dang that thing almost hit me.

  2. I wish they would just go to the hatchery.