Friday, November 20, 2015

Teachable Moments

I don't know, I'm just going to go off the cuff with what I can remember as I'm typing this... How many examples do you need anyway.  Let me know of a mass murder event that doesn't fit the profile (cops were able to circumvent) if you think you know of one. Good Luck.  Don't bother telling me about idiotic punks who post on facebork that they're going to kill people at commieland high school next week...

Sandy Hook.  The cops didn't save a whole lot of kids.

Virginia Tech. The Swat guys were actually wearing body armor and hiding behind trees while that little Korean POS was running around killing kids.

Bali Hotel: The moslem vermins killed at will many hotel guests before being taken down by local authorities. Some of them even got away.

German Wings co-pilot screws a plane full of people into a mountain side.  He didn't commit suicide. he was pissed because he converted to the cancer known as islam and the Germans had just closed down an ISIS associated mosque in the town he lived in that he was going to.

Paris: Many killed by moslem vermin who weren't even on the radar.  Hundreds killed by moslem vermin who WERE ON THE RADAR (get my point?) 

Today - Mali: Many killed by moslem vermin.  The Mali Army is there and at this moment as far as I know, the three or so gunman are Still Alive In The Hotel !  And all the guests are believed to be Out.  What?!

It's All The Same.  It's all Exactly the same.  Human targets in gun free zones being killed by vermin moslem or otherwise vermin and the cops can't do a shitting thing about it until it's all over but the crying.. If then.

And they can't even do a shitting thing about it if the acts are perpetrated by vermin who are already on their watch lists !  Are you getting this??  There are No defenses against a constant influx of suicidal murdering vermin individual that no one has even Freakin Heard of.  And apparently there is no defense against the ones you moron authorities Have heard of.  Many of the Paris vermin were on Watch Lists !

Instead of taking candles, flowers and stuffed animals (For Christ's Sake!) to these events, take pitchforks, clubs, frying pans, and kitchen knives to the offices of the assholes who keep you from being able to defend yourself.  Seriously.

The authorities have Zero Ability To Protect You.  Only You have the potential ability to protect you.  If you live in an area where you are not allowed to arm yourself, it means that the politicians who rule over you don't give a rats ass about you, your family, your son, your daughter, your dog, your cat, your disabled brother in a wheelchair. They don't Care ! They don't Care !  They don't CARE !

Demand that you be allowed to protect yourself.  Do whatever it takes to protect yourself.  You are Born with this right.  You don't acquire it by the good graces of some POS politician who is only interested in collecting taxes from you which they can line their pockets with.

Do you not understand this???  Go see a doctor and get a Brain Cell Injection. Please.  It's just too painful living in the midst of you incredible morons.  Honestly.  You are the 2nd most dangerous cancer upon the Earth.


  1. There has to be the end of the term WATCH LIST here in America (where we have at least 900 suspected terrorists, according to the feds) and in Europe. No more WATCH's going to be called GOODBYE LIST from now on.
    We smell a tiny RUMOR that someone's sent an email or visited Afghanistan or tweets anti American anything, pro Muslim ANYTHING, and they are GONE TOMORROW. And the family, too. GONE.

    WATCH LISTS ARE RIDICULOUS in this climate...they have to be torn up...after every single person and their families are deported, passports revoked, never to return again.

    And then we have to own a Munich, I was told that car dealerships were being broken into and cars stolen since the 'refugees' arrived...they built fences, they still got cars out, they got DOGS, and NO MORE CARS are being stolen because muslims hate dogs. :-) True story!

    1. Z, I certainly agree on the Goodbye list. But we also have to acknowledge that many of these murder events are being executed by vermin who have not done a single thing yet. They're been groomed by ISIS or Al Queerda or whomever and they are not known until Americans are dead. We need to go further to protect ourselves. Frankly these moslems need to be deported or assigned a person to watch them. Personally I'd rather save the money and deport them all because all of them (Ok 99%) like in Irving Texas, are hell bent on winning at the ballot box and installing sharia law where 4 year old boys have their hands chopped off for stealing a candy bar, young girls - victims already of female genital mutilation - are stoned to death for the crime of being gang raped by a group of young male vermin. This is not to be happening in America and if it does may very well cause me to violate the First Commandment.

    2. Sorry if I appear redundant, but I'm going to keep on saying this DESPITE opposition from too many who like to think of themselves as "reasonable," "fair-minded," and "law-abiding." Well FUCK fair-mindedness when it comes to Islamaniacs!

      There is only ONE sensible solution to ALL forms of Islamic Aggression. and that is a UTILITARIAN solution –– a FINAL Solution:




      Those who would be kind to the cruel will be cruel to the kind."

      "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

      ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


      However illegal, impolitic, inadvisable, unconstitutional, un-American, immoral or impracticable others claim it to be I will maintain that position till my dying day.

      When the Handwriting on the Wall sends a clear, uncompromising message, and STILL we fail to heed its stern warning, we DESERVE to be ECLIPSED.

      FACE IT: Either it's DIDADIN or BE DAMNED.

      "Extremism in Defense of Liberty is No Vice."


    3. FT, Yes it is time for a whole lot of people to pull their head out of their ass. But it ain't gonna happen.

    4. "...if it does may very well cause me to violate the First Commandment."

      Thou shalt have no other gods before me?

  2. You're right, of course. I keep wondering, who in the heck goes to Mali or that other African city some months back where animals armed with weapons massacred everyone who wasn't also a mus-tard. We expect civilized society in Paris; but I think people are asking for it at beach resorts in mus-tard countries or in Africa where its great sport to cut off people's heads .... it's what savages do.

    I like Z's account of dogs being used to protect car lots. How about every female in Germany adopt a German Shepherd or a Rotweiller?

    1. Mustang, Yes, having a capable dog and a knife is an excellent idea for any female disallowed to arm themself..

      And You Couldn't Pay Me to go to any area where mus-tards are prevalent. Hotel? Luxury Hotel? So what. Plenty of them here. Beach? Plenty of good ones here. I haven't been every where like Johnny Cash, but I've been out of country and frankly the draw isn't strong with me. Pyramids? I'll look them on Google Earth. I wouldn't go near one of these places any more than I'd jump into a shark tank..
      And I think it would be a positive if all non-mus-tards bugged out so if we have to at some future point, we can nuke the places without worrying about collateral damage - outside of the cats, dogs, birds, etc.

  3. I agree that nobody with half a brain should be visiting a country such as Mali (or any country in Africa or the Middle East) without understanding that all of the people around them hate them and want them dead....or worse. Duh.

    These peaceful muslims who sit back and pray in their mosques while their brothers ravage the society in which they live, they deserve no peace, no rest, no protection themselves. They are not peaceful, when they tolerate, or otherwise give harbor to their hateful brothers. And sisters, apparently.

    Time to close all mosques in the US. If the moslems who attend them gripe, deport them to countries that put up with their evil cult (to use a phrase that that guy in Fredricksburg, VA used, correctly I might add). We have a moslem problem in this country
    And we've had a moslem problem since the days of Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary pirates.

    Or before that, back to the crusades. Those rat bastard ISIS pukes even call us crusaders. Time to kick them out. All of them. They are all rotten to the core.

    1. Fredd, Every word. 100%

      Show me a significant single moslem who is out calling for the cessation of violence against the entirety of the non-moslem world. Of course we cannot. They are all in the same category. Yes, it's a cult. Honestly, imagine the mental gymnastics of libtards who freak out over non-existent things like 'the gender war' in the US, or human rights and don't even freakin Mention these savages. Don't even mention them. I'd love to be in the oval office right now today and be receiving my first visit from CAIR. I would tell that POS that effective immediately their tax free status is rescinded. That their 'religion' will be redefined as a cult - that their barbaric practices will be disallowed by the Kid's DOJ and their mosques will be subject to regular inspections (hey cops take money from people they label as drug dealers without the slightest bit of proof other than the person has a lot of money) and they will be reduced to par status. Step out of line and end up in jail or back in the sand box. Elect me, and I'll put that shit on video and upload it to youtube.

    2. Fredd,
      These peaceful muslims who sit back and pray in their mosques while their brothers ravage the society in which they live, they deserve no peace, no rest, no protection themselves....Time to close all mosques in the US.

      Yes. Otherwise, America will become like Brussels is right now -- on lockdown.

  4. What can we do?
    We can stop outsourcing our security.
    No more gun free zones, no more gun free workplaces.
    If I don't go berserker on the street, why would I in school or at work or in a Federal building?

    Want to be secure?
    Buy a gun, learn to use it, and encourage the one next to you to do the same.
    It's not 100%, but what in life is?

    Don't like guns, or are afraid to use one?
    Don't stop me from protecting me or you because of your fear of me having a gun when you fear the terrorist having one.

    The solution is to stop outsourcing our security. Gun up. Be situationally aware. Your odds of surviving are greater. And their odds of surviving are lower.

  5. Instead of taking candles, flowers and stuffed animals (For Christ's Sake!) to these events, take pitchforks, clubs, frying pans, and kitchen knives to the offices of the assholes who keep you from being able to defend yourself.

    As long as this softie-love CRAP continues, the people will not take back their countries.

    Did you hear that Brussels is now on lockdown? "Terror attack imminent." Metro shut down, people ordered to stay inside until further notice, soldiers patrolling the streets. Their looking for shit weasel Abdesalam -- or whatever his name is.

    I may be mistaken, but it is my understanding that Belgium has the highest percentage of Muslims in Europe. Duh!

    1. BTW, Brussels is the headquarters of NATO.

    2. AOW, How can a person that has a working brain somehow think that the police can get to a point where they cause this stuff to stop? Police Never Stop Crimes! Not in the History of the World ! They follow up - Maybe. So, too many out there with non-functional brains. Libtardism is a mental disease. How many times do we have to say it....

      As an aside, we heard that the ringleader wasn't there, was killed, wasn't there, was killed, and the last I heard it was that he was killed in the raid. Then yesterday or the day before, they say that the chick was not the one who blew up, it was some guy who they've yet to identify. So, the first 10 versions of reports on somethihng like this are pretty much BS, then in these countries like The EU, we have to wonder if they'd even tell the truth. Like the ringleader... would they admit they haven't found the POS yet? Or would they rather tell everyone they killed the sucker and hope he stays under a rock. I think there is Plenty of motivation for them to lie about all of it. They clearly don't give a shit about the citizens.

  6. Everything that needs to said about these animals has been said. So we are only going in circles. Obama is the worse president in United State's history. All roads lead back to Obama. He defends Muslims while slamming Christians, and some naive sheep still insist he's not a Muslim. Obama has one goal and one goal only: to destroy America. What happen in Paris should not have been the spark for the free/civilized world to take action. It's not that ISIS is so strong, as the free/civilized world has been so weak. These animals don't understand dialogue, discussion, and debate. They only understand bullets and bombs. It's their way or the highway. With them, it's always a one sided conversation. Like the next president of the United States said, bomb the shit out of them. The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist.

  7. Kid,
    I had a few spare minutes this evening and learned that the attackers of the Mali hotel did indeed get away. At least three attackers

    1. AOW, Good God.... Yea, let's put our lives in the hands of these unbelievable incompetents.

      Who would go to Mali, Indonesia? Africa anywhere? Anywhere in the ME? Unreal. Probably Libtards I guess, since they have no capacity to identify evil. Maybe that's the answer. Maybe if we convince them all that Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia are giving away free money and sex to American tourists, they'll all head over there and we can cleanse America.

    2. AOW, PS, Thanks for the information.

  8. It's no wonder a majority of Americans say they no longer recognize America and feel like strangers in our own country. As for me, say hello to my little friends. Smith, Wesson and Zeke (my German Shepperd).

    1. I have the exact same friends as you plus one... my Doberman, Maxine.

  9. DaBlade - I sure don't recognize much of it.

  10. My husband and I have had carry permits for decades and our daughters, both target shooting enthusiasts, are planning on getting their permits as well. We have urged many friends and family members to do the same. Like you said, the authorities have Zero Ability To Protect You.

    1. Cube, Nice to know you're part of the solution. Which I strongly suspected :)

  11. don't forget Ft Hood and the US military trained hassan killing our un-armed BEST >>> Grrrrrrrrrr

    1. Carol-CS, Never will forget. Yea, unreal when these sorts of things happen. Deny the 2nd to those who are protecting our country...

  12. mcjiggers - take your 1.5 year old brain and jam down the road. Get a clue idiot, don't come back.



    1. FT, Always find a way to get happy. The world has always been full of evil. Don't let it win.