Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hey obama !

Because you've been lying your ass off (to all of America)  since you started your campaign in 2006, and have actually been re-elected, you probably think that people believe the incredible ton-age of bull shit that comes out of your mouth on a daily basis.  In fact I'm sure you do.

FYI - Most of us know what a pathetic liar you are, what an imbecile you are and what an enemy of true Americans (of any color) you are.  Seriously, I might have an ounce of respect for you if you came out and told us how you intend to do America/Americans harm day after day.

Know that the only people who supprt you are Losers. Just like you who have never worked an honest day in their life and exist only to demand free stuff from productive people who will eventually disappear and leave you and yours in a wasteland of libtard, black aggression, moslem agression shit holes.  At least you will all end up with what you deserve.

You're pathetic. I can't wait until you are back in private life trying to rewrite history like every other POS democrat president in history.

Most of America


  1. WOWZIR...this is FABULOUS~ I knew it was going to be a killer because you commented you were going to write, then you came back and said it was done pretty quickly..I thought "GREAT~..Stream of Consciousness....good for Kid" I call this a SCREAM of CONSCIOUSNESS :-)

    Brother, I hope he gets messages like this at the WH...he needs to know most of us see through him. To see liberal journalists grilling him the other day in Turkey was a pleasure and it said "mr. President, you aren't answering the questions and THAT's why we've asked the same thing 3 times; stop being petulant and be a MAN, for goodness sake" (it didn't happen)

    And then he goes to the Philippines and insults half of America...all Republicans, as I said in my post. This man is despicable and we literally can't take ANOTHER WHOLE DARNED YEAR but we must.
    God help us all.

    Super post, Kid...keep 'em comin'!

    1. Thank you So Much Z. This literally took about a minute and a half to write.

    2. When you're that primed, and THAT RIGHT, it only takes a few minutes........keep going.
      I SO hope the monster in the WH gets emails like yours...I really do.

    3. I hope so too Z. I'd like to seea bunch of the media turn on him. Rememebr when he was So miffed that one outlet didn't kiss his ass all day? Imagine if a bunch of them turn on him. It might push him over the edge. That's what I'd like to see. I'd like to see him crying in the Rose Garden because only 2 media outlets still kiss his ass. Ah Well.

  2. Well said, Kid. Good Lord - only one more year of having to look at him and that revolting "woman" he's married to.

    My commie brother (with whom I have not spoken to in 6 years this month) is a malignant narcissist and a huge supporter of Obama. I'm sorry that it took until I was in my 60's to come to the realization of just what a horrible pig he is.

    Less than 90 days until Iowa. Whew...should be interesting.

    1. Adrienne - Thank You SO Much. Yea, I actually know people (well..) who state even today that they believe a president would Never Lie. I'm serious. Well, I think it's down to Cruz fwiw.

      Good luck to us and to you.

    2. Adrienne....I'm so sorry about your GOD, what causes that Obama illness!??
      O is revolting..simply every way...what happened these last few days is so bad I can't bear to think what he might do in the coming year. God help us all.

    3. Adrienne,
      Mr. AOW's sister is of the same cloth as your brother.

  3. Don't hold back.Kid.
    I'm convinced he couldn't care less about our opinion of him, though.

    1. Ed, I hope all of my posts display the idea that I have no intention of holding back. Holding back in today's environment is on a par with the libtards. God knows I don't wantt o be equated with those shit for brains morons.

      But thank you and you're absolutely right, he could care less what we think,

  4. Obama is a stupid man, and no American.

    1. Mustang, anyone who champions moslems and socialism, anti-American values is one seriously shit for brains imbecile.
      There is nothing about obama that is intelligent or American. Thank you for your support.

  5. You ain't gonna get no argument from me, Kid. I'm a prophet. I wrote this in the run up to the 2008 election:

    As everyone among the Democratic
    __ minions surely knows,
    Barack will overcome
    __ our bitter nation's fears and woes
    By waving at our enemies
    __ his awesome big black hose.

    And just one artful flash
    __ of his white enameled smile
    Dissolves in Islamaniacs
    __ their every trace of bile.
    And of his excrement the world
    __ can’t wait to eat a mile.

    _________ NOT! _________

    ~ FreeThinke

    1. FT, Yes, not to brag but I had him pegged as an empty suit and a flim flam man after hearing him for 15 minutes early in 2006 and have never watched or listened to him again since intentionally. And I will admit I had no idea the level of evil this POS would get to. Every day the bar is lowered.

  6. I wish more people thought the thoughts you wrote in this post. I know some people who voted for Obama and now deeply regret it. Thank goodness I don't know anyone, much less belonging to my family, who blindly supports the piece of excrement a.k.a. Obama.

    1. Cube, Honestly, I'm no Genius but I've been getting this guy since 2006. I can't imagine why anyone would support him unless they're on the free train, 90% of the black, or otherwise profiting from the evil. I know many are not in these categories and still support him and I Can't Imagine how stupid they are. Can't imagine.