Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Well, Here's An Idea

obama wants to bring clock boy with father who is on terror list to white house but has never even mentioned vet who was shot 7 times but saved untold number of college kids in latest mass murder in gun free zone in Oregon.  Then a nano-second after mass murder, obama starts politicizing it.  The bodies aren't even cold yet. Many people in the area lined highways and roads with banners that let obama know what they thought of his pathetic ass.  Of course, some morons offered support as well.

I think we should take this national. Every time obama goes somewhere, we who can should line the roads with big sign's telling him to resign and move back to Kenya.

Much more effective than signing petitions or cicking on click bait then entering our email addresses into spam generation websites...

Just a thought.


  1. I think they ought to stand on the side of the road with their AR's strapped to their backs in a show of defiance and solidarity. Let him see up close and personal who he wants to take them away from.

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    1. Lisa, Thank you. It is something that would not accomplish anything but that would give me some small measure of satisfaction at least. I cannot think of anything else at present that would.

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  4. I like the idea, too..but maybe not as MUCH as Lisa :) (double commenting happens to me ALL the time at AOW's blog :-( )

    I hate to say it but I enjoyed Obama getting that treatment in Oregon; he does so much rotten stuff and STILL gets kudos from felt good that some people see through him. At least SOME people do.

    1. Z, I'd say a Lot of us see through, but We're all working for a living !

  5. A lot of callers on talk radio are stating that this boy is doing a trial run.
    When everyone's guard is down- the clock comes apart pieces flying around everywhere.
    Obama said he would take the side of the musleeemssss/that we would be able to
    absorb a good hit.

  6. Gun grabbers such as Obama have lots of thoughts as to how best to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens, but no clue as to how best to remove guns from criminal scumbag hands - the real gun problem at the forefront.

    I wonder when Barry will have Wayne LaPierre show up in the Rose Garden for a photo op: Wayne, who stated "the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun." I could be waiting awhile for that photo op, I suppose.

  7. We're better off with Clockmed and his family out of the US. I hope the door hits him where the good Lord split him. Good riddance.

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    1. Ed, Surely, he'll be stumping for whatever pathetic dem candidate is picked. Then we can put two names on the banners ! ;-)

    2. Like hey obama go back to Kenya, and take the hildebeast with you to her natural habitat.

    3. Like hey Indonesian Step-Child...

    4. TS/WS, the possibilities for insult are probably endless.

  9. Speaking of gun control...
    We talked about the WWII Generation almost gone, and,
    how we agreed about them waiting for the Vet Nam Generation to go.
    Now the physcooos are killing sitting ducks, and, how maybe the Phycooos
    Doctors are in on it; cutting off their meds, causing rollercoaster depression to the killing agenda.
    Now talk about physiologist evaluations before anyone can buy a gun or ammo.
    The last two generations have been forced to take Riddelin.
    They (the last two generations) are the target for not being allowed to own guns. And a test for buying Ammo!
    It might come a little quicker-maybe in our Generation.
    President Hildebeast, as Sec. of State, signed the U.N. Treaty "Small Arms Reduction"; and are killing our Children to
    speed things up--which have not worked thus far--is having to wait until her Coronation.
    Did you hear about a guy dressed in black attacked a school and killed a teacher and a couple of children -
    with-A SWORD?

    1. TS/WS. Agree all. Yes I saw the story on the whackjob they're calling darth vader killer because before he stabbed someone he said "I'm your father."

      Speaking of which. The KIDDIES are Over the Top Bonkers about the star wards movies. I mean Bonkers like I've never seen anyone bonkers for anything. Over the top doesn't describe it. I think that speaks to something in the area of brainwashing/fiction addiction/taking their mind somewhere that makes it easier to control their minds.

      The global warming idiots. The anti-Conservative idiots. They ain't right in the head and i"m not just talking dumb as a friggin rock.

    2. PS - We must have sword control.