Friday, October 30, 2015

So, I Guess This is What hilrod clinton Looks Like in Outer Space

The Witch Head Nebula

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  1. Much too flattering, Kid!


  2. Witch head, maybe. Or some kid has been working the finger paint on mom's kitchen floor.

  3. "Witch head nebula"...that's where you got the idea!
    :-) It FITS!

    1. Yes Z, and I sure wish that's where the beast was now...outer space.

  4. Unfortunately, this "cosmic crone is about 800 light-years away" while Hilrod is just a stone's throw away... Hey, now THERE's an idea!

    1. DeBlade, I like it. Send her, the moslems, the blacks who won't integrate and anyone in the serious A category, and this might start look like a decent planet to live on. Beam them up. Given a light year is 5.8 trillion miles, that might be enough of a separation.

  5. You might enjoy this, since the subject has turned once again to The Ultimate Witch. Her "confession" is proof that one can be brutally raunchy without being too obvious about it. Be sure to read the first letter of each line from top to bottom, and you'll see exactly what I mean. };-)>

    __ Hillary’s Acrostic Confession __

    I’ve always had ambition to gain power.
    My motives frankly, I’ve not understood.
    At times I know that others think me sour.
    For me that’s not a problem. I’m no good.
    Unusual if not unique it must
    Cause many to perceive my style as vile.
    Kicking at the pricks adds to my lust
    Inspiring me to spew more and more bile.
    No one can stop me, I am positive,
    Because I am The Designated Choice
    In whom the Powers see a Factor Causative
    To silence soon forever Freedom’s Voice.
    Crushing, then discarding the Old Rules
    Happily I of all my fans make fools.

    ~ Hillary Rotten Clinton

    1. I guess Hillary's Self-Portrait ;-) really does tend to repel people. Hardly surprising. She is a malignant human being.
      I think villains get away with their crimes so often, because most people are decent and just don't want to believe what's right in front of them if it seems too unpleasant to accept.

    2. the hildebeast is human garbage at best. And I question the human part. When I stumble on her image on the web I see Satan's butthole.

  6. ___ A Big Ol’ Papa Bear Has Left Us ____

    The news was sudden –– caught us unaware.
    One never knows. They say, it’s up to God.
    Finality is always in the air ––
    Reaching out to claim us as we plod ––
    Earnestly –– erratic, or dogmatic ––
    Dogged –– fearful –– frivolous –– romantic ––
    The pious –– the heroic –– the pragmatic ––
    Hold on to Life, and try not to feel frantic.
    Or lose heart while knowing we are stalked ––
    Mercilessly –– from the day that we are born.
    Papa Bear was taken while we talked.
    Sadly, he won’t see another morn.
    Of him now, as we contemplate his loss,
    No one should speak unkindly or be cross.

    ~ FreeThinke (11/1/15)

    In loving memory of Fred Dalton Thompson (1942-2015) Truly an American Original.
    Rest in peace, Fred. We'll miss you.


    Sorry, Kid, for the Off-Topic post, but Fred Thompson's death hit me unexpectedly hard when the news suddenly showed up on TV yesterday. I was stunned to learn the Fred was actually a full year younger than I. (!) I've always thought of him as a larger-than-life kind of Big Daddy figure –– the most mature guy in the room wherever he was present. The guy led an amazing life. It never occurred to me that he could be snuffed out so suddenly like that. No warning, no fanfare, just GONE. When you get to be as old as I, things like that become more jolting.

    Do as much and get as much as you can, while you can. The time when we will see no more tomorrows is always closer than we like to think. Rejoice, be glad –– and get on with it.

    1. FT, I thought Fred was alright. I didn't have any special feelings for him, but certainly nothing against him either. I noticed his age and also thought he was a bit young for this. Oh yea, They will come to an end someday. I hope to have all my affairs in order, so people don't have to screw around much. Wham Bam Thank Ya Ma'am, more to family than the government, Those left behind in the best possible situation, etc.

  7. Thank goodness the cosmic chrone doesn't rule the universe... and the US.