Sunday, October 25, 2015

I've Gotten Too Stressed Out, Time for Some Stress Relief

Tommy Emmanuel should do it.

What the Fox is thinking...

That's a Fiddler all Right

Let's slow it down

He plays 300 concerts a year. If he shows up in your area and you like guitar, it will be time and money well spent.


  1. I still say you should give Tiny Tim a shot, and give Tommy Emmanuel a rest.

    1. ___ Tiptoe Thought the Poo Poo ___
      Dedicated to Our Wandering Tribe of Trolls

      Tiptoe through the poo poo
      At the websites in the blogosphere, then
      Tiptoe thought through the poo poo and see
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      ~ Tiny Dick

  2. Fredd, I dunno, Tiny Tim is kind of one note.

    1. Khaury was an asshole –– a worthless, no-talent bum with nothing to sell but colossal gall –– sorta like Hillary Clinton. ;-}.

    2. Kid: What??!! (gasp)....Tiny Tim...a ONE NOTE!!!??? (huff, puff...)........................The greatest musician of the 1960's, and perhaps EVER in the history of MANKIND? A 'ONE NOTE' nobody??!!

      If you play 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips' backwards, it spells out the meaning of life and the preamble to the United States Constitution. If you think I am making this up, go ahead, play it backwards and then issue your apology.

      (then again, I could be wrong).

    3. Fredd, you have hitched you wagon to a defective horse..... ;-)

    4. A DEAD horse, if you ask me. Just ask Miss Vicky, if you don't believe me. };-)>

    5. Now wait just a darn minute, there, FreeThinke. Miss Vicky is off the table.

      I wonder whatever happened to her, now that the Great One (T. Tim) has passed; does she just wander the halls and ballrooms of the stately Tim mansion, pining for her dear departed bethrothed, as she mournfully passes by the countless Matisse, Gogan and Reubens masterpieces hanging on the expansive walls between the great wings of her estate?

  3. Tommy has the kind of gift that sets him apart and far above politics and all the other bullshit that weighs us down. He's a great Force of Nature and a true musical genius. If Tommy can't lift your spirits, you don't have any spirits left to lift.

    I really like him. He's the Real Deal –– not some cheap ass rhinestone cowboy or howling bawling whining mud hen.

    1. FT, Interesting that you pick up on that. He openly states he does not get involved in the negatives. He works tirelessly to bring entertainment to US, because he knows we need it. I've heard him say it. It is probably on his website somewhere.

      If anyone was defined as "Negative energy is wasted energy" It is Tommy. Tommy is a hero as much as anyone ever was. And he doesn't take himself that seriously at all. He is very grateful that he's been able to make a living and do for his family "making sounds with a wooden box with strings on it".

      He was inspired by another one - Chet Atkins.

    2. I've always believed the only true heroes have been the artists who bring excitement, joy and a keen sense of wonder into otherwise grim, tedious, workaday lives.