Monday, June 1, 2015

Where In The HELL

Is Our Republican Majority ??

Oh right here...


  1. Many people have a fear of clowns.
    I can see why.

    1. Yes. I was terrified of them when I was a little boy, and still find them downright creepy even today.

      D8d yo ever see the pictures of mass-murderer-pedophile John Wayne Gayce dressed up in his clown outfit. Terrifying is not too strong a word.

    2. Ed, Only because of their unusual protected status.

      I'm going to say generally clowns don't scare me. Tornadoes scare me.

    3. Take a look at this, Kid, and then tell me you're not "disquieted," if you don't want to admit to being scared.

    4. FT, Honestly. Death does not scare me. Therefore the bigger the threat, the more I will laugh in its face/resist/etc. If satan appears before me I will tell the sucker to go to hell. Seriously. It'll be tense but there's no backing down from evil. There is only -and hopefully- a gun in my hand in the case of killer clowns, or calm resolve that He will take care of me in the case of satan. I will not bend. I will not yield. I may end up dead, but it won't be on my knees in an orange jumpsuit.

    5. Death, itself, doesn't scare me, Kid, but I'd rather avoid the more gruesome ways of getting there, thank you very much. did you read what John Wayne Gayce, the Community Clown, did to most of the boys he murdered? Waaaaaaaay beyond horrific.

    6. FT, Yes, there are things worse than death at least temporarily. I'll say if I was 12 I'd be scared. Not at this point though.

  2. ___ Congressional Clowns ___

    The crowds stopped roaring
    And vacated the arena long ago.
    The spectacle had reached the point
    Where it no longer titillated,
    No longer shocked, depressed,
    Annoyed, or inspired
    Even the faintest semblance
    Of empathy, interest or concern.

    Evening shadows lengthen
    Darkening the tarmac.
    The sky purples, then blackens.
    There is no moon tonight.
    She has taken refuge ––
    Along with the stars ––
    Behind a thick blanket
    Of lowering thunderclouds.

    And still
    The weary gladiators fight on ––
    Unaware that the sweet Release,
    The blessed Relief ––
    The Peace
    ––The Joy––
    Of Death
    Can never overtake
    Thrusting in futility
    In the vast emptiness
    Of Capitol Hill
    Their Agony
    And ours
    Shall be

    ~ Freethnke

  3. Elections have ceased meaning anything even close to representing the will of WE THE PEOPLE.

    I feel like going to live under a rock!

    1. AOW, I see some tiny little sparks, little flashes of light from a flint strike, in those we have more or less given up on. I will say this next election is THE LAST opportunity for expecting sanity to return to us.

    2. AOW, And yes, government has ceased meaning anything close to the will of We The People. Which came first ? :)

  4. I see what you did ther, FreeTnke. Warrior clowns fighting for their share of porkulus. And to think the circus will be phasing out the elephants.

  5. I agree that the Congress is a gaggle of clowns. Why else would people trained in the law, who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, debate whether the Fourth Amendment is relevant to the security of the American people? The Fourth Amendment IS the law, which brings us back to a proper address for members of Congress. It is BOZO. One final question ... why are most Americans only now becoming aware of stingray and covert FBI surveillance of American citizens?

    1. Mustang - States Rights are paramount and pivotal. The states defending themselves are our last hope from a federal government totally out of control.

      To the final question, it is my impression that at least 2 generations of young people have been brainwashed into thinking they are subservient to the government rather than the reality that it is supposed to be the other way around. They have implicit trust in politicians which is 180 from where I and everyone I knew growing up was.

    2. Constitutionally guaranteed States Rights went the way of Ozymandias and the Golden Age of Athens, because of the presence of Negro Slaves in certain areas. Because the slave-owning states were unlikely ever to give up the advantages slavery accorded them voluntarily, the Federal Government in the person of Abraham Lincoln bowed to the pressure exerted by fiery self-righteous Abolitionists (the "activists" of their day) and thus waged a war resulting in the death of 635,000 American men, with countless others maimed, blinded, driven insane, plunged into desperate poverty, etc. and that says nothing of the countless widows and orphans created by the event. The ultimate result was virtual destruction of all the former slave owning states. The Negroes were freed, but only to be subjected to desperate poverty, uncertainty, the deep, fear-based resentment of the defeated southerners, the depredations of the KKK, the misery of the Jim Crow Laws, and the indignity of having to live n the ghettos of northern cities where they became enslaved all over again as Useless Worthless Wards of the Welfare State.

      Too many have been stupid enough i regard this sorry saga as evidence of "progress."

      In this particular case there was NO RIGHT ANWER to the questions posed, and no real solution to the problems engendered.

      The fundamentally illegitimate presence of African Negroes in our midst is our Achilles Heel.I'm afraid it will prove to be our undoing. Blaming the poor Negroes won't help a thing.

    3. FT,
      I have to disagree in one respect.

      There is no way to make up for now any wrongs committed in the past. All that we can deal with is today.

      In some respect, we all have a victim's past -- often a distant past.

    4. AOW, with all due respect you did not respond to what i said –– only what you, apparently, thought I said. ;-)

      All i did was enter a capsule history of the disastrous effects the anomalous Negro Presence has had on our society –– as clear an example of "The Sins of the Fathers being Visited Upon the Sons and Daughters: as one could ever hope to find.

      I certainly suggested no SOLUTION to the problem. I believe I suggested rather strongly that there might never BE a solution.

      One of the many cases where foolish "leaders" in past seemed to forget –– or more likely wanted to ignore –– that "fire will burn you and water will make you wet."

    5. FT,
      If there is no solution, then America will be forever locked in racial strife.

    6. FT, AOW, I see no solution to the blacks who will not integrate. In fact, (as recently discussed with my friend Mustang) most of them will be driven/taken to islam. These are people without a country. The moslems will give them one and they will take it.

      Gonna be a bitch.

    7. We have done exactly what Teddy Roosevelt warned us not to -- we've allowed the country to DIS-unite herself and this caused us to regress toward resuming and reliving the sorry spectacle presented by warring factions the late-nineteenth-century immigrant groups, who arrived here and felt deep distrust and hostility toward one another as they struggled to gain a foothold in The New World. Multiculturalism and the deliberate import of a growing preponderance of NON-CAUCASIAN, NON-CHRISTIAN groups since the Liberal-Progressive-Statist sponsored immigration Act of 1965 has torn the country apart, separated us from the roots we had established in this new nation, and destroyed at least a hundred years of genuine progress.

    8. FT, 1965? Another feather for lbj's cap

    9. Much more than that, Kid. Take a look:

      The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (Pub.L. 89–236, 79 Stat. 911, enacted June 30, 1968), also known as the Hart–Celler Act,[1] abolished the National Origins Formula that had been in place in the United States since the Emergency Quota Act of 1921. It was proposed by Representative Emanuel Celler of New York, co-sponsored by Senator Philip Hart of Michigan, and promoted by Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.

      The Hart-Celler Act abolished the national origins quota system that was American immigration policy since the 1920s ...

      Emanuel Celler was a Jew, Philip Hart a liberal Democrat of Irish extraction, and we all know what Teddy Kennedy was, so there’s no need to discus it further, is there?

      Related artlcles on Google that may be of further interest:

      1. Jews and immigration policy — Again | The Occidental Observer policy-—-again/‎
Jan 11, 2010 ... Since, as Sailer notes, Jews constitute half of the most influential .... maneuvering that went on to help get the Immigration Act of 1965 through.

      2. A Vast Social Experiment: The Immigration Act of 1965 | Negative‎
A Vast Social Experiment: The Immigration Act of 1965 ... to the National Origins Act of 1924, the most effective being Jews from central and .... Act did, in favor of national groups who historically had the greatest influence in building the nation?

      3. Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881‎
87) notes, Jewish influence on immigration policy was facilitated by Jewish wealth ... of the Immigration Act of 1924: had the massive immigration of Catholics and Jews ... that the immigration battles from 1881 to 1965 have been of momentous ...

      4. JEWISH SUPREMACISM - Chapter 13 - The Jewish Role in‎
Jul 21, 2011 ... It was not until the 1965 Immigration Act that the U.S. Congress ignored the majority's .... Ross then bluntly writes about the Jewish influence.

      5. The Jewish Conspiracy Behind The 1965 Open Immigration Law‎
Oct 19, 2007 ... While serving Jewish interests, the Open Immigration Law Of 1965 was the ... Christian culture of which they would never ascend to influential positions. .... Isn't it curious how many things, including the 1965 Immigration Act, ...

      6. Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Anti Free Speech Legislation‎
... watershed in 1965. Jewish politicians Behind The Open Immigraton Law of 1965: ... Problably one of the most influential organizations in the US. The ADL is  ...

    10. FT, the commies stepped up their game in a major way after they assassinated JFK. Not much lost on the commies as to how to destroy a nation. I'd say the vast majority today hasn't even acknowledged the effects.
      And they grow less able to by the minute.

    11. The Bible says that G_d is pissed at those that call themselves Jews---and HE KNOWS THAT THEY ARE NOT!
      So ease off on jumping on JEWS - WITH A BROAD BRUSH.
      So, that would be Clowns posing as Jews as well as Members of the Congress. And many are the same----
      Masons/KKK; funny that the KKK don't like Jews. And yet some pose as a Jew Legislator. Deception is their motifs-opperandi. And, the uninformed believe everything that is said by a Silver Tongue Politician.

    12. The articles cited, TS, were directly copied from Google. I did not write them, nor did I say I subscribed to everything they said. I posted the information as a point of departure –– hopefully a spring board for intelligent discussion. Much of it may be poppycock, but an attempt to BAN discussion of ''sensitive'' topics by insulting or demeaning those who bring them up is frankly un-American. The taboo against daring to mention the strong, frequently deleterious influence many Jewish intellectuals and aggressive entrepreneurs have had on American society is the very ROOT of "PC" -- which has proven itself to be the most destructive influence ever brought to bear against Free Speech and other constitutionally guaranteed liberties. You may disbelieve that at OUR peril.

    13. Who said that the PC Crowd are Jews? They did. Not to be demeaning toward you -but- a Reminder that ---some of those trouble makers are not real Jews.
      They own the Media and Their Secret Society is Called "The Scroll And Key".

  6. Clowns are nothing but chatty mimes with better PR agents. And don't get me started on mimes...

    1. What troubled you so about Marcel Marceau and other masterful practitioners of the ancient art of pantomime?

    2. Free: this ancient art seems to attract practitioners that are annoying, creepy and unemployed. In other words, run of the mill liberals.

  7. Fredd, Clowns are weird and these days I think they scare most kids. Does anyone hire clowns for kids parties anymore ? I think kids would be more interested in a Spiderman or Iron Man coming over.

  8. Clowns are just flat out creepy. And out of style with the kids, and have been for decades; ever since Willard Scott hung up his red rubber nose. Now magicians, there's the ticket. Magicians with comely assistants. Always a hit with the kids....

    1. Don't give the murderous psychopaths any helpful ideas, Fredd. ;-)

      We never know when and where another John Wayne Gayce might be lurking in our midst. He might even be your favorite uncle.

  9. Coulrophobiacs Untie!!!! OK, that is for those who fear clowns AND are dyslexic. My bad.

  10. IT isn't surprising at all, that the Scumbucket Liberal cowards are terrified of pissing off their base, even if that means making someone other than Hillary their candidate. The hypocrites in the Liberal-Progressive base didn't mind it when Obama replaced Hillary the last time around. Who would want to belong to a club that does this to their own parties choices? But shell win the nomination even if her numbers are horrid..
    Any democrat, or a progressive voter who supports her after all they learned about her in the past few months are either very ignorant or very stupid, or both.

    1. Beverly, the clinton human garbage has been getting away with it for decades, why would they stop now?
      Died in the wool libtards are sociopath. They don't care what the hildebeast has done (or not), it is only what is in it for them.

  11. Well, I'm sure late to THIS game..I'm so sorry.
    That picture really does capture COngress, doesn't it...good one, Kid!

    Our new national anthem ought to be SEND IN THE CLOWNS. I'll be very happy to sing it at every baseball game.
    Of course, I'll be crying as I sing, but....

    Beverly; "ignorant or stupid or both" Liberalism in a nutshell.

  12. Z, No reason to be sorry about anything. Thanks. They are clowns. Assclowns.

  13. FT, We don't talk to mcjiggers, we just delete

    1. So, you did not like my reply to the Mc guy?

    2. TS, I didn't see your reply to mcjiggers. I just delete without reading. Dude has the brain of a hamster.

  14. I've been watching the shows about Alaska (Discovery and Animal Planert), and heard on one of them that the Moose has a brain the SIZE of a Pea. Ha - Pea Brain.

    1. So, you're saying Libtards are Moose ?

  15. Re: Dude has the brain of a hamster.
    I said, the Moose has a brain the size of a Pea,
    could be he has a brain smaller than a hamster- or -maybe a little bigger than a Moose.

    1. TS, here's one that goes way back... If you put a libtards brain on the edge of a razor blade, it would like like a BB rolling down a 4 lane highway.

  16. Come to think about it---the shows I watched about Alaska --- keeping the train tracks clear----
    one of the guys said that a Moose will act irrationally, charge at some thing, half cocked.
    Could be you drew the correct conclusion - Libtards are Moose

  17. Code word for a libtard "Bullwinkle".