Monday, June 15, 2015

Jeb vs Hilrod ?

It's going to make me hurl.  You?


  1. Jeb might win. He's a much nicer person than Hillary Rottencrotch, he's better looking, has a better speaking voice, a better platform manner, a better record of achievement, (he was a very good governor for Florida), AND he can garner the Hispanic vote, which is a really big deal. Ileana Ross-Lehtinen and one other Cuban-American in congress endorsed Jeb over Rubio immediately after he announced his candidacy. That ought to tell us something.

    I don't want Jeb, BUT I'd rather look at and listen to HIM than Hillahag any day. Yagotta take whutcha can get in this world. It ain't always whutchu want, but "half a loaf is [still] better than none," ain't it?

    1. FT, I'd take anyone over the beast clinton. I'd take obama over clinton. Yes, I'm serious. obama MIGHT just be able to do enough damage that the zombie kids might even notice and we'd have fresh air from that point forward. Certainly in my lifetime anyway.