Wednesday, June 17, 2015

England's NHS (National Health Service) Sucks, and It is Going to Suck More as Time Goes On.

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England's NHS has been held up by the world as the pinnacle of government managed health care. Well, Forget that. It sucks.  It's been sucking for a good long time and it is finally to the point that the national media BBC is actually talking about it.  Think CNN coming down on obama or a democrat federal program.  And not just any federal democrat program.  This is healthcare for an entire society.  You can't get any bigger than that.

NHS is the British equivalent of America's obammycare, only it has been in place a long time, is mature, and should be running like a well oiled machine rather than falling apart like a 1978 Chrysler K-car with a rainbow license plate on the front.

Excerpts from the article, and my comments....

In a speech to health managers, Jeremy Hunt highlighted poor procurement practices which mean the prices paid for items from syringes to toilet rolls vary greatly.

Oh yea, Syringes and toilet paper are the things to concentrate on right?  Oh yea, that's where the big freakin money is.  Seriously?  How about drugs, MRI machines, Anesthetic Equipment (Not cheap, I know someone in the biz) Et Al.  See, by talking about Syringes and toilet paper they are Grossly Minimizing the shock effect of this major problem to the public.  Like let's get Nigel on this high toilet paper cost thing and all will be well in a Jiff! CNN wouldn't do something like that right? 

To be achieved it would need the commitment of everyone working in the health service, he said.

LOL ! When in any universe has anything gotten the "Commitment of everyone involved" !

How the waiting time targets are changing

  • Four-hour A&E target: Currently published weekly all-year-round, but will move to monthly with other measures including possibly ambulance handover times and waits for beds also published to give more comprehensive picture. Weekly statistics likely to be published during the winter though.
  • 18-week wait for hospital treatment: Three targets currently in place - 90% of patients needing treatment should be seen in 18 weeks, 95% of those needing outpatient appointments should get them in 18 weeks and 92% of those still waiting (includes both inpatients and outpatients) should not have waited for more than 18 weeks. First two scrapped, third kept.
  • Cancer waiting times: Range of measures including 62-day target for treatment to start and two-week wait for consultant appointment following an urgent GP referral are published every three months. This will move to monthly reporting.
 Ambulance Handover Times...Waits for Beds.. Dude sits in the parking lot outside the emergency room for a few hours?  Or what?  What is Handover Time as it relates to a patient showing up at a hospital In An Ambulance !?  Not enough Beds?  How much does a bed cost?

18 Week wait for hospital treatment... WHAT??? I need to be in hospital, I may have to wait 18 weeks... What ?  But wait !  18 weeks is a Target Goal !  WTF is the wait time now???
Holy Carp!  I need HOSPITAL CARE and I can't get in there for more than 18 weeks !?

Cancer !  62 days for treatment to start !  And this is a target GOAL ! What is the wait time Now!?

Welcome to obammycare in just a few short years - or less.

Honestly, How stupid do you have to be to say to yourself.. "Yeth - I want government people to manage all aspects of my health care when they can't even manage to take care of military people who have laid their life on the line for America?"  Honestly, How blazingly stupid do you have to be? 

Someone tell me about a federal government program that is run efficiently and cost effectively.  Medicare - 50% fraud.  DOD - 50% fraud.  That's 2 trillion of the budget.  People mostly need healthcare when they are older and collecting social security.  Guess how much the government values you when you are not paying taxes but are collecting money ! Come on take a guess.. 



  1. Government programs feed on themselves. I submit that if a bureaucrat had to make a decision between doing the right thing or placing his position in jeopardy, he or she will always choose to keep the position and to hell with doing the right thing. Now of course, NHS still exists because the English people lack the balls to stand up to bureaucrats. They are sheep, which also happens to explain how Mohammedans have managed to take over in the United Kingdom and now, even in spite of his tough talk a few months back, Cameron is walking back the rhetoric and hunching down in front of the mouthiest Imams. I’ll tell you, all the best British came here to become Americans, leaving the cowering shits on the Island. Who ever imagined that the Brits would begin to emulate the French? But to be fair, we really have no room to talk either. The American people have become so delusional that they continue to think that government knows best even in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary. Now Hillary is campaigning on the basis of raising taxes and the libtards are wetting themselves in anxious anticipation of the first woman president. I may start drinking.

    1. PS, I think you're absolutely right in concluding that every British person that was worth a shit made their way to the New World. The one's who stayed either simply didn't have the means or in the case of the vast majority who stayed simply didn't have it in their genes.
      And it is probably why England who ruled the world had to pull back. They no longer had the talent.

    2. I believe that Europeans who were worth a damn made their way to America; the rest stayed in place and became losers.

    3. I have to disagree respectfully. I think both of you have forgotten that with the exception of the Civil War, which was by far the worst thing that ever happened in our short history, "we" have never fought a war on our soil –– have never been invaded by a foreign army bent on conquest.

      Europe and Great Britain have seen horrific bloodshed and widespread devastation repeatedly –– the worst of it during World War Two. You might say these countries suffered collectively from a potent form PTSD.

      The result of massive, prolonged "shell-shock" has been to render the people cynical, fearful, deeply distrustful and inclined to desert or reject faith in God, thus increasing their vulnerability to pernicious doctrines promising "peace," "fairness" and "equality" for all.

      Even though I agree they've been foolish, I can't find it in my heart to denigrate them under the terrifying, demoralizing circumstances of modern European history.

    4. Well, the Congresses of Vienna sought to achieve more than reestablishing the national boundaries within Europe. It was also to maintain the status quo on the issue of who should govern; it would not be the unwashed usurpers, such as Napoleon, and certainly none of those upstarts in America believing, as they do, in such things as inalienable rights and governance by the people. No indeed, it must be the crowned heads of Europe to maintain a peaceful Europe. And they did, more or less, for another 100 years. After the end of World War I, many in Europe sought to toss out the nobility and establish in the place of monarchy democratic institutions —like in America. Of course, never having had any of these (except in the United Kingdom), Europeans struggled and struggled with Democracy and never quite achieved it when in the 1920s and 1930s they decided to hell with it. They overwhelmingly chose authoritarian figures to lead them; men whose names were Hitler and Mussolini. Well, of course it is true that Mussolini made the trains run on time. Even today, in the guise of democratic institutions, Europeans have opted time after time to impose upon itself the socialist construct: more government, less liberty. I am unable to find any tolerance for people like this, who would rather a bureaucrat tell them what they must do, than to stand as men and choose their own path. So I think my argument is sound. The great Europeans became Americans and those lacking a backbone offered themselves up as chattel to the European elite.

    5. Mustang, Again I agree. Anyone who had the slightest means to and did not choose to break from under the oppressive 1700's England by coming to America is a loser.

  2. Just proves a point that has been proven over and over and over throughout human history: when anybody is given resources from the collective efforts of society, they will never, ever use them efficiently. It's human nature. Why bother being efficient? Those resources will continue to flow, and in ever increasing amounts, these bureaucrats have no skin in the game, and will piss them away in any manner that ensures that THEIR position will be secure. Screw the goals, nobody will hold them accountable.

    Brits are dying by the truck loads from shitty government care, and they continue to vote in numb nut Labor Party hacks who are hell bent in making this kind of lunacy even bigger.

    The US isn't there yet, but we are heading down that road.

    1. Fredd, with health care we are Very close. My doctor does mostly Medicare patient work and he's not sure he'll be able to stay in business. With things in obammycare like the afirmative action clause, say hello to Docta Siniquia..
      I'm already paying 2.5 to three times for Health Ins than I was in 2009 and I'm getting less.
      And the really nasty stuff of obamacare hasn't even kicked in yet.

      Plus there are 30 million still without insurance and Won't be able to get it according to my reading. Honestly, how unbelievably stupid does someone have to be to vote democrat.

    2. If you vote for Democrats, you are either not paying attention for most of your waking hours, are a hopeless utopian dreamer who believes what politicians tell you and who prey on dopes like you, or are just plain dumber than a bag of hammers.. Or, in many instances, rotten to the bone and vote Democratic to profit in some manner from politicians taking money from other people and giving it to you or your interests - lots of that going on.

    3. Fredd, I should have qualified that and said if you are over 30... Then ignorance is no excuse. I agree of course.

  3. FT, Well we did fight the Revolutionary war, then the Indian wars. And again the time to get out from under England's oppressive rule was 1600-1700-1800's . Plus think of the Adventure. Another reason to think people who had the right genes would be making for the New World.

  4. I said @ Carols Blog a while ago that the Pope is Communist.
    Here comes the Propaganda --about opening your wallets.
    And, AND - here come the Commander - saying that the Violence has to stop, and that HE IS going to take our Guns!
    Look----we haven't been invaded, because we are armed to the teeth in most homes.
    Now it looks like the pResident is working for ISL, to disarm We The People; if HE DOES we can expect Al Quada/ ISIS
    to go Subdivision by Subdivision House to House Massacres.
    A Race war is what it looks like brewing to be used for taking our guns.
    A nut on psychiatrist drugs (sound familiar) killed a few at a Black Church, and said, they were the cause of our countries ills.
    School kid shootings were not enough to cause bleeding hearts to surrender our guns----so....

    1. Agree wholeheartedly. I don't trust religious leaders that spout commie bullshit.

    2. TS/WS. Agree, agree, agree. Plus, I wonder why obama doesn't talk about the hundreds of blacks getting killed by black punks in the democrat breeding zones....
      Then I wonder why he doesn't talk about the black punks who go and kill white people because he incites them to it.