Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Substitute moslems for Russians in this Historical Symmetry

Except the moslems are much worse for civilized society.

I was going to do quite a writeup to explain why Pamela Geller is 100% correct and Martha McCallum is 100% wrong, but I can't do any better than Ronald Reagan did in the early 1960s.

Current Events, Same as it ever was.

My Response.  Same as it ever will be.

I will just add that we are on our own. Politicians won't help because they'll take a vote from anyone.  Business won't help and Hollywood won't help because they'll take a dollar from anyone.  As a result they give a false impression that islam in America is Ok and appeasement is a reasonable strategy  It's not and it's not.

Final Point - the media will display piss Christ 24/7 but they won't put up a mohammed cartoon for a single 10 seconds. Why?  because they are not afraid of Christians but are deathly afraid of moslems.  These are the same people (obama included) who try to convince us Christians are just as bad as moslems. They've already voided their argument.


  1. I like to think of politicians, Washington bureaucrats, and media pukes as Mohammedan collaborators--the penalty for which is, in my view, death.

    1. If they get their way, their reward will be death. And I'm not just talking about the islamic savages.

  2. Gee, when Reagan was speaking "morally right" as understood by ALL. I will literally never forget writing something so obviously moral on my blog and Ducky commenting (this is about 8 years ago) "Who's to say that's right?" ... after that, it started, this incessant refusal to see good things as good and right, and bad things as just that. It's all relative now. BIG MISTAKE.
    Islam is just plain WRONG...which nobody cared about until they killed 3000 Americans...then, suddenly, did we wake up and clamp down? No, we started caving. Remember something I've said at geeeeZ since 2001 "What do you have to do around here to get respect, kill 3000 Americans?" It sure feels like that, doesn't it?
    EVERYBODY has the right to insult.........nobody has the right to KILL for the insult.
    Yes, Piss Christ was JUST FINE......after all, "who are we to say Jesus is divine and who are we to be offended?" but let someone draw a picture of their big hero, and there's hell to pay.....shooting innocent people?
    good post, Kid.

  3. Thank you Z. There is morally right and decent and these things are important to a civilized society and it is so absurd to just say "who is to say what is right and wrong" Well, it's simple. If someone has materially negatively impacted someone else, then it is morally wrong. Put dirt in their mailbox to raping them and everything in between. It's wrong. It's simple. Golden Rule stuff. Simple for sane people.

  4. Sane people ... well, that pretty much excludes everyone on the communist left, including duck shit.

    1. Mustang, sane most definitely excludes duck shit. He's probably been walking the boston streets with a sign pleading for mercy for the boston bomber and his spider brained mommy. He's got the time too, you know he's on the dole.




    Those who would be kind to the cruel are sure to be cruel to the kind."

    "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

    ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


  6. There ya go FT. If you want to get something going it has to be short and to the point like "click it or ticket". or anything else state DMV's come up with.

    Tojo works. Nazi works. "Islamo-fascists" doesn't work. Too complex and too many syllables - as examples of my point.

    DIDADIN has the elements to work.

    Great quotes btw, especially the first one. Kind to the cruel, cruel to the kind. It's the environment we are in to a T with these vermin.

    The BODY (that's us) Must reject the islamic implants at every opportunity.
    The brain (the pols) want the implant because they benefit from it) but the body must reject it.

    Well, it's late.. :)

    1. Hi, Kid,

      I first made that exact comment at David Horowitz's Front Page Magazine on September 12, 2001. I was told I was stupid, hot-headed, unrealistic and hateful –– you name it.

      I didn't care then, and I don't care now, because i know I was right. If 911 had happened in the 1940's, we would have responded exactly as I suggested we should. Unfortunately, we went through the ruinous effects of the SICK-sties, have never recovered our sanity since, despite a brief period of hope during the Reagan years. So, we now live in a demented "Post-Modern" Age where, apparently, anything goes, down is up, dark is light, left is right, night is day, west is east, good is evil, and all is up for grabs.

      Patriotism and good Common Sense are now officially defined as "Bigotry," Intolerance," "Racism," "Fascism," "Naziism," and "Xenophobia." And when was the last time you saw that last word in print or heard anyone pronounce it?


      DIDADIN should have caught on for the reasons you cite. I like it because it has a catchy Middle Eastern sound to it. Shades of SALADIN (famed for his role fiercely defending Muslims during the Crusades) and BIN LADIN.

      However, even most who call themselves "Conservatives" here in Blogistan will say they agree with the basic sentiment, but then ALWAYS argue against it by telling me how impossible it is, because of our, I think suicidal, political climate. OR they say such a policy is "unconstitutional" and fundamentally "un-American," –– or "inconsistent with libertarian principles." et al. Some even claim it is un-christian, and offends their sense of decency.

      I think you may be the first to offer an endorsement, Kid.

      So how could we ever hope to get our country back, if those of us who long for the better days we experienced more than fifty years ago choose to play Hamlet* and maintain such a prissy, overly cautious, defeatist attitude?

      When it comes down to "It's either THEM or ME," I'll choose ME every time. What's wrong with that?
      *Hamlet, as you probably remember, wound up dead, because he could not make up his weak, too thoughtful mind what course he needed to take.

    2. FT, You're on it. Exactly. I will ask how many N Koreans have lived and died under the torturous rule of the Kims. How many N Koreans would take their chances with a nuclear attack that wiped out the N Korean leadership and military, if you could convince them their descendants would not live in a torture world without end but in an opportunity filled world such as S Korea since the whole place would have been managed by S Korea since the 50's. If I were they, I would have said Send the Nukes !

      Now there is a similar opportunity in the ME. As Reagan says about America, do we do the hard things now or do we condemn ourselves to 1000 years of darkness ? And do we, with the power to make it stop over there condemn every newborn Arab to 1000 years of darkness. Are we not guilty of letting evil flourish ? We are either the world police, having been given the power to be that and accept the responsibility or we should stop dicking around in the ME and go isolationist in that specific regard. This would mean deporting every single moslem from the US. I could find a way to accept either.

  7. Do your cats vote for the GOP?

    If not, maybe you could finagle absentee ballots for them? ;-)

    If I were you, I'd name them as dependents. Of course you'd have to give them names like George, Samantha, Kevin, Morris and Jennifer, if you want to get away with it.

  8. FT, Our cats vote anti-democrat at every opportunity.

    Speaking of cat names, have you seen the movie Logan's Run. Near the end, Peter Ustinov's character explained to Logan and Jessica that every cat has three names. They have their regular name, then they have their fancy name, then they have the name that only the other cats know them as. We currently have 4 cats, and each of their 3 names are:
    1st 3 are males, 4th is calico female.

    reg name fancy name street name
    ________ ___________ ___________
    Little Bear, Gansta Boy, Prick
    Howie, LCPL Handsome Howard Party Animal
    LODI LODI Underfoot Fatboy
    Hootie Hootie Hootie Bitch


  9. Yes, it is a time for choosing.

    The past several days, I've in an agitated state. Many whom I thought believed in principles quite similar to the principles I hold apparently don't see this matter as the alarm call that I hear. The "many" to whom I'm referring include certain pundits and online friends.

    Perhaps the one person who has pissed me off the most is Franklin Graham. For a long time, he's been saying "Islam is of the devil," and now he doesn't want anyone to mock Islam. Where is the logic in that? As an evangelical, Graham -- of all people -- should know that the devil must be mocked.

    1. AOW I'm forever the optimist, but I'm having a hard time even putting an abstract concept together that results in the survival of what we know to be American in regard to what works in a world of parasites, losers, and evil. I wonder if enough people have "the American Spirit and Toughness" that will be needed when the majority get the wake up call.

      Yes, all bullies should be mocked. A bully must always be forced to pay a price they are unwilling to pay. It is the only thing they know.

    2. AOW, PS - I've also been disappointed that many who I think should be able to 'see the ball', don't see the ball.

    3. AOW, PSS - A time for choosing. This was Ronald Reagan campaigning for Barry Goldwater in 1964 against lbj. Good God, imagine how different things would be if lbj hadn't gotten elected. I believe that anyway.

      Imagine how we will continue to see the damage barry has done long after he is gone... DAMN.

  10. Where is our Ronald Reagan of this time?

    1. AOW, I can't think of one. But then no one could think of one when Mr Reagan was running either. A ray of hope?